Welfare Queen: ‘I Don’t Need A Job, I Get Full Benefits, And A Check From The Government’ (Video)


Kiara is a 33 year old mother of 4 who has been on welfare for 15 years, and says she’s ‘loving it.’ She is not employed, and has no plans to ever find a job, saying “I don’t need to look for one because I get a check from the government every month.”

Each month Kiara receives $780 in food stamps, $500 in TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and also receives Medicaid and WIC.

Kiara admits that she has lived in government housing since she was a teenager, except for a brief period when she was kicked out for not reporting her live-in boyfriend.

Kiara is one of thousands of people who work the system to their benefit. Many will say it’s fraud, and in many cases it is, but there are lot of cases where people like Kiara have figured out how to make the system work for them.

On a positive note, many States now require food stamp recipients to work a minimum of 20 hours a week, and some States require drug testing.

Both these factors should work as a deterrent and help cut back on welfare fraud because truth be told, many will not pass a drug test nor will they want to work.



  1. Typical Obama-loving parasite. Her kids should be taken, she should be forcibly sterilized, and all benefits removed for life.

    • Typical Obama-loving parasite huh? If you can take away your blatant dislike of our POTUS and do your math, thirteen years back brings us to, hmmm, 2002. When a Republican president ran the White House and Congress was Republican based. I guess we can call her a Bush loving parasite also. But don’t get facts get in the way, right?

      • dont care when it happened these WHORES count each additional child as a raise in income, yeah sterilize the bitch and put her to work and hopefully the children will find a place not to be raised not to think welfare, disability and drug selling arent career choices. This sucks for everyone who has to pay for her and her kids and the woman who would love to be able to just have one, nice tats huh, shame I want one to honor my mom but cant afford it, even if I could I couldnt find the time what with working just to struggle so whores can spawn income

      • 13 years for this leach. This goes back even further than 2002!! It goes back to LBJ and his “Great Society” in the mid 1960s LBJ was a Democrat!!

      • Yeah dumb ass tax breaks are for the working class !! Probably something you and the WELFARE QUEEN haven’t ever had to worry about !

    • THIS is what is wrong with our world today. the working class is getting tired of this!!! Give her kids to a family that can teach them to earn a living and kick her in jail so we can keep her up on her level. She wants to live on tax dollars, lets let her but we get to limit her life style. I guess we paid for her tattoos as well.

    • Says she has been living off the government for 15 years. So she started and learned to do it while President Bush was in office.

    • The majority of people on welfare happen to be white that seems to be something that keeps getting overlooked. Welfare fraud etc majority of those who arrested are white. Most unemployed collecting welfare…white. You have women like her in every race!!! not just black this is some BS to disgrace black women because they found some trash and thinks she is the face of black women?! go to hell with that rubbish because Im black, 2 sons, now married, I’ve been working since I was 14 and I have been paying taxes since then. I’m now 32, have had to seek help once for about a year before I found another job and never needed it again. However, I paid my taxes and sought help from what I paid for and STILL people tried talking down to me for it.

      • The imbalance of race at the unemployment office is because a higher majority of dark race people don’t / haven’t work in order to qualify. Hence the preference for them to live off the rest of all races of people who do work! A habitual freeloader is a worthless puke regardless of race! A couple decades back I couldn’t find work and jobless for the better part of 3 years. As much as it pained me, I filed for Welfare, I was denied being a white male… Ya might work on your facts there!

      • True more whites than blacks receive benefits by the numbers, but not by percentages. Blacks make up around 14% of the population yet 25% of benefit recipients. Whites on the other hand make up around 74% of the population but only 48% or so of recipients.

    • She don’t make a Damn thing. She gets handed 15-20k a year. I make it for this woman to just relax and pop out kids. This is what’s wrong with America . People think they should have stuff handed to them, while honest hard working Americans who work can’t get gov’t assistance when they have a real issue be it medical or whatnot. It’s cause of these welfare career parasites.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with all of you. One woman abusing the system and millions sucesfully using the system to transition to independence and who do you focus on? BTW; she’s registered republican

    • oh hunny please, there are plenty just like her…..SHe has collected enough from the tax payers……High time she gets her own LAZY BLACK ASS OUT AND GET A JOB! Excuse me, but just how long are WE TAXPAYERS suppose to allow someone like her to “transition”? She likes what she is being allowed to get away with. She even has a goddamn cell phone. RU KIDDING ME???????? Lives in public housing too…OMG! WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA!

      • @chitownlady – cant wait to see what happens when the baby boomers retire. It’ll game over then. Eventually SOMEONE will have to relent & get a damn job so that their cronies can lay around collect checks. I hope I’m still alive to watch the riots.

