WH: ‘Grotesque’ Donald Trump With Bad Hair ‘DISQUALIFIED’ Over Muslim Comment (Video)


White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest angrily addressed Donald Trump’s proposal on temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S. at a news conference on Tuesday.


Josh Earnest said, “The fact is, that what Donald Trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president,” spokesman Josh Earnest said, suggesting to reporters that his words were fundamentally anti-American.

Earnest denounced Trump’s “carnival barker routine” which included “outright lies” and mocked the Republican frontrunner for having “fake hair.” He said:

“The Trump campaign, for months now, has had a dustbin of history-like quality to it, from the vacuous sloganeering to the outright lies to even the fake hair, the whole carnival barker routine that we’ve seen for some time now.”

He said Trump’s rhetoric is toxic and offensive, and he called out the other Republican presidential candidates for not condemning Trump.

“What he said is disqualifying and any Republican who’s too fearful of the Republican base to admit it has no business serving as president either,” the press secretary said.

Josh Earnest Calls Donald Trump Out on “Fake Hair”

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  1. I figured that was what happened with Trey Gowdy that he is getting out to protect his family.These dirty dogs in our government have gotten so far out of hand that now threatening people when you want them to stop trying to find justice from the “Bad Guys”.
    And now Josh Earnest is trying to disqualify Trump.Hey if all the bad things obama has done hasnt disqualified him then you have a Hell of alot of nerve saying what you think should disqualify Trump.You are a worthless piece of Crap yourself Mister

  2. Fake hair? Really? Isn’t this a little like elementary school talk? Shows your level of maturity, very grade school. Dust bin of history? History is not going to look favorably on this or the previous administration. While France is proactively trying to prevent further attacks on THEIR citizens, our government is preparing to prosecute US if we say offensive things against Islam! And NOT willing to protect the American people. OUTRAGEOUS!!! We don’t want to insult the Muslims that want to come here to KILL US! Although, 95% of the terrorist activity has been Islamic, not Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, etc. etc. our government REFUSES to acknowledge that this religion is NOT peaceful. Those so-called moderates can be compared to those that call themselves Christian but does not attend Church, read the Bible, or even pray. They just “identify” themselves as Christian. Read the Koran, it can be downloaded for free. I’ve read quite a bit of it…….eyeopening.

  3. Josh, I hope your patents see that you are representing a traitor, as well as your desperate attempt to insult a true winner…your lies and willingness to spew the venom potus has ordered you to speak, will surely ruin your career after bho is committed…shame on you. This is NOT what your parents paid for your education for.

  4. What a stupid thing bringing up Trump’s hair. Now I’ve heard it all. Maybe we don’t like Obummer’s burr-head but we don’t bring it up as a political flaw. Grow up liberals!!


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