WikiLeaks Twitter Codes Spark Assange Death Rumors

WikiLeaks Twitter Codes Spark Assange Death Rumors

WikiLeaks posted three Tweets on Sunday containing interesting references to John Kerry, Ecuador, and the UK Foreign Office along with a 64-character code which caused an online frenzy and rumors that Julian Assange might be dead.

According to RT  ,theories have propagated online that the code is actually a “dead man’s switch” to release WikiLeaks information if something drastic were to befall Assange.

Speculation about the numbers was also rife on Reddit.

“I hope he isn’t dead. This does look like an emergency dead man’s switch,” a Redditer said.
Meanwhile, one person asked: “The mythical Dead man’s key?”

“I am hearing that Ecuador has caved to Clinton & Co,” another person speculated.

There have been no official reports of Assange’s death or indeed any of his removal from the Ecuadorian Embassy, where he has been staying for the past four years as he fights extradition to Sweden.

Clues to the swathe of potential meanings to the numbers appear to lie in the tweets themselves and the word “Precommitment.”

Precommitment is a practice in cryptography to provide proof that any future leaks have not been tampered with.

For example, judging by the latest WikiLeaks tweets, any future WikiLeaks download of documents involving Secretary of State John Kerry is likely to contain the “Pre-commitment 1” tweet code as proof of their authenticity.

The codes come amid more WikiLeaks drama, including claims Assange’s internet access had been “intentionally severed” by a state party and the release of over 12,000 hacked emails from Clinton campaign chair, John Podesta.

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