[Watch] Shocking Video Of Man Punching Toddler In The Face


The surveillance video shows the toddler running through the store and was chased down by a man who appeared to punch him in the face. The man is then pictured yanking the toddler up by his shirt, and shoving him back into a woman who appears.


Daily News reported that a California man was arrested after he dragged, pulled and punched a toddler boy inside a Bakersfield market – an assault all caught on camera.

Justin Whittington, 23, was arrested and charged with child endangerment after the startling footage from inside the Vest Market appeared online, police said.

A total of about one minute of surveillance footage captures Whittington terrorizing the helpless child.

“That was horrible, man,” store owner Harry Dindral told the Daily News. “The worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

In one clip, Whittington finds the boy hiding behind an aisle and grabs him by the leg before lifting the child several feet off the ground by the shirt and apparently yelling in his face. The child eventually runs off to a woman who appears to be his mother – and who appears to be pregnant.

A second, even more repugnant clip, catches Whittington chase down the child before surprising him around a corner and throwing a hard punch directly in the boy’s face.

The child crumples to the ground crying and holding his head as Whittington leans over and again appears to yell, then drags him to his feet by his arm.

The boy, still crying and holding his face, runs over to the woman, who leads him out of the store by the arm as he continues to bawl.


Justin Whittington of Bakersfield, California was tracked down and taken into custody for child endangerment and bail was set at $1 million.

The boy was later examined by medical personnel at his home and he did not require hospitalization. 

WARNING: Video is disturbing.

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