YouTube Transgender Bathroom ‘Experiment’ Results In Screams Of Outrage (Video)

YouTube Transgender Bathroom ‘Experiment’ Results In Screams Of Outrage (Video)

Watch as Joey Salad conducts a “Social experiment” when he dressed up as a transgender and enters a ladies room.


Western Journalism reports  When YouTube sensation Joey Salads conducts what he calls a “social experiment,” you can bet there will be outrage amid the hilarity.

Such was the case in his most recent video, in which the dark-complexioned Salads donned a blonde wig and a dress, proclaimed himself as a transsexual and walked into a women’s bathroom.

Salads was prompted to stage the video after North Carolina caused a liberal outcry after passing legislation requiring men and women to use bathrooms that correspond with their biological birth genders.

It did not take long to find out that Salads was not welcome.

“You can’t be in here!” the first woman he followed into the bathroom yelled at him. “You can’t just say you’re a girl!”

The next two women he followed into the bathroom were also highly offended and equally vocal.

“Get the f— out of here!” one of them yelled.

A later interaction left an older woman screaming in fear.

“As you can tell from this video … most women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a trans person,” Salads said. “There has to be another solution for this debate because women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom and the trans people want to share the bathroom.”

One commentator noted that this dose of reality was informative.

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