[Watch] Public School History Book Teaching “Rise of Islam: Muhammad is the Messenger of God.”


A history book used in school districts across Florida is sparking controversy over its Islamic teaching of the Quran.

A parent called ‘9 Investigates‘ after finding out his son was learning too much about the Islamic religion in their public school classroom.


Ron Wagner read from part of his son’s world history book, “There is no god, but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

A chapter in the book is dedicated to the “Rise of Islam,” including prayers and scriptures from the Quran. What’s more disturbing for Wagner is that the first 100 pages discussing Judaism and Christianity are missing. The district blames a manufacturer defect in 68 books that are only a year old.

According to Wagner, Dr. Michael Blasewitz, who oversees the high school curriculum, said, “The Pillars of Islam are benchmarks in the state curriculum.”

WFTV received the following statement from the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida (CAIR):

“In a diverse society, young people should be taught about a wide variety of beliefs, cultures and faiths, and particularly about a faith practiced by millions of Americans and more than one fifth of the world’s population.

“Denying all students access to vital information based on the biased political or religious agenda of Islam phobic groups or a handful of misinformed parents does a disservice to our school system, our state and our nation. History is not kind to those who censor information or ban books.”



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