[Watch] Slager’s Dashcam Shows There Was No Struggle – Scott Runs And Is Gunned Down


This started out as a routine traffic stop, and quickly turned deadly for Walter Scott. A new dashcam video from Officer Michael Slager’s car shows Scott fleeing WITHOUT a struggle.


All we hear on the recording are the sounds of an apparent altercation, which officer Slager claims were cause to shoot Scott 5 times in the back. The video was released by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division.

The dashcam video has been released showing the moment Officer Michael Slager pulled over Walter Scott and engaged in a civil discussion just minutes before shooting him dead.

The camera on Slager’s patrol car captures him telling Scott his third brake light is broken, before asking him to produce insurance papers, which he states he does not have.

Daily Mail reported that Scott, who appears to be accompanied by a person in the passenger seat, explains he does not have any documents as he has yet to officially buy the car.

‘I haven’t bought it yet, I’m about to do that Monday…. My car is down,’ he says.

The officer appears calm, checks his licence, then tells him: ‘I’ll be right back with you.’

When Slager returns to his vehicle, Scott flees, running towards the park where he would die moments later.

Off camera, a scuffle can be heard, with shouts of ‘Taser, Taser, Taser!’ and ‘Get on the ground!’


Slager (left) and U.S. Army veteran Scott (right) 

Read full story at Mail Online.


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