What Americans Do Not Seem to Comprehend



“In the United States of America the several states are the constitutors* of the Federal Constitution; however, Americans have been deceived to claim citizenship and nationality within the Federal government itself via the statutory 14th “Amendment” (14 Stat 358) by unwittingly claiming they are Africans, emancipated from slavery in the 13th Amendment, and subject to Dred Scot v Sanford when they are not.

In turn, in their ignorance and misunderstanding, fostered by domestic enemies preying upon them, they perjure themselves and bear false witness against themselves. Without comprehending what they are doing Americans expatriate from the several states, trespassing into the several states Federal Constitution and constituting a National government, as individuals, within the form of the Federal system. This National government of Americans, as individuals, calls itself the singular “United States.”

The Supreme Court of the United States describes the statutory 14th “Amendment” as a new “Declaration of Independence,” which it most certainly is; however, the American people perceive that as a statement of continuity and not discontinuity, that is to say they generally do not comprehend that as the legitimate people of the several states, expatriating at the law of nations, they are declaring their independence FROM the Declaration of Independence as the incorporating act of the United States of America, and becoming constitutors, as individuals, of a new National government, Democratic in form; the United States as a single nation instead of a Federal Union of free and independent states.

They believe the phrase in the statutory 14th Amendment…
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…” applies to them since they are born in the United States. They believe this citizenship of the United States is the same as Article 1, when it is not; this is citizenship in the Federal government itself, Article 1 is a citizen of some one of the several states in Federal Union (e.g., plural noun taking a plural verb “United States”).

Properly understood, though, the phrase only applies to Africans..”all persons born…in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” In Article 1 of the Federal Constitution the only persons (juristic capacity) born, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States [Federal government], are natural born subjects, those identified in the 3/5th’s person clause for representation and apportionment purposes. All other persons in Article 1 are free persons, not born subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal governmen, but the several statest. Africans, however, are same persons the Federal government was claiming jurisdiction over to wage the War for the Union against the Confederacy of seceeding states, the same persons they claimed to naturalize in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, but not having lawful authority to do so, passed Reconstruction and militarily coerced unlawful ratification of the statutory 14th ”Amendment “after the War was over, after the several states ratified the 13th Amendment and after they refused to ratify the 14th.

What Americans do not seem to comprehend, though, is that state legislatures cannot lawfully ratify an Amendment that changes the power structure of the Federal Constitution, that would require a Convention. They, the legislatures of the several states, only have power to amend, not revise the Constitution. Thus the so-called “Amendment” is merely permission by the states of their people to expatriate pursuant to the statutory 14th Amendment at United States statutes at large, 14 Stat 358.

When the people, not Africans, act upon that they are expatriating from the several states and being naturalizedon the same terms and conditions as the African. Since all political power is derived from the people, they are acting at the law of nations constituting a new National government. Instead of dealing lawfully with the African, the domestic enemies in Congress used them as the means to disposses the American people of their liberty and freedom and deceive them to act at the law of nations constituting a new National government, as individuals.

A “Constitutor” is “He who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation” Bouviers Law Dictionary, 1856
In Sec 4 of the 14th Amendment, Federal citizens, are bound to an unquestionable public debt of their new National government, since they and not the several states, are the constitutors of that government. For decades after this “bait and switch” took place many Americans sustained their lawful and legitimate status as the people of the several states. Over the course of time, though, two world wars, a counterfeit banking scheme, a depression and the New Deal Americans have forgotten their system of government. There are no longer a sufficient number of people in the several states to sustain those states republican status, the big recognition of that fact was the “incorporation doctrine” some 70 years after the 14th Amendment began operating applying the Bill of Rights as a power of Americans new National government against the several states. Generally, they do not perceive that they are involved in a completely different system of government, Democratic in form, operating upon the prior Republican form as administrative machinery.

Sec 2 of the 14th Amendment is not how one is naturalized a Federal citizen, that has to do with consenting to overthrow your state government by unlawfully electing people to sit in the National legislature unlawfully possessing the seats of Congress. Terminating voter registration does not act as reclaiming ones lawful status in the several states, it only means you are no longer participating in the overthrow of your states lawful government. One has to cease being a constitutor, as an individual, to avoid the liability of Sec 4 of the 14th Amendment, in which the United States and the several states hold those debts illegal and void once applicable to you.
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“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


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