Women’s March Organizers Demand NRA’s Dana Loetsch Issue Apology For “Encouraging Violence” (Video)


The left is outraged over the recent National Rifle Association commercial claiming that Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated radio host, television commentator, bestselling author, and NRA national spokesperson is advocating ‘violence and white supremacy.’

One example is Paste Magazine, who suggested that Dana Loetsch from the Blaze, was implying the ad stops, ‘Just short of calling for a new civil war.’ 

The left leaning magazine calls it an, “Exceptionally angry, hate-fueled rant, that stops just short of suggesting gun owners actively attack liberals – Because only a bunch of conniving beta males would request black people not be constantly killed during routine traffic stops.” Then continues to opine, “The ad cuts off before Loetsch can add, “Also with AK-47s and pipebombs,” before shooting directly at the camera like James Bond.”

The truth is, Loetsch explains that the only way to fight this “violence”—that is, peaceful protests, not police brutality—is with a “clinched fist of truth” and an NRA membership,” Truth Uncensored reported.

Now that snowflakes are up in arms about Dana Loesch’s NRA ad, Women’s March organizers have now planned a new march. This time, their target is the National Rifle Association, Bearing Arms reports.

The group plans to march 17 miles from NRA headquarters in Fairfax, Virgina to the Department of Justice offices in Washington, D.C. They are making a number of ridiculous demands, including the NRA pulling Loesch’s ad and issuing an apology for “encouraging violence.”

It’s rather ironic that they think Loesch’s ad is inciting violence when her ad actually condemns violence. Even more ironic: the ad has actual video footage of “peaceful protestors” burning down their cities and communities.

Loesch went on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to explain exactly how she felt about the protest:

I’m not going to be lectured by some only women organization where they go after people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and a female genital mutilation survivor, saying that she needs to be beaten up and have her vagina taken away. So no, I’m not going to be lectuered by this fake feminist organization. And, in fact, I dare say that these fake feminists want to see some real women, some empowered women, women who actually support and encourage their viewpoints, they can take a trip to the NRA.

Watch the full clip below:

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