Welfare Payout Statistics That Will Enrage You!


Welfare Benefits Payout More Than Minimum Wage Jobs! Look at the chart and see where your state ranks. Are your neighbors getting more money in welfare benefits then you’re earning working yourself to death! No wonder there is no incentive to get a job!

According to the Cato Institute which is a public policy research organization, the highest welfare payout states pay more than $20 an hour, and they include: Hawaii, with payments equaling $29.13 per hour, DC at $24.43 per hour, Massachusetts at $24.30 , Connecticut at $21.33, New York at $21.01 per hour, New Jersey at $20.89 per hour, Rhode Island at $20.83 per hour and Vermont at $20.36 per hour.

This is Obama’s America patriots and it will only get worse with Obamacare being shoved down America’s throat. Even the Dems are backing off now that the realization that it’s a train wreck destroying the middle class!

By: Rebel Rebellion III%



    • Remember, Rob, that welfare benefits aren’t taxed while wages are. Also, welfare recipients aren’t doing anything to earn this money. We ought to take a page from Switzerland; welfare recipients have to work for their money in Switzerland.

    • Susan, I don’t think you have thought this through. The only thing that raising the minimum wage will accomplish is to put more people out of work. Having worked in retail for 25 years, I can tell you that’s how it works. When the minimum wage is raised by the government, many of the lowest-paid workers are laid off and hours are cut for those who are left. Always.

    • raising the minumum wage only creates a couple of things number one raise the cost of everything number 2 cost companies to close there doors cause they cant afford the cost of the items they sale now to be raised due to computision so raise wages and watch the economy dive more start making our own goods in the united states to create jobs would solve the problem force dead beats to work would reduce welfare and drug testing would cut the welfare in almost half but random drug testing is what it will take to get rid of the deadbeat druggies

    • yours is not a true statement. Look up and then add up all of the pay and allowances that the military are paid. Base pay is only a fraction of what the young military are paid.

  1. They should have to take drug test as though they were working, and they should also have to show proof that they are actively seeking employment as though they were on unemployment. I would almost guarantee that a lot of people would not be receiving benefits after they failed the drug test! I think that if the working class has to do this for their jobs then the ones sitting at home on their rears should have to too, and it should be random. America has gone to hell in a hand basket, its pathetic…

  2. Welfare is good for the ones who actually need it. It is a disgrace to know that welfare recipients receive more money for sitting on their lazy butts while our military men and women are losing life and limbs for less money so they can keep receiving those checks! Does anyone else not understand this?? This should outrage all Americans! And if you don’t like minimum wage, go out and learn a trade or skill that pays well over minimum wage. Oh but why would you, its easier to collect those free checks than get up off your lazy butt and put feet to the pavement!! Get a clue America!!!

  3. Raising minimum wage won’t work. Having an honest money system backed by gold and/or silver, which would prevent the feds from printing money at will in order to give away and buy votes, would work


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