Welfare Queen With 5 Kids Receives $50,000 A Year Tax Free [Video]


A single mother-of-five claims she has no incentive to look for full-time work because she earns more in welfare payments than she would in a minimum wage job.


Alex Girle, 38, receives about $50,000 a year, tax free. She lives with four of her five children in a Melbourne public housing unit, which she pays $174 a week in rent for. She has no incentive to enter full-time employment since she earns more in welfare payments than she would on minimum wage (Source: A Current Affair)

“I earn almost $1,000 a week on welfare, why would I work for anything less?” Ms Girle asked. “It doesn’t make sense to go out and get a job,” she said.

Alex receives Family Tax Benefit Part A and B, which amounts to $1007 a fortnight.  Because she doesn’t work, she also receives the Single Parenting Payment of $743 a fortnight.

As the mother of a special needs child – her 15-year-old has Cerebral Palsy – she also receives a Carers Payment of $121 dollars a fortnight.  This amounts to a total $1,871.

Ms. Girle says that sometimes, it still is not enough.  “It’s very hard – sometimes there are nights I’ll go without so there’s enough for the kids,” she said.

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