[Watch] This will Make you Cringe: Barack and Michelle Pretend to Goof Around in Her New ‘Let’s Move video’


This will make you cringe! This month marks the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama’s health program, which she started in 2010 to end childhood obesity in America.

The latest video starts with Michelle trying to explain ‘Let’s Move’s’ current campaign before Barack rudely interrupts her, presumably looking for his tie.

It’s awkward, undignified and will leave you cringing. I can only imagine how world leaders such a Putin and Netanyahu are enjoying the spectacle the Obama’s have made of the once proud position of President of the United Stated of America.  

I give Michelle credit, she is not as bad. 




  1. I’m absolutely no Obama fan, but this isn’t bad. Give credit where it’s due! These two have destroyed so much more, maybe inspiring a few kids to get healthy is a God idea. They will need their strength to run away from ISIS!


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