WATCH: Shocking Images From Inside The Pakistan Massacre School


Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar school massacre. Shocking images reveal bombed-out offices of principal who was burnt alive in front of her pupils – just because she was married to a soldier. 

As the Pakistani city of Peshawar began the harrowing process of conducting mass funerals, the family of a teacher torched alive in front of her class gathered to say funeral prayers.

Tahira Kazi, the principal of the Army Public School and College in Peshawar, was set on fire by jihadists who slaughtered so many. It is believed she was targeted because she is married to a retired army colonel, Kazi Zafrullah.


The floor is covered with blood in places and dozens of chairs lie strewn about and scattered, knocked over by children running for cover as the terrorists hosed them with bullets.


 The lucky ones survived by playing dead under these chairs as the gunmen stalked the room, searching for children they’d missed.

At the scene: Mishal Husain, BBC News

It is a very eerie atmosphere. These are premises that should be alive at a time of day like this to the sound of hundreds of children who studied here and began school as normal yesterday. But it is desolate today.

The army has been working through the night to clear the premises of explosives.

I am standing now at the bottom of the white stone steps that lead up to the auditorium. There are blood stains running right down the steps and towards the auditorium itself.

There is a child’s shoe on one of the steps. The auditorium, where children were taking exams, was one of the places within the school grounds that the militants first targeted.

As I peer in now, the chairs that the children were sitting on are upturned, the place has been turned upside down and again I can see the blood stains on the floor right around me.


Tahira Kazi (left), the principal of the Army Public School and College in Peshawar, was set on fire by jihadists who slaughtered 142 people, most of them children


Photos courtesy of BBC.News


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