WOW…35,000 Ballots that Were Deceptively Brought in…


Voter Fraud is running rampant right now… 35,000 Ballots were deceptively brought in. A Republican senatorial candidate has blown the whistle on some VERY obvious fraud that has occurred.

John James is the Michigan Senatorial candidate who has brought this entire situation to light.

These are VERY serious crimes and should not be taken lightly. Impropriety, voter suppression and election interference are what is being named currently on the list.

A volunteer lawyer who is helping John James with this matter said ‘There are a lot of irregularities’ in this election that has to be looked into.

Ballots were reportedly brought in through the early morning hours around 3:30am

The president had something to say about this as well

the corruption is so vast and deep within the democrat party it is unreal.

We are facing unprecedented actions against our commander and chief. The democrats will stop at nothing to try and unseat this great man.

The American people have witnessed a Russian collusion hoax, Ukraine impeachment hoax, and a corrupt media that backs the democrats

It is high time that the silent majority become not so quiet. If you or anyone you know has witnessed voter fraud we ask that you please contact us here at so that we may properly report on it immediately.

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