Women’s Day Organizer Linda Sarsour Arrested Outside Trump Tower (Video)


Linda Sarsour, one of the International Women’s Day protest organizers, was arrested outside of Trump Tower in New York City Wednesday, during the #DayWithoutAWomen protests.

Sarsour was one of several women reportedly arrested and taken into custody for disorderly conduct after receiving several warnings from police to disperse from the vicinity and they refused.




The official Twitter account of the Women’s March praised Sarsour and other women who were detained for disorderly conduct.

According to the feminists associated with the Women’s March, not only is it righteous to disrupt traffic but it is also empowering for women to skip work to protest against the absurd.

Linda Sarsour has known familial ties to Hamas, the genocidal, Jew-hating terrorist organization that rules Gaza, as well as connections with operatives named by the Justice Department for financing the terrorist group in the United States over a decade ago, according to The Daily Wire.


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