White Privilege Conference Costs School District $100K Year: Teaches ‘All White People Are Racist’ [Video]


The conference teaches that ‘all white people are racist and all students of color live in a white supremacist culture.’


The week-long “Coaching for Educational Equity” conference is a mandatory class for all administrators, and optional for teachers in the Gresham-Barlow School District in Gresham, Ore. The conference costs taxpayers approximately $100,000 annually.

Gresham-Barlow school board member Dan Chriestenson said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that he wants to get past the color of a student’s skin and do what’s best for his or her future.

“During this conference, they are taught that, essentially, all white people are racist and all students of color live in a white supremacist culture. And therefore, their very best efforts will never, ever be good enough to achieve their dreams,” Chriestenson said. “That’s probably the thing that bothers me most is the hopelessness that this puts on our students of color.”

Chriestenson said that this causes teachers and administrators to view students through the prism of skin color, as opposed to what they need to succeed.

“It’s just so striking to me how passive parents are in the face of this kind of evil, because I think that’s what it is,” Tucker Carlson remarked.




  1. This is wrong on so many levels. Skin color should not matter. The focus should be on teaches ALL students so they can be the best they can be in life. So glad none of my grandchildren go to this school district because race is not an issue in their lives. The race battle has already been fought and is over…racism needs to disappear. We are ALL God’s children no matter skin color.

  2. There is no such thing as “white’ privilege. It is a myth, a lie promoted by sick in the head liberals seeking to elevate and promote their own worthless self worth at the expense of minorities. People of all races make their own luck, by the amount of effort the invest in what ever it is they try to do. I paid y wn way, nobody paved it for me. Anyone can improve their lot in life with effort. Everyone respects hard work. Nobody wants to associate with slackers- losers who blame others for the ir lack of success, who grumble and complain all the time. Race has nothing to do with it. Lies enslave, Truth sets you free!!

  3. There is no such thing as Black Privilege. Look at black football players. They got where they are by applying themselves. The same goes with anyone. They get out of life based upon the efforts they put into life.

  4. Another State bites the dust! Thanks, Obama! That whole, “bridging the gap and healing wounds of racial tension”, thing…it’s working great!

    Only two things bring in real money, greed and destruction: race and religion.

  5. I am white, my housemate black. I am unwanted by the job market despite my skill, experience and personality. He gets promotions every year despite his ignorance, lack of skill and limited personality. The difference? Skin color. He fills the AA status quo. That’s racism, folks.

  6. We also grew up poor. In fact there were very few Christmas presents ever. Mom did the very best she could with what little we had, so I don’ need to hear about “white privelege” EVER!!!!

  7. Being a blonde, blue eyed, white skin child never gave me privilege; I grew up extremely impoverished, fatherless, bullied, discriminated against, etc. Neither has privilege come to me as a dirty-blonde adult, unless it is the Privilege to NOT cry Racism at every aspect of my struggles and hardships in life because my skin is white. There is nothing I have gained that no other person of any skin color hasn’t been able to, and even way beyond. It may be that in concentrated areas, i.e. inner city, where some of color live in large community together, there is certain lack of “privilege,” but it is more to do with that community than to do with skin color I’d say. I am more than so tired of so-called Leaders of our States and of our United States creating policies which just keep increasing the belief that Hate is rampant; especially at the emphasis being taught nationally to all American Children in Public School. Racism is a Special Interest which makes opportunistic people money, and gives them $$$$$$$$$ to continue making it a Special Interest they need in order to get more $$$$$$$$$. When Racism Propaganda infiltrates the minds of our young people over and over and over again, often by the minds of hysterical, over-reactive adults teaching them, it creates self-fulfilling prophesy type phenomenon…


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