WATCH: President Trump Honors Rosa Parks on 62nd Anniversary of Bus Boycott

WATCH: President Trump Honors Rosa Parks on 62nd Anniversary of Bus Boycott

On Saturday, to mark the 62nd anniversary of her brave decision to remain in her seat on the bus, President Donald Trump used his weekly address to highlight the impact Parks has left on our society.

Trump praised Parks, who, on Dec. 1, 1955, refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Ala., bus on the basis of her ethnicity, Fox News reports.

“She was not going to give up her seat because of… the color of her skin,” he said.

“Rosa Parks remained strong and stayed in her seat to defend the truth etched into our Declaration of Independence, that all of us regardless of the color of our skin are created equal by God,” Trump said.

Trump said Parks’ decision to stand firm inspired Martin Luther King Jr. and thousands of others to come together in a movement to boycott the public transit system in the Alabama capital.

He said Parks “helped secure the freedom and equality that is every American’s birthright.”

In 1986, Trump and Parks were both awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Other honorees at the ceremony included Muhammad Ali and New York Yankees outfielder Joe DiMaggio.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is awarded each year in celebration of “patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity”:

 The Ellis Island Medals of Honor embody the spirit of America in their celebration of patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity. They recognize individuals who have made it their mission to share with those less fortunate their wealth of knowledge, indomitable courage, boundless compassion, unique talents and selfless generosity; all while maintaining the traditions of their ethnic heritage as they uphold the ideals and spirit of America.  As always, NECO remains dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of America’s greatest symbol of its immigrant history, Ellis Island.

President Trump was one of 80 individuals to receive the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in 1986, the first year that the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations handed out the award.


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