WATCH: Shocking Details About Hillary Clinton Exposed


Hilary had this documentary banned to keep her dirty little secrets hidden. Before you Democrats rush to vote Hillary Clinton into the Presidency, you might want to view this movie. 


Among the allegations summarized in the documentary:

— Bill and Hillary Clinton solicited cash from Peter F. Paul, an international lawyer and businessman, even after Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager told The Washington Post she would not take money from him;

— FBI agents and U.S. attorneys colluded with the Clinton’s to keep Paul, who pleaded guilty in March 2005 to one count of securities fraud, tangled up in the criminal courts for years;

 — The Clinton’s made sure Paul was kept in a Brazilian prison for 25 months from 2001 to 2003, including 58 days in a maximum security cell block nicknamed the “Corridor of Death,” while the Justice Department waited to extradite him;

— Hillary Clinton still hasn’t filed reports to the FEC enumerating Paul’s excessive contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign.


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