WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Calls Muslims “Sand N-ggers” In Latest Dump [UPDATED]

WIKILEAKS: Hillary Clinton Calls Muslims “Sand N-ggers” In Latest Dump [UPDATED]

Hillary Clinton takes every opportunity to tell the American people that Donald Trump is racist and Islamaphobic because he wants to stop Muslim refugees from Syria coming into the Unites States until a better vetting process is in place.

She refuses to use the term ‘radical Islamic terrorist’, but, according to a recently released Wikileaks email, she has no problem privately referring to them as “sand niggers” in her emails. 

RETRACTION: Earlier today we posted this article and said that Hillary Clinton used the words “Sand Nigger” in an email. After careful review, we have determined that Hillary did not say that, it was said by David Grossman, one of Israel’s foremost novelists in an article he wrote for Haaretz, a leading Israeli and Middle East news publication. Upon closer review of the actual Wikileaks email  (below), we were able to ascertain that the article was translated for Hillary Clinton, and she requested it be printed for her.

Please accept our sincere apology for the error in misreporting the facts.



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According to Miniplanet ,It is keep getting worse for the Democratic nominee.

Hillary Clinton, who prides herself on her love of Muslims and Islam and being against “racism” while accusing Donald Trump (and most other people she does not like) of being a “racist” was just caught in the latest Wikileaks data dump calling Muslims “sand niggers” in her private emails:

“And what happened when the van reached the Maccabim checkpoint [not far from Jerusalem -tr]? I read in the newspaper that an argument ensued with the Israeli checkpoint commander, and that he refused to accept the patient.

Did Omar hear the argument about him from within the van, or did they drag him out of the van and plonked him in front of the commander, replete with catheter, nappy and hospital gown for a rapid overall assessment by the latter? And the commander said no. And yalla! We are on our way again. So they returned to van, and they kept on going.

And now the guys in the van are perhaps not quite as nice before, because it is getting late and they want to get back and wonder what have they done to have deserved copping this sand nigger and what are they going to do with him now. If the Maccabim checkpoint rejected him, there was no way in which the Atarot checkpoint will take him.

It is now pitch black outside and by the by, while traveling on Route 45, between the Ofer military base to the Atarot checkpoint, a thought or a suggestion pops up. Perhaps someone said something and nobody argued against, or perhaps someone did argue back but the one who came up with the original suggestion carried more weight.

Or perhaps there was no argument, someone said something and someone else felt that this is precisely what needs to be done, and one of them says to the driver, pull over for a moment, not here, it’s too well lit, stop there. You, yes you, move it, get your arse into gear you piece of shit – thanks to you our van stinks; you ruined our evening, get going! What do you mean to where? Go there.”

Read the full email HERE.

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