    • Let’s get REAL Buffy. I guess it just takes some a little longer to transition, right? For some it even takes generations. She’s probably one of those people who complain that us taxpayers aren’t paying enough taxes too.

  3. I don’t care if they are white, black, purple, green, male, female, democrat, republican, this has got to stop! This stuff sucks the life out of hard working people. I don’t understand why our government can’t put a stop to this. I am getting up in age and have some health problems that makes it difficult to get around. Sometime I think to myself”why should I even bother to go through the trouble of voting? NONE of them are going to do anything to help the good working people of this country. Why bother? They are going to continue to give my earned money to these bottom scum suckers anyway! Get up off your lazy a## and get a job! Have some pride and self worth! Oh wait, they probably don’t even know what that means.

  4. I don’t believe her. She’s probably a “schill” made to look like a so called welfare queen/parasite to make Obama and liberals look bad.

  5. This is cute. It’s unfortunate the video didn’t go into the true demographics of welfare which would show that she does not represent the face of welfare.

    The face of social welfare which is 69% white.

    It also doesn’t show that $59 billion is spent on social welfare and $92 billion on corporate subsidies.

    So your tax dollars are given to wealthy corporations so that they can outsource jobs and bring in illegal skilled immigrant labor at party at tax payer expense while you’really upset that a young lady is receiving less than $2000 a month! Interesting!!!

    I am in no way a fan of the welfare state and believe it is one of the most detrimental programs developed. I also understand that if opportunity existed in many urban areas that the majority of residents would take advantage of them.

    But hey, we live in an environment where a larger investment goes into locking up non violent offenders than schools. The legacy you leave that your great great grandkids will have to show how you allowed your tax dollars to be squandered.

    They will not honor you at all!!!

    • if white america is 77.7% of the population, they are under represented as a percentage of welfare recipients. a comparison of like quantities would look like this = (whites on welfare/whites in US versus African american on welfare/ African american in the US) larger value receives more benefits.

      further more your numbers seem misleading considering the latest welfare statistics. http://www.statisticbrain.com/welfare-statistics/

      the article isn’t about corporate subsidies, and it’s not just off topic but again misleading. what companies receive these “subsidies” is relevant, esp. if you are going to claim those are the companies responsible for illegal immigration…

      • “corporate Subsidies” ARE relevant to this conversation -because at its core, this issue is ALL about the tax-PAYER being ripped off -not only by welfare queens, but by the unscrupulous and corrupt operators in your own government that look out only for themselves and their fat-cat corporate ‘sponsors’. You know; the same guys who sent all the good jobs offshore..- and are now importing illegal aliens by the millions to directly compete with your own American born children for jobs and crumbs in the next decade.

        All in their insatiable lust for the most power and money.

        And the insane irony of it all is that it was YOU, ‘the people’ who elected them -to eventually screw YOU over.

        This country is mortally wounded my friend, and unless ‘the people’ WAKE the HE11 UP and correct what ails her real soon, she won’t last another 10 years.

    • Yes, a majority of welfare recipients are white. However since blacks are 13% the of the population, they’re definitely over represented on the welfare roles. Additionally, for the 1st time in history, a majority of welfare recipients are at least 2nd generation & the % of 2nd, or more, generation welfare recipients that are black is REALLY up there. However, I don’t care if you are white, black, latino or green; Work & support yourself & keep your legs closed until you can support your own offspring.

        • Clapped with one hand when I saw this article, once right to the forehead. No one mentions the fact that she ADMITS to welfare fraud by selling food stamps for cash! Stop her “benefits” immediately and let’s see some reparations coming FROM black Americans.

      • They also get heat & electricity assistance. And her boyfriend was probably working & bringing in enough dough to pay for all the handouts legitimately. That’s why she got kicked out of the apartment.

        • And I have a rough idea what those huge tats & that fancy cornrow hairdo cost. Much more than I could ever afford.

  6. Since birth, not a one of these Welfare Queens ever had a chance to learn RIGHT from wrong because they all came from a ‘momma’ -who came from a ‘momma’, -who came from a ‘momma’ who had done the exact same thing. And it all goes back to 1964 and a crooked lyin’ DemocRAT pResident Johnson with his “Great Society” bullschidt.

    It was there that this disgusting behavior really first began. This country hasn’t had a chance to survive ever since millions of these ‘gimmie,gimmie’s’ parasites have been sucking air -and our national treasury dry…

    And this social disaster will never stop until “the people” REPLACE the entire government, and most of the laws written in the last 120 year. Sadly, I just don’t see that happening. No, instead, It has been getting exponentially worse since the entire government has been INFILTRATED with “progressives” (PC speak for Communists) with their pie-in-the-sky Robin Hood agenda of “take from the rich, give to the poor’ for a better “Society”.

