[Watch] Woman Witnessed Baltimore Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man In The Back


 The police say the man had a revolver and there was the “sound of discharge.” They claim he has no injuries but was placed in an ambulance “out of an abundance of caution.”

Tear gas was used on the crowd as police cleared the intersection of Pennsylvania and North, the main protest area in west Baltimore.

Woman said  ‘the police shot that boy in the back, in front of my face!’



  1. Tiffany claimed to have been as close as 20′ away and, according to her, “saw everything.” She saw “the boy” sitting on the steps, minding his own business, enjoying a Black & Mild with friends when all of a sudden a “racist” white cop started chasing him for no reason at all other than he was black. Then the cop just shot him in the back. Asked if the “victim” had a gun, Tiffany emphatically stated she could see the boy’s hands as he was fleeing and he had no gun. Tiffany shed tears for the “slain” boy….

    Nearby a camera crew captures partial footage of the event. There is the perp’s gun laying in the street…a ragged, long-barreled revolver. The single shot fired during the event discharged when the perp dropped his gun while fleeing. No one shot…no one shot in the back…no one killed. SMH…

    • Thus this is how innocent lives are taken out of revenge. Liars will be liars as race baitors are racist. The two go together hand in hand. There is always three sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth!! The truth shall prevail but it doesnt always turn out the way certain people say it did. Like her lies she was spreading full of hate. A learned behavior that needs to be stopped.


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