WATCH: What Ambassador Chris Stevens Fiancé Just Exposed Is A Nightmare For Hillary

WATCH: What Ambassador Chris Stevens Fiancé Just Exposed Is A Nightmare For Hillary

Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was brutally murdered in the Benghazi embassy attack in 2012, former fiancé has broken her silence and has some harsh words for Hillary Clinton and the role she played in the Benghazi terrorist attack that left four Americans dead.


Dean James, Americas Freedom Fighters reported that Lydie Denier, who is an actress and model spoke with Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV where she discussed Ambassador Stevens, Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.


Danier criticized Hillary Clinton saying that she was responsible for ignoring the repeated requests for increased security at the compound.

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Hillary has failed to explain why she and Stevens were ‘good friends’ yet she ignored his many emails expressing concern for their safety. 

Denier explained that she and Stevens were engaged to be married many years ago, and that she continued to care deeply for him despite calling off the wedding, Political Insider reports.


She described the day she found out about the attack in Benghazi and the shocking news that the man she cared for had been killed.

“When his picture came back on the screen I put my glasses on and it was him,” she said. “It was a shock.”

Denier then turned her focus to Hillary Clinton. She hinted that she could go on about her at length, but due to time constraints would simply say “she should have done a better job for security.”

She also took a shot at Clinton for claiming Ambassador Stevens was a friend.

“If he was a friend, like she said, he was a friend, then you don’t let your friend down,” Denier charged.

Former Fiancé of Ambassador Chris Stevens and actress and model joins Steve to discuss her memory of the late Amb. Chris Stevens, weighs in on Benghazi, and her piece: “A Voice for Ambassador Chris Stevens”

Via Newsmax:

Denier is an actress and model working on a documentary titled, “A Voice for Ambassador Chris Stevens.” She points to Clinton as at least partly to blame for Stevens’ death after militants stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in the Libyan capital on Sept. 11, 2012.

“As far as Hillary Clinton, it would take more than six minutes for me to say how I feel, but obviously you know I feel,” Denier says. “I think she should have done a better job for security and not ignore his requests. And if he was a friend, like she said, he was a friend, then you don’t let your friend down.”

Denier adds that she’s tried to talk with Clinton for her documentary but the effort has been fruitless.

This from our friends at Conservative Tribune:

The terror attack has been an ugly matter for Clinton fraught with inconsistencies. She testified before House Select Committee on Benghazi that the attack was prompted by an obscure YouTube video and she also claimed that she thought the request for extra security was more or less a joke, since Stevens had such a good sense of humor.

Sadly, it was no joke and everyone knows it. 

YouTube video via NewsmaxTV


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