Why Viola Davis Doesn’t Get to Play the Race Card for her Emmy Award [Video]

Why Viola Davis Doesn’t Get to Play the Race Card for her Emmy Award [Video]

Everyone was watching as Liberal America went into Orgasmic applause as black female Viola Davis won “Outstanding Lead Actress in a  Drama Series” and then she (surprisingly) used her moment of fame as a platform to spread further racial rhetoric about how much it sucks to be a poor black woman in America.

So what was wrong with what she did? Surely her moment to shine was a beacon of light and hope for the whole of womankind, was it not?  Surely the world will now be the oyster for women, and especially Black women. True, monumental progress has finally been made. Right?

Not quite.

But wait. Don’t we all need to celebrate this momentous occasion? Isn’t this all just another glorious step toward a more diverse, socially acceptable, and tolerant society? Isn’t this the whole goal of liberal America? How could this possibly not be worthy of the air time and golden calves that mainstream media has been erecting ever since the big moment?

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Why can’t we just take a moment, let everyone bask in the glory of a more unified America, and pat each other on the back for a job well done by being so racially accepting? Well, for starters, because it’s simply erroneous, and it’s yet another fine example of the exploitation of the racial division in America that the Left are constantly promoting.

I’m all for giving kudos for a job well done, and of course we shouldn’t take away from someone’s well-earned hard work.

But let’s examine the facts (or at least some semblance of reality):

A rich black woman who’s had a very successful career in her chosen profession, beating the odds against HOLLYWOOD standards of success, uses her platform to elevate racial issues. Sound familiar? It’s because the “First Lady” also used her speech time at the “predominantly black college” (non-blacks need not apply) Tuskegee to promote the BS racial rhetoric about what it means to be a poor black person from America, and how difficult it is to be accepted. So we’ve heard the speech before from rich, entitled black women who’ve “beaten the odds” and gained significant success in “White America”.


Keeping an eye out for this subject will quickly show that many others have used their position as a prominent person in society to promote and further their own racial issues and problems with “White America”. Kanye West seized one of his many moments under the sun to make sure he let American’s know that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”.  His full speech may be either “lovable tourette’s”, or inappropriately placed politics, but his message was heard loud and clear.

Will Smith has chosen to use his money to finance the most vile of hate-mongerer’s Farrahkan and the BLM movement, and from that, we can assume he’s choosing to support the war against whites as well as the spread of Islam. Samuel L. Jackson has a lengthy history of being tied to the Black Panthers, and his choice in recent work only further illustrates that those ties are deeply embedded in who he is and what he stands for beyond the screen. Even Bill O’Reilly had to weigh in on Samuel L. Jackson’s anti-police/ racism stance.

121714_memo (1)

Even the icon Pharrell, beloved by white people in droves, used his platform on live TV to promote the anti-police rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Simply put, blacks using their platform and moment under the spotlight to further perpetuate racism, anti-white messages, and other hate-filled propaganda is nothing new, and it’s clearly an agenda that they hold much dearer to their hearts than white people do. Indeed, if a white person were to stand up in front of a live audience and promote segregation, the need to empower whites to avoid inevitable genocide, or to vocalize how discriminatory it is to have Affirmative Action, the show would immediately cut to commercial, the person would be branded a Racist, the liberals would have a social media frenzy of outrage, and NOTHING would be good enough until the person had been shamed into hiding, forced to apologize, and their career completely destroyed.

Aside from all that, just as we know that Michelle Obama didn’t grow up in some poor, unbearable home situation that was obviously a clear indication of how poor Americans live if they are black, a quick Google search reveals that Viola grew up with two parents, and while not wealthy, she seemed to have a stable childhood with two working parents. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that she actually grew up in a household with a “civil rights activist” mother. So apparently, the legacy of crying out loudly to be the squeaky wheel, speaking out about perceived racial inequity, and focusing on what one does not have versus what one does have is a family trait.

Perhaps that’s telling of why the topic keeps getting focused on: Instead of focusing on what one has accomplished, it’s more important for some people to continue to focus on what they perceive they don’t have. Clearly, it’s a common theme among rich, famous blacks in America.

And finally, what else doesn’t add up? Well, for starters, the MATH. Black Americans comprise of roughly 13% of the US population. The percentage of people listing “actor” as their profession is pretty darn small. You’re much more likely to find a “hotel clerk” in every zip code than you are to find a single “actor” outside of Hollywood or New York.

According to Ms. Davis, the roles simply “aren’t there”. Statistically speaking though, if there are only 13% of the nation that share your race, and of that, only the most minuscule percentage actually shares your particular job description, it seems to me that the roles would be in ABUNDANCE. If RACE plays a role, and there’s only one white leading lady, she’s competing with 70% of the American population, and every waitress in Hollywood for it. A black woman trying to land a role of a black woman may have a few competitors, but she’s much more likely to land a role than a white person for her job. Which, again, makes her have an edge. A black woman has the ability, and opportunity, to cross over into conventionally “white” roles, whereas if the role specifically calls for a black woman, it will never be offered to a white woman, no matter how good her spray tan. Case in point? Halle Barry, in say, every single role she’s done that has been previously played or offered to a white actress.

Statistically, here’s the reality: You can’t offer a job to someone that doesn’t apply for it, and you can’t hire someone that doesn’t show up to work. If the reality is that you’ve only got 13% of the population to work with, and of that, only X amount actually have any type of interest in acting, and of THAT percentage you only have X amount of people who are actually GOOD at it, reasonably attractive, capable of reading their lines and doing the job well, dedicated to their career, and actually TRYING to be successful, then how on earth can one blame “white America” for the lack of black actors and actresses out there to choose from or offer awards to? This is exactly the same reality check that landed Bill De Blasio into hot water when he dared to make the statement that “We have a significant population gap among African American males because so many of them have spent time in jail and, as such, we can’t hire them”. Simply put, you can’t hire someone that doesn’t apply for the job or meet the qualifications for the job. If the numbers aren’t there, they just aren’t there. Given that they’re representing a small portion of our society, statistically, the percentages of awards and jobs are probably on par. But does this make sense to anyone?

Once again, it all comes down to perception. This is a perceived issue based on liberal rhetoric designed to keep racism alive in America. The comments, blame-game, and divisiveness of those who have been BLESSED with talent, steady work careers, wealth and fame have made a conscious choice to focus on race and contempt of white America. They are dedicated to furthering the propaganda of racism in America, and it is misguided at best. This issue is constantly being dredged up by liberals through social and mainstream media as well as the black population. It’s designed to make the rest of the population look and feel bad for the plight of the poor black person in America who is constantly being shafted and denied proper equality. Instead of focusing on the AWARD, instead of focusing on the ACCOMPLISHMENT, and instead of focusing on the TALENT, Viola Davis chose to instead make this about RACISM. And that’s an over-played, divisive agenda that deserves no applause.


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