WikiLeaks Mocks Rachel Maddow’s Latest Russia Scare Story: ‘Opportunistic & Xenophobic’ (Video)


WikiLeaks has called out MSNBC host Rachel Maddow for her most dramatic act of scaremongering to date: claiming that Russia could freeze Americans to death by cutting off their power during a polar vortex.

The one last week will go down as the coldest in parts of the upper Midwest since the 1990s, shattering numerous daily records and even topping a few all-time cold records, while creating wind chills as cold as the 60s below zero. Not a joking matter, especially considering eight people are known to have lost their lives.

Maddow, who has been at the forefront of Russiagate hysteria since the 2016 election, told viewers this week that Russia could take out the US’ power grid system during the freezing weather snap that set new record lows.

“What would happen if Russia killed the power in Fargo?” Maddow asked, adding, “What would you do if you lost heat, indefinitely, as the act of a foreign power on the same day the temperature in your front yard matched the temperature in Antarctica?” 

Maddow’s claims were circulated on social media where many mocked her for taking the Russia scaremongering to the extreme, RT reports.

WikiLeaks joined in the fun, tweeting about Maddow’s claim that “Russia will freeze you and your family to death.”

“Aw, you mad?” Maddow’s Twitter account responded, prompting the whistleblowing organization to fire back at “megacorp” MSNBC, accusing it of “opportunistically whipping up xenophobic fear and hysteria in poor, cold people, to the political effect of facilitating Trump’s INF withdraw, leading to nuclear proliferation in Europe & Asia, and the potential deaths of hundreds of millions.”

Maddow obviously lost it on this one – she must be desperate to keep the Russia! narrative going, and did not expect to get called out on it. Maybe she needs to revisit journalism 101, and do some research, or read a report better before going on national TV and trying to scare people, or should I say make a fool of herself.