WATCH Trey Gowdy Expose the Depth of Deceit Within the IRS When Questioning White House Counsel Jennifer O’Conner About Lost IRS Emails


Representative Trey Gowdy begins his questioning of White House Counsel Jennifer O’Conner by asking her what ‘spoliation of evidence’ is, which she correctly identifies as the destruction of unfavorable evidence which could be interpreted to have been done deliberately due to the negative impact such evidence could have.

He questions her as to why she reduced the scope of the email searches, which she claims to have been done out of ‘courtesy to Congress,’ which Gowdy informs her is not doing them any favors, but rather they had accommodated her resource or time constraints.

Gowdy asks O’Conner what implication she would draw from the failure to produce documents if she were just a “regular citizen.” She offers the weak excuse that Lerner sent her hard drive out to be repaired afterwards.


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