Woman Fired And Banned From Mall For Remarks Insulting Islam And Muslim Terrorists


A Chattanooga woman with strong views about Islam finds herself out of a job and banned from a shopping mall for expressing her opinion about Muslim terrorists.


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) Heidi Grubbs was employed at the Belk department store inside Northgate Mall until a customer overheard her call Mohammad Abdulazeez,  the domestic Muslim terrorist who killed five servicemen in Chattanooga last month “a piece of sh*t scum.”

“I made a comment specifically towards the terrorist Mohammad and his family by stating that he was a piece of sh** scum  and his family was too for killing our men. And then I was fired because I refused to apologize for it,” Grubbs said.

But losing her job wasn’t the only thing she was faced with. “Two officers in the loss prevention office told me I was to be banned from all properties of CBL because of a sign that I have on my car.”

The sign is an anti-Islamic message that she proudly stuck on her window. “The original sign on my car states that I will sh** on your Koran; I’ll spit in the face of your Mohammad; and that Islam is a lie.”

In a previous interview with Examiner.com Writer Joe Newby, Grubbs said she has been very outspoken about Islam since moving to Chattanooga from Memphis. “What happened to our soldiers” is more offensive than anything she might have written on paper, she added.

A CBL executive told News 12 that Grubbs was banned because she violated the mall code of conduct. “It’s more to do with the vulgar language that was used. It’s not anything to do with her personal beliefs,” said CBL Marketing Director Catherine Wells.

Grubbs was forced to sign a legal documents that solidified her being banned from all CBL properties for one year. And now she is threatening to take civil action because she feels her freedom or speech and expression has been violated.

“As a whole, we should unite to protect our freedoms in America, our constitution and rights of speech. And that’s what I’m doing,” Grubbs said.

News 12 contacted the ACLU office in Nashville to see if rules that govern private property supersede freedom of speech and expression, but no one was available for comment.


    • Don’t know about controlling interests, but the CFO, Faranza Mitchell notes on LinkedIn that she speaks Urdu. Urdu is historically associated with the Muslims of the region of Hindustan. It is the national language of Pakistan and a lot of Urdu vocabulary comes from Persian and Arabic. You make the call. Muslim or non-Muslim?

  1. Have to look up their other properties and make sure I’m not doing business with anyone located there. Boycotts are a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

  2. Our family will no longer shop at Belk. Freedom of expression must not be infringed by such strong arm tactics, especially against the enemies of the free world and their murderous, rabid behaviors.

  3. Good for her! PC is WRONG! Why should we be forced to welcome our natural enemies? That’s just insanity gone wild! Submissiveness will KILL US!

  4. FUCK muzzies….we as Americans are now backed into a corner and put an animal in the corner and you’ll see what happens….

  5. As a United States Marine Corps Veteran – Why are we not allowed and not able to call an individual what they are? A Muslim is a Muslim, and a Terrorist is a Terrorist, and the Terrorist Mohammad Abdulazeez that killed Our 4 Marines & 1 Navy Sailor is the lowest of all piece of crap of a Muslim / he was a piece of shit scum and his family was too, and this young lady Heidi Grubbs that called Islam & Muslim Terrorist what it is was fired and banned from the Northgate shopping mall for a year by CDL Executive, and CDL & Associates Properties, Inc. holds interest in or manages 164 properties, including 95 regional malls …. Islam is a lie, just look at the lying Raghead Muslim Barack Obama we have in Our White House, and to many individuals he is a Terrorist Muslim trying to Destroy Our Country the United States of America, and We The People Need To Stand Up & Take Our Country Back Again!
    Let’s Make America Great Again! This Country Is Being Totally Destroyed Within, and people like Heidi Grubbs that spoken and stated the truth was fired from her job, and banned from the shopping mall by CDL & Associates Properties. This is totally Bullshit! Where is Our Rights Under Freedom of Speech?
    Us America People Need To Stand Up For Heidi Grubbs!!!!! Hope ACLU Will?


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