    Goo’bye America it was good to know ya …Yoo own people done killed ya

    • It’s the individual’s fault that they refuse to LEARN a different way of life. They have examples of other ways of life; it’s right there on their Cable TV; they simply refuse to live any other way because they LIKE being “not responsible” and can always blame something or someone else on their inability to be so.

  7. Apparently y’all missed the 90’s when welfare was completely overhauled by Clinton and Gingrich working together? Able bodied people cannot be on welfare without working. And statistics show that is how the system works.

    • You should read the entire bill; it does not disallow participation, nor does it require working; the bill simply put into place more “actions” each recipient has to take in order to continue receiving benefits. And all of these actions can be accomplished from their cell phone so they don’t have to leave the house, or the corner.

  8. This pisses me off. Sorry for the language. I do have a job and can not afford insurance and can’t get them to instate me when I did make enough to pay for it and that was Obama care. Get a job heifer.

  9. Here’s a another view. How about we respect motherhood, period. Whether a woman is on welfare or not. A working mother is likely to make less that a living wage. Is required to pay for childcare or only work the hours her child is in public. An employer does not want to hear about sick children either. Stay out for a sick child risk being terminated. The while system is broken.

  10. If you want to know what I did inspite of being born with Cerebral Palsy go to (Philips journey with cerebral palsy) on you tube and you will know why I don’t feel the least bit sorry for this low down no good lazzy wqomen.

  11. How did race get into this comment? There are 4.1% of all American’s on welfare…that is 11,400,000 American’s sucking taxes from the government which pays $131,900,000,000 dollars that come from our pockets annually. This has nothing to do with race and all to do with scum suckers feeding off of other people.

    Welfare was created in 1935 by FDR. Since that time more and more scum suckers have been feeding off of the government. This isn’t a color thing, and this isn’t a political party thing. This is a low life thing. Yes once in awhile we all need some help. However 13 years is extremely way too long. She should have been put through a program to find a job; there are plenty out there.

    To sit on my couch and watch this video makes me extremely mad. It makes me question the reason why I work, or why any of us work. My money goes to SSI which I will never see in my lifetime. It goes to taxes which then goes to people like this woman. I basically get almost half my check taken out for bs like this.

    In order to change this it is going to take a full house cleaning. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, etc. Wipe the slate totally clean. Go through all laws and amendments that have been made and passed and cut all the fat.

    I am sick of watching people cry over race. Race is not the problem right now. If you feel race is the problem then you need to reevaluate your life. The problem is the government is way to big for its britches. The problem is the cost of living has gone way up and we are paying way too many taxes to sustain our families and our American dream.

    Wake up people and quit interjecting race into everything. Put all your anger towards the government

  12. There are tons of Welfare (Disability) Fraud all over America.
    Also they can save money easier and are richer than poor earnest American hardworkers(taxpayers).

    These people are ripping off taxpayers for $69,000 a year

    1. If you’re a man, don’t get married
    2. Have a couple kids
    3. Use your mom’s address for your mail
    4. Buy a house
    5. Rent your house to your girlfriend and your two kids
    6. Section 8 will pay $900 a month for the rent on the 3 bedroom home
    7. Have your girlfriend sign up for Obamacare
    8. Your girlfriend gets to go to college free as a single mother
    9. She also gets $400 a month for food stamps
    10. She gets a free cell phone
    11. She also gets a cash grant to help pay for heating costs
    12. Move into your house with her, but keep your mom’s address for your mail
    13. Each of you can claim one child on your taxes so now you both get to claim head of household credit ($1295)
    14. Have your girlfriend get a permanent disability for “marked difficulties maintaining concentration” or having a “back pain.”

    $22,800 disability + $10,800 housing benefit +$4,800 food stamps + $3,300 Obamacare subsidy + $900 utilities grant + $5,645 Pell grant cash + $12,000 yearly college tuition grant + $8,000 single mother tax benefit + $1,295 head of household credit…
    …equals $69,540 – and we didn’t even add in the free cellphone!

    Now you know why our nation has a debt of $18,205,125,300,000.

  13. How bout threatening these users with taking away their kids and putting them with families that teach them values of hard work and supporting their own responsibilities until she makes an effort to get a job. And adjust her welfare income to fit for 1 person and see if that motivates her to get a job to get her kids back. Yes having 4 kids is hard so help her make ends meet, but not enough to make her comfortable so maybe she will go back to school to make more money. Help up not hand out. I’d say that would be the motivation I would need to get my life together if I were sucking the system. She might be a nice girl .. I don’t care. But her kids will most likely follow in her footsteps and suck the system dry. Motivate! oh and drug tests.

