Watters: Mainstream Media’s Anti-Trump Bias ‘Exposed’ After Latest Paris Attack (Video)


Mainstream media’s bias for President Donald Trump began when he announced his run for president and has since amplified to the point of reporting what Trump accurately refers to as ‘very fake news.’

Jesse Watters criticized the mainstream media’s bias against President Trump after they second-guessed his claim that the murders of two French policemen were terror-related, Fox News reports.

Trump offered his condolences to the French and called the shooting a terror attack during a press conference with the Italian prime minister.

On NBC News, Brian Williams said he was “not comfortable” calling the shooting terrorism, and Chuck Todd accused Trump of getting his information from television.

“Don’t you think the commander-in-chief knows a little bit more about a breaking international security incident than two desk anchors?” Watters said.

Watters noted that Trump has access to numerous intelligence agencies, and that ISIS took responsibility for the attack shortly after his announcement.

He pointed to the media appearing to fully accept President Obama’s claim that a video spurred the 2012 Benghazi attack

Watters also criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) who accused Trump voters of being “an ugly stew of racism.”

“She’s playing the race card because she’s not playing with a full deck. Insulting half the country is unamerican,” he said, calling it Warren’s “Deplorables” moment.


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