[Watch] Veteran explodes ‘Take Off My Uniform!’ At ‘Fake’ Uniform-Wearing Panhandler

[Watch] Veteran explodes ‘Take Off My Uniform!’ At ‘Fake’ Uniform-Wearing Panhandler

It’s called “stolen valor,” and it’s people portraying themselves as members of the military being called out on camera, and this time, the video was shot Sunday in Tampa Bay.

Army veteran Garrett Goodwin, 38, saw the panhandler who was at the corner of Gandy Boulevard and Dale Mabry Highway in South Tampa.

He first asked the man if he’s a veteran, then started his tirade.  “Show me your veteran’s ID card!

When the man said he didn’t have one, the veteran exploded, “Take off my uniform!” 

“Yes sir!” the man responded while walking away.  But Goodwin didn’t give up easily.  He followed the man for two minutes, shouting continuously, and even told the man to keep off the busy street.

“You got the balls to stand out here.  We got military people coming in and out the gate?  That takes balls!” the vet screamed.

I don’t think this guy will risk wearing a military uniform again. 



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