  14. I have to chuckle about Ronald Reagan’s quote, ““Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence”. Probably the biggest defenders and supporters of Welfare as we know it is the very workers who keep the engine going. Everything is designed to perpetuate this industry all of which is supported by the taxpayer. Lastly, this woman is not unusual, when the populous discovered that the only requirement to Welfare was the ability to breed, there went the need to go to school and/or pound the pavement for a job. Their job is to be a government breeder. Unwitting males who think they just got “lucky”, in fact stuck it into a black hole (no pun intended) that they will be throwing money after for the next 18 yrs. Thank you very much.

  15. All you posters do understand that this “entertainment” for those who lack critical thinking skills. This is Political Entertainment, according to the link at the top of the page. Doesn’t it just make you wonder how much she was paid to do this? More divisiveness around the poor. More judgment based on a made up scenario. Honestly, would she were living that well, would she risk it all for this exposure? What would make you feel better, if all (what appear in your collective individual heads as able bodied adults) had these people with their children all lived under a bridge somewhere? Apparently so. What a country.

    • Critical thinking is a code word for agreeing with Marxists. Critical theory is the basis for critical thinking. Critical theory has it’s roots in Marxism. Marxism has been documentedly connected to the deaths of tens of millions of human beings during the twentieth century.

      Embrace life, liberty and property or embrace genocide by default. This is not a false choice. It is human nature in theory and practice.


  17. LOL yall just shut up and keep payin those taxes. You put the system in place and allowed it to go on for this many years. Quit crying because somebody is using it. You blame Obama get real Obama has been trying to create programs to get people off welfare. you hypocrites keep shooting down. Well guess what shes not the only one. I know a chick who has never worked, shes 42 got 4 children her ass gets a welfare check fr her and the kids, a ssi check because she sat her fat ass at the table eating boxes of chicken at a time now shes 600 pounds and cant get up unless its to go to popeyes gets 1600 a month in foodstamps, on low housing discount and has a free nurse coming to the house. You tell me God aint good. HaHaHaHa

  18. Good luck to her ! All the time you’re bitching about her you don’t have to think about the tax you pay that finances AIPAC and the murderous Nazi regime in Israel. Go ‘ murica !

  19. What she is doing is nothing new. People have been milking the system since forever. The thing is that they’re just lazy and no one is to blame but our government. People receive assistance from housing to cell phones. Why would one need to work? They think they’re getting over when in reality they have no financial freedom. The government has contol of how much they can make and what they can and cannot purchase. There should be a limit to the amount of time a person can be on assistance. People have said to me, “If I get a job I’ll lose my benefits.” I thought that was the point!! I’m a single mother of two and have always had my financial freedom. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at people and at rhe government for allowing it.

  20. This woman is most likely an actress hired by Wall Street to keep you pissed off at poor people and keep you
    voting for their chosen candidates….which assures that they get to continue to ROB THE TAXPAYERS—LEGALLY!

  21. I see there are no comments about the father (or fathers?) of her children. When are we going to start holding MEN accountable for the children they produce? How about they go to work and support their significant others and their children? I can’t see how this woman can go to work with 4 children. By the time she pays for childcare, there would be no money left. What do you want to bet that the father(s) of her children don’t pay any support at all?

  22. You are the scum of the Earth. Only a matter of time before your cavalier I don’t care that I’m abusing the system attitude gets you into trouble. The government is not your baby daddy.

  23. It’s only a matter of time before the taxpayer demographic will hit the roof. I’m not talking about the kind that keeps the rain from interiors.

  24. \\ A great quote by Ronald Reagan, “Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.” //

    The problem in comparing then and now is that thirty years ago, there was a Cold War which was guaranteed employment for the native-born demographic, borders were relatively more secure, computers and telecommunications had not evolved to their current job-stealing potential. These inefficiencies allowed for trickle-down. Today’s economy is hermetically sealed between classes. There is no trickle-down. If you are wealthy, you will remain wealthy, unless you are targeted by government. If you are welfare class, you will continue to get all the benefits that your identity has guaranteed you. If you are working class white male, you are screwed.

  25. All one has to do is look at the text preceding the video to realize this entire, unverified production was put together by a moron. As another poster (lynda caron) noted, this is political entertainment. Can anyone verify this ‘parasite’ girl’s name or any of her claims? I hope everyone here isn’t as gullible as ‘V’, whose comments have been thoroughly debunked by Snopes.



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