WikiLeaks: Hillary Staffers Excited A Black Teen Being Murdered Could Help Gun Agenda (Video)


When Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on CNN’s town hall meeting with Christiane Amanpour in 2014, she was asked the following question.  “[Do you believe that] a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would help curb gun violence in the U.S.?”

Clinton, “Yes, I do. What’s been happening with these school shootings should cause everyone to think hard,” she added. “We cannot let a minority of people–and that’s what it is, a minority–hold a view point that terrorizes.”

Hillary Clinton has stated clearly that one of her primary goals her first term in office is stricter gun control for the safety of the American people. To do that, she is not going after criminals who illegally obtain guns, or illegal gun smuggling, she is going after law abiding gun owners.

According to a recent report (pdf) on arms trafficking by Mexico’s governmental research service, known as the CESOP, an estimated 2,000 weapons illegally enter Mexico from the United States every day. The report says 85 percent of the approximately 15 million weapons that were in circulation in Mexico in 2012 were illegal.

The founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe has exposed in an undercover video, a Hillary Clinton delegate named Mary Bear, who says she wants to ban all guns, but she disguises her intentions by saying it’s common sense gun legislation, “If you just say expletive like that, people will buy into it.”

According to Biz Pac Review, Newly released emails from Wikileaks show Hillary Clinton staffers debating how they can best use the death of a black man to further their agenda.

The email began as a request for an essay by Clinton from Marie Claire who was partnering with Harvard University on a study about women and guns but it quickly devolved into brainstorming ideas on how to push the campaign’s anti-gun and racial narratives.

The team began discussing an article published in “The Guardian” where the mother of Jordan Davis, a black teenager murdered by a white man for playing music loud, called the killing a “legal lynching” despite the fact that the murderer, Michael David Dunn, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

“You know where I stand on this. It can be racially motivated and gun violence should still very much be part of the discussion,” Clinton policy advisor Corey Ciorciari wrote in the Jan. 2016 email. “Even more so here given that Jordan’s mom is one of the leading gun violence prevention proponents in the country.”

De’Ara Balenger, the director of engagement for “Hillary for America” could hardly contain her excitement.

“This is great,” she wrote. “The only flag here is that Jordan Davis was killed by a white man, so arguably – this crime was racially motivated, which takes this outside the discussion of gun violence. Was there another mother in the Chicago meeting where the shooting was NOT racially motivated? If yes, we should use that story instead of Jordan Davis.

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