[Watch] Unarmed Black Man With Broken Legs And Severed Spine Dragged By Police Dies


Freddie Gray, age 25, from Baltimore, died on Sunday due to his ‘spine being 80 percent severed at his neck’ following his arrest by four bicycle officers for a violation that’s being kept ‘secret’ according to his lawyer.


Gray was injured during an arrest by Baltimore police last week, prompting protests by city residents and out-of-town activists and promises from city officials for a thorough investigation.

Police have not given a reason for the extent of Gray’s injuries, nor have they specified why he was arrested, citing more would be revealed after the investigation.


According to the police timeline, Gray was conscious and speaking when he was loaded into a van to be taken to the district station. Medics were called to the station, and he was taken to an area hospital, police said.

Following Gray’s death on Sunday morning, outraged protesters took to the streets again, calling it another case of police brutality.


On Sunday afternoon, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Police Commissioner Anthony Batts held a press conference regarding Gray’s death.

“Commissioner Batts and the police department are moving very swiftly to complete this investigation as soon as possible. We’re committed to transparency and we will release additional details as we complete the investigation,” she said. “I understand the frustrations of the community. I take very seriously the obligation of transparency. However, we also have to balance that with our responsibility to ensure a proper and thorough investigation. Therefore, we have to move forward in a responsible way to determine all the facts of this investigation so we can provide our community with the real answers. I will ensure that we hold the right people responsible.”

“On this holy day, a mother has lost her son,” said Commissioner Batts. “My greatest hope and wish and desire is that every time we have a contact as a police officer, everyone goes home safely. All lives matter in this city.”

EVAN BLEIER FOR DAILYMAIL.COM reported that thirty minutes after he was put in restraints, an ambulance was called to the police station to take Gray to the hospital.

Gray suffered a broken vertebra and an injured voice box, according to his family.

Civilian video showed him being loaded into the van, but did not show the entire encounter. During the video, a woman said: ‘That boy’s legs look broke.

An attorney retained by Gray’s family, William ‘Billy’ Murphy, described the circumstances leading up to the young man’s death: ‘On last Sunday morning at about 8am, the police chased Freddie Gray, a 27-year-old healthy man, without any evidence he had committed a crime.

‘His take-down and arrest without probable cause occurred under a police video camera, which taped everything including the police dragging and throwing Freddie into a police vehicle while he screamed in pain.

‘While in police custody, his spine was 80 per cent severed at his neck.

‘He lapsed into a coma, died, was resuscitated, stayed in a coma and on Monday, underwent extensive surgery at Shock Trauma to save his life. ‘He clung to life for seven days and died today at approximately 7am.

‘We believe the police are keeping the circumstances of Freddie’s death secret until they develop a version of events that will absolve them of all responsibility.

‘However, his family and the citizens of Baltimore deserve to know the real truth; and we will not stop until we get justice for Freddie.’

A witness can be heard yelling ‘His legs [look] broke and y’all dragging him like that!’


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