“You Called Us Nazis!” Students Repeatedly Ask Teacher to Take Down “Nazis = Republicans” Sign – She Refuses (Video)


You really have to wonder about the mindset of Liberal teachers who think they have the right to impose their personal (twisted) belief systems on American children.

How and what an educator teaches students are important determinations. Indeed, decisions about a school’s curriculum must be based upon legitimate pedagogical concerns. At times such concerns have included teaching material and/or classroom expression. But that expression takes on a whole new meaning when teachers cross a line that is so obvious you have to wonder about their ability to teach objectively – or if they should be teaching at all.

The GP reports on one such instance:

After an image of a poster comparing Republicans to Nazis in a Nebraska high school classroom went viral, the school claimed that the teacher does not share the views expressed in the printout and that it was simply a “writing prompt.”

However, new video obtained by author and political commentator Jack Posobiec reveals the Adams Center High School students asking the teacher to take it down, and her refusal while demanding that it is “the truth.”

“You may not like it, but it’s the truth,” the English teacher is heard saying in the video.


The poster featured bullets in colors representing the American flag and stated that “Americans are 20 times more likely to be murdered with a gun than people in other developed countries.” Below that, there were lists comparing Republicans to Nazis with “Any Questions?” and “The truth hurts,” written below.


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