Who is Responsible for National Debt, The Coining of “MONEY” In Congress.


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“The simple fact of the matter is that there is NO DEBT. The Debt is a Fraud, created by Private Banks who have usurped the right of the People to create and manage their own PUBLIC means of TRADE which can be regulated to meet the demands of trade ON PURPOSE and ALL THE TIME as we need it to, and instead made us subject to Enslavement by Private Thieves who issue private INTEREST BEARING DEBT. In all this time not one single ounce of wealth has been created by any Private Bank in order to secure the debt. THE DEBT IS A LIE. THE DEBT IS A FICTION. THE DEBT IS FRAUD. KILL THE TERMINAL PARASITIC INFECTION AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF IT’S EGGS, take control of this absolutely essential PUBLIC UTILITY for ourselves and our own benefit and WE HAVE SOLUTION. No other way.

Constitutional Law:

From Article 1 Section 8, Constitution for the United States of America, Powers of Congress:

“To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

1; “to coin money”

This establishes the power of congress to create and issue money in any form they deem necessary to facilitate trade within the population and with our foreign trading partners, in other words, they are free to create anything which they deem can work without restriction in terms of type or species, it simply states that they have the power to “coin money” and nothing more.

2; “regulate the Value thereof”

This establishes that congress and only congress shall have absolute power over every aspect of the money they coin, as there is no way for congress to regulate it’s value unless they maintain complete and absolute control over all aspects of it’s management in order to enable them do that. By default, this makes any form of private banking system or other financial services in America absolutely illegal and unconstitutional as any private involvement in the system completely negates their ability to do this. This also gives congress the power to regulate the value of the money in any manner that they choose and it also includes price fixing should they deem it necessary where they have the power to legislate the value of a unit of currency to any standard unit of property they want to relate it to regardless of its circulation. The obvious and intelligent thing to do is to back it by the full volume of the useful goods and services it is needed to trade for and maintain it in circulation at all times to pay for the full extent of them that we are capable of creating in which case the money becomes “sound” and will maintain a consistent value over the long term, but the Constitution does not specify this and gives congress absolute power to do anything they want with the national currency, while making absolutely no allowance for the existence of any form of private involvement or business in its creation, distribution or management whatsoever. This clause also effectively prohibits the use of specie/commodity currencies as again their value is subject to markets and impossible to regulate.

3; “and of foreign Coin”

This again gives congress the absolute power to regulate the value of any foreign currency in relation to the public currency they are obligated to create and manage as well. If a British pound sterling will buy about a dollar and a half worth of stuff in England, congress has the power to say that it is only worth 10 cents here. It is their right and duty according to the Constitution to do this and they have the absolute power to legislate absolutely any value for any foreign currency or other means of trade for that matter as they choose.


“To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;”

Every single Federal Reserve note and every single dollar worth of Bank credit which is loaned into circulation by any private bank is counterfeit coin and security of the United States. The simple inclusion of the words “United States of America” and “legal tender” on every federal reserve note is a lie and establishes them as counterfeit as well, as the Federal Reserve is owned by private banking interests in who’s service Government has been incorporated against the interest of the people.

We have not and have never had, except for a short time prior to the American Revolution, such a thing as a legal Constitutional currency in America due to private banks having usurped control of it from Congress. Hence the entire United States economy and monetary system is 100 % illegal and unconstitutional and not only is every single dollar, paper and credit, in circulation counterfeit, created by a private bank and pretending to be United States Currency, but the United States Congress is also guilty of treason against the Constitution of the United States, in abrogating their responsibility to coin Money and regulate the Value thereof to private banks, so it can be used to consume the nations wealth instead of promote its creation and trade, then making illegal and unconstitutional laws securing the authority of private banks to issue the counterfeit.

The Constitution calls for punishment of these acts, both in terms of the current private financial industry, which has engaged in the counterfeit and in terms of the current and all past United States Congress, which have abrogated their responsibility and helped them to do this instead. Since control of the United States Currency and the United States Congress has been illegally and unconstitutionally usurped from the people of the United States by private banks, it now falls on “we the people” to effect such punishment and establish a legal, legitimate and Constitutional system of government and trade, in place of the theft and treason which we have been subjected to thus far, by any and all means which shall become necessary.

