[Watch] Police Let Dog Out of Home, Then Shoot at it in a Crowd of People


A shocking video out of Brooklyn, New York shows a police officer shooting at a dog in a crowded area as bystanders scream in panic.

The police attempted to make an arrest at an address in Brownsville. The suspect wasn’t home, but the officers’ insisted on entering the property and they let the dog out.


The dog enthusiastically jumps on several officers but at no point did the dog attack anyone. Seconds later, a cop fires his weapon at point blank range. The bullet misses and ricochets off the sidewalk barely missing a pedestrian. 

Eyewitness Jason Holley told WABC-TV that the shot almost hit his foot. A spark from the bullet struck a man stood behind him.

“It didn’t’ dawn on me it was a gun… you almost shot me,” said Jason Holley, an eyewitness explained how a spark from the ricochet hit the man behind him.

The crowd immediately erupts in outrage, with one man screaming, “No, no you wrong. You wrong. You’re dead *expletive* wrong for that,” before yelling, “Are you serious? There are kids out here.”

Police later admitted that they were at the wrong house, but another individual at the property was arrested for “disorderly conduct.”  

Fortunately, the dog was unharmed.

Video courtesy of YouFirstNews


  1. Black cop shoots at black dog. Wonder if Jesse and Rev. Al will be all fired up over this one? Oh wait, no money in it for them…

  2. It is really sickening & disgusting to see the ongoing behavior of cops using animals for target practice. Fortunately, THIS TIME, they missed the dog! To make matters all the worse, it was the wrong house? Look at that little petrified cop. What a bitch! That man does NOT belong carrying a gun!


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