We the People Are The Rightful Masters… This Country Belongs to the People!

We the People Are The Rightful Masters… This Country Belongs to the People!

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“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

I have often wondered how it came to be that our representatives who are sworn to represent We the People have come to reign rather than serve; how many times has the majority, being We the People, stated WE DO NOT WANT THAT! and it falls on deaf ears… take Obamacare for example. Truth be told, what we want is irrelevant; drink your kool aid, shut your mouth and move along or get labeled an American terrorist or right wing extremist; how about calling me what I am, a Constitutionalist unwilling to give up my unalienable rights!

As aware as we are, there is so much more going on than we know, and at times I’m not sure I want to know more… what I do know is enough to make me want to go off the grid but that’s now deemed illegal too! People keep waiting for the SHTF but you know what Patriots… it already has, and it’s been in effect for years! Look around you – we are living in suburban FEMA camps; we can’t travel unmolested; we can’t feed our children what we want or grow our own organic food; we can’t wear clothing that depicts being a proud American… our children are shot playing with fake guns and we are accosted on our own property for carrying a legally obtained and registered firearm!  Don’t like common core, too bad because its being indoctrinated into our children at an alarming rate!

Obama is not the cause of all this, yes he is by far the worst potus in history and has done the most damage but he’s the closer! This has been building up for years and their goal to keep us off kilter and unaware worked; all they have to do is keep us distracted and fighting amongst each other and here we are – victims and labeled terrorists fighting to maintain our Constitutional unalienable rights!  We need to put the racial division aside and stand united under one banner – the AMERICAN FLAG! Wake the flock up Patriots and stand your ground!

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By: ~Rebel Rebellion III%

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