Wikileaks Julian Assange: ‘Wednesday Hillary Clinton Is Done!’ (Video)

Wikileaks Julian Assange: ‘Wednesday Hillary Clinton Is Done!’ (Video)

Wednesday some significant information will be released that just might bring Hillary Clinton to her knees.


According to Bizpac Review ,Is it the October surprise?

Jesse Rodriguez, the senior producer for MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” posted what could be interpreted as an ominous comment on social media last week regarding Julian Assange.

…ominous if you’re with Team Hillary.

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According to the “Morning Joe” senior producer, the founder of the whistle-blowing platform WikiLeaks will be making an announcement from his balcony next Tues, October 4.

Julian Assange set to make an announcement from his balcony in London next Tuesday, according to @WikiLeaks

— Jesse Rodriguez (@JesseRodriguez) September 27, 2016

Assange appeared on Fox News just a few weeks ago and repeated previous claims that his organization has significant documentation that could be damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

He said that WikiLeaks may release some “teasers” from the collection of documents “reasonably soon — as early as next week.”

Assange’s group leaked nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee that showed the party effectively rigged the primary against Clinton rival Bernie Sanders. The revelation resulted in the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Donald Trump pit bull Roger Stone was quick to speculate on a possible end result of Assange’s reported announcement, posting on Twitter that Hillary Clinton is “done” on Wednesday.

[email protected] is done. #Wikileaks.

— Roger Stone (@RogerJStoneJr) October 2, 2016

Social media users seemed to like Stone’s prognostication:

@RogerJStoneJr @AmericanMex067 I hope I hope, she is the “Teflon Don” of politics

— MissyWatusi (@MissyWatusi) October 2, 2016

@RogerJStoneJr …Tuesday #CrookedHillary is going down! Exactly 1 month from the last time she went down..But this time she’s staying down!

— Deena (@dckolarik) October 2, 2016

@RogerJStoneJr from your Tweet to God’s ear

— Scott Segal (@segal_scott) October 2, 2016

Of course, considering the unusual string of bad luck that has befallen others who may or may not have had damaging information about the Clintons, social media users begged Assange to be careful.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

@JesseRodriguez @wikileaks L’assange au balcon

— Challenger (@bakedinapie) September 27, 2016

Use bulletproof glass, #Julian. Seriously. #wikileaks

— Deplorable Kent (@Kentneilparrot) September 29, 2016

@JesseRodriguez @wikileaks Tell him not to step out onto the balcony, please. We want to keep him alive!

— товарищ Нэит (@Nelsonian210) September 28, 2016

@JesseRodriguez @wikileaks Be careful Julian, please!

— SB (@allboutendz) September 28, 2016

@IbeleeveInUSA @JesseRodriguez @wikileaks Me too! Plus I hope he doesn’t get shot at or something. Sheesh what a world we live in right now.

— Deplorable Pam4Trump (@T64Pamela) September 29, 2016

@JesseRodriguez @wikileaks Hopefully it’s from behind high powered bullet proof glass.

— Desertwhale (@Desertwhaler) September 28, 2016

@JesseRodriguez @FreedomChild3 @wikileaks so looking forward to Wiki dropping the A bomb on Hillary

— Bill Field (@BillField8) September 29, 2016

@JesseRodriguez@Always_Trump@wikileaks THE October bomb!

— Smith (@smithalamd) September 29, 2016

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