We are living under a system of willfully engineered scarcity, which exists with the sole intent and purpose of DESTROYING OUR CIVILIZATION as opposed to the logical objective of BUILDING IT UP AND INCREASING IT’S WEALTH. The ABJECT INSANITY of this to any thinking person, defies all reason and explanation.

People need to grasp the implications of this as well and since few are capable of removing their minds from the gutter of debt slavery and realizing the possibilities I’ll explain:

#1; This clause cannot be fulfilled unless we put full control of the money and every aspect of it’s management and distribution in the hands of the United States Treasury, with the treasury providing full financial services including interest free asset backed loans, as a NON PROFIT, PUBLIC SERVICE to the population.

Profit from money = the theft of another person’s productive effort without returning any wealth to the system in return for the profit and is exactly what makes any economy unsustainable as no control or balance can be maintained. The Public Money is a utility to facilitate the trade of our own independent productive efforts between ourselves, enabling us to store the value of our own effort and exchange it for that of another at a different time or from a different place and nothing more. Any other use of it constitutes a CRIME and negates it’s ability to perform it’s only useful function. 2-1 cannot still = 2 no matter how hard anyone BELIEVES that it can, but it’s a simple enough thing to give ourselves the ability to add our own 1’s on purpose to make……………..

#2; Now that this has been established, we actually have given ourselves the ability to REGULATE our own supply of currency to meet the demands of trade which we freely and independently create ON PURPOSE and ALL THE TIME. The primary effect of this is obvious due to this INSANITY of our trade and production being all but shut down for years now simply due to the Private Banks sucking all the debt out of the system leaving us no means to exchange our efforts between ourselves, despite the fact that our ability to create wealth has not changed one bit, but guess what else ?. In order to meet the demands of trade the Treasury is now required to continually inject new Public money into the system in order to enable the purchase of new economic growth and technological development. This means that when i create new wealth in my shop, i force the treasury to create new money which they have to issue into circulation to enable the purchase of the increase i’ve created in the GNP. Now suddenly we have Government funding all public services on this necessary injection of new currency into the system BUT no government can possibly spend enough to compensate so the only thing to do with the difference is distribute it directly into the hands of the population as a national dividend to make up the difference and this dividend will be substantial given our ability to freely create economic growth. Now not only have we eliminated any and all forms of TAXATION, securing IN FULL, the absolute natural right of the creator to trade and keep the benefits of his/her own creation but we’ve eliminated poverty in the process. This also enables technology to develop to take the place of ever more human labor by enabling the population to obtain what the technology produces instead of it just making itself useless by putting them out of work. On the opposite end, payments on treasury loans can be retired from circulation as necessary in order to compensate for wealth that is already owned and no longer available for trade in order to maintain balance within the system.

#3; Having eliminated any and all need for Government to be dependent on any private entities in order to fund it’s operations, we have removed the primary source of it’s corruption as well. In securing control of our own currency we have also eliminated any and all need for any Government interference in our economy or in our lives as well. We have established a truly FREE ECONOMY where humanity can finally move forward according to it’s own ability to do so without this effort being restricted by control of their means of trade. Where the only function of Government is to facilitate that trade, enforce legitimate business practices and prosecute fraud.

#4; In terms of Government being the problem and all of the FOOLS who will be screaming in TERROR over giving Government control of our PUBLIC MONEY SUPPLY, which the Bankers are trying to promote now in their last ditch attempts to promote revolution against themselves and maintain control of the end result, this is not even possible for the simple reason that we have no such thing as a Government nor have we ever had such a thing. We have a Private Criminal Corporation established in the service of Private Criminal Banks in order to help them rape the population of it’s wealth and liberties, pretending to be some form of Government. NOTHING MORE.

The single and only purpose of Government is to organize the essential PUBLIC SERVICES which the population needs in order to trade and function together with our MEANS OF TRADE being first and foremost among these. They have never done this as we have never had a Government. We need to find a different word as well as under the terms of the Declaration, the purpose of Government is to SERVE, not to govern and rule. Seems that the founders who wrote it had the same dilemma.”

[David Brown]

EXCLUSIVE  permission for use from David Brown. Thank you David.

“Non sibi sed patriae”
It is time to water the tree of Liberty.
“A Republic can only survive by its Patriots spilling the blood of tyrant predators.
[Bill Bohart]


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