[Watch] Shocking Statement When Dem Lawmaker Proposes Euthanizing The Disabled


New Hampshire state Rep. Michael Cahill asked if the budget isn’t going to help people with disabilities, then why not euthanize them which caused a backlash of protests.

“Since we are refusing to raise revenues to fund needed programs, to fund services to disabled, for example, have you looked at euthanasia?” asked Cahill, a Democrat, during a legislative debate on the budget Wednesday.

House Speaker Shawn Jasper quickly called Cahill out of order and called his comments “inappropriate.”

Cahill would later apologize.

Thursday night, Cahill told NH1 News over the phone that he got too emotionally involved as the budget debate got heated.

“I don’t think we should be abandoning people, and I know we have to balance the budget,” Cahill said.








  1. Cahill, when you feel foggy and want to put me down, bring it on! I will be your worse nightmare! You say you became too emotional during the discussions, my suggestion to you is, resign, lose weight and get a job where you’re not sucking the people dry. Democrat jackass!

  2. This fellow needs to be hauled like a side of beef on a meat hook to the nearest Holocaust Museum and have his head shoved into a canister of Zyklon-B.

    Those who are sick and tired about the Holocaust put themselves in a position where they have to prove otherwise with respect to desiring to finish what that Austrian started.

  3. They’d save a lot of money if they stopped militarizing the police, stop the toxic water fluoridation programs, and end the fake war on drugs…

  4. How about we euthanize people like him! Or maybe call it “Retroactive-Abortion” since they love abortions so much! I hope he dies slow and hard.

  5. wondering more about his feelings for saying this. It may have been a “well, since you don’t want to do that, how about this crazy idea you’ll totally be against” kind of statement. I’m thinking he doesn’t actually want to euthanize disabled people, he just may be frustrated that the legislature isn’t providing more funding and said that. Yes, not the best of ways of putting it, but he may have been trying to spur them into action to fund necessary programs

  6. i don’t accept your apology but what i will do is work for your resignation and i want stop until your gone you have this evil in your heart or else you would not have said such an evil thing.resign now or else mr. cahill

  7. you and your whole entire party go first and the one who said this you’re in the front line bro what an idiot and you got elected to office oh man somebody left a bag of idiots out

  8. Hhhmmmmm, I have an idea, what if we euthanize all U.S. politicians once they are found to be in violation of any law or once they outlive their usefulness.

  9. We should all pray that these politicians stop doing and making bad decisions and that all their hatreds are removed from their hearts. We should all pray that they make decisions that are good for all of us and that they stop bickering over things that don’t really matter.


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