West Hollywood Inundated With Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters

West Hollywood Inundated With Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Posters

President Obama has proven, once again, that he’s the greatest gun salesman in America.  One gun shop sold 15, 000 guns since the shooting in Orlando.  Posters featuring a gay version of the Gadsden Flag, featuring a rattlesnake on top of the gay rainbow with the hashtag #ShootBack have turned up all over West Hollywood, California.


The Daily Wire reported that the posters were attracting attention in front of the Pacific Design Center, The Abbey, West Hollywood City Hall and in front of artist Chad Michael Morrisette’s house.  Morrisette had covered the roof of his house with 50 mannequins to make a statement about the Orlando shootings.

If one picture is worth a thousand words, the series of posters surely represented an eloquent plea to the LGBT community and other Americans to stand as one (thus the “Don’t Tread On Me symbol of the American Revolution), as well as a marked attempt to encourage the LGBT community to eschew their traditional pacifist role and take up arms to defend themselves, in the manner of Americans from the Minutemen of the Revolutionary War to the armed service members who defend American values to this very day.

In pictorial fashion, the poster truly represented a call to arms.


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If the series of terrorist attacks across America over recent years have proven anything, it is certainly the government’s inability to protect American citizens from acts of terror. Thus the call to arms is much more than symbolic; it is a very real reminder that citizens must be ever-vigilant and prepared to confront evil when it comes intent on violence, and the only real path to ensuring one’s own survival is to rely on the most powerful deterrent that one can utilize. Those who would emasculate Americans by denying them the right to bear arms are guilty of aiding and abetting evil when it strikes.



California has traditionally been at the forefront of the leftist agenda, and it is no different concerning the right to bear arms. Quite often, as California goes, so goes the nation. To see how close California is to the brink of eliminating the right to bear arms, see here.





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