6 Time Felon Killed In Shootout By 13 Year Old During ‘Attempted’ Home Invasion


A 13-year-old boy fended off two hardened felons who were attempting to break into his house by using his mother’s gun to protect himself while home alone.

The boy saw the men breaking into the back of his home, “at which time he feared for his safety,” and grabbed his mother’s gun, the document states. He began firing at them, and the Sheriff’s office reported that they returned fire.

In a heated shootout, the boy shot Brown three times, and Bennett drove him to the hospital where he later died. The gray Chevy Sonic they were driving had bullet holes in it from the boy chasing them, the affidavit states.

Where was the media coverage of this brave young man’s heroic act, how about a Tweet from President Obama commending his bravery. Without the protection of his mothers gun the boy, and his mother, who was due home later that afternoon, would both be dead. 

According to reports the young boy, who is not being identified, was home alone when he grew suspicious of a car that pulled up outside around 1:30 p.m. Moments later, the two suspects went to the back of the house and attempted to break in, at such time, the boy, fearing for his safety, grabbed his mother’s handgun.

As the suspects tried to break into the back of the house, the boy opened fire, but the suspects reacted by returning fire before fleeing from the scene.

The boy chased the suspects out of the home and continued to fire as they fled in their vehicle. The boy, who was uninjured, then called his mother, who instructed him to call the police.

Neighbor Debbie Griffin said she called police after hearing about six shots ring out. She added that her son was outside at the time and heard more shots and witnessed the attempted burglary. He told her he saw the suspects’ car parked behind the house.

Investigators combed the area around the boy’s home and discovered a Colt .45 pistol, which was believed to belong to the suspects.

A short time later, one of the suspects, who was later identified as Lamar Anthwan Brown, 31, was dropped off outside the emergency room of a nearby hospital. Brown, who was shot three times, died at the medical facility.

The second suspect, Ira Bennett, 28, later turned himself in to authorities. He was charged with first-degree burglary and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

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Lamar Anthwan Brown, (L) 31, of Summerville, died at Trident Medical Center of gunshot wounds. Bennett, 28, (R) of North Charleston has been charged with first-degree burglary and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

What’s truly amazing about this story is that the two men were no strangers to crime, with both having extensive criminal histories.

Brown was convicted six times on felony drug charges, in addition to unlawful carrying of a weapon, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Bennett was previously convicted of assault with intent to kill, pointing a firearm at a person and third-degree burglary, in addition to drug convictions that included possession of a controlled substance, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

The boy’s mother, who is just thankful her son is safe, said she kept the gun in the home for personal protection, but she never taught her son how to use it.

“I tell my kids that if anything ever happens to call 911, but I also tell them to protect themselves if they have to,” the mother said. “I never would have dreamed that this would have been a part of our day today.”

The boy, who homeschools and is typically home with another family member during the day, did not wish to talk with reporters, but according to neighbor Debbie Griffin, who witnessed part of the attempted burglary, the boy wished the shooting never would have occurred.

Imagine what the outcome could have been for him and his mother when she returned home from work if he had not been smart enough to use the gun to defend himself and his home.

While Democrats and liberals insist that guns are not safe and stricter gun control is needed – there is ample proof, as in this case, that there is more need for gun safety to be taught rather than instilling fear. Obviously, this boy was taught how to use the gun and it saved his, and probably his mothers life as well.

If anything, the boy deserves recognition for taking hardened criminals off the street.

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  1. This is a tough way to learn about self-defense. This young child stood bravely protecting his home as well as himself. I am sure that these two low-life, mean-ass cretins would have badly harmed this child had he not defended himself. I salute his bravery, valor and cool-headed handling during this time. Let’s see if the President thinks this young hero is worthy of an invitation to the White House? Like the young Islamic weird clock maker. Or, will it be the parents of Lamar Anthwan Brown the hard-core felon who was shot?

    • Marvin – I agree with everything you said and it certainly would be interesting to see if he gets a WH invite. I think we both know the answer to that……NO. The only GUN stories to even make national news are when they are misused not when the shooting is justified like this young, brave man.

      • Yeah he won’t get a WH invite! He’s a thirteen year old kid that used a gun to defend himself, so Obama can’t politicize it like he tried to with the Oregon incident, and the mouse wouldn’t politicize it any way because it would make him look bad! Because it shows that him, Hitlery, and Bloomers are WRONG!

        • David – I hope if he does get a White House invitation that he turns it down. But we all know Obama doesn’t want him there. What would BO possibly say, especially since this young man isn’t black? It certainly wouldn’t be that if Obama “had a son he’d look like” this blonde/white kid. LOL

      • I’m sure if it were a 13 year old black child that shot two white home invaders he would be given the congressional medal of honor on the whitehouse lawn.

          • Looks like this brave sharp shooter never the bullshit that “black trash matters.” LMAO…WHATA HOOT…..WOULD LOVE TO HAVE SEEN THE WHITES OF THEIR EYEBALLS WHEN THE LEAD STARTING BEARING DOWN ON THEIR WORTHLESS BLACK ASSES.

        • I don’t think that color matters. Bringing skin color is disrespectful, be it bright, dark or any other.

          This kid deserves respect, I am not sure if I would be that brave even though I am much older than him. He has guts this little hero.

        • Well, why has Sgt. Henry Johnson not received the Medal of Honor? He only has the Croix de Guerre and he was a hero of the Great War. Let your racism go. I applaud the you boy for defending his home, but stop your overt hate.

        • Two WHITE home invaders? In what universe? Now granted, there are White burglars, but home invaders? I’VE never heard of such.

          • WHITE home invaders drove a mother to the bank to withdraw money (the tellers reported it to the police, but the police dragged their feet) and when she returned home, the WHITE invaders murdered and raped all three women: the mother and the 11 & 18 yr old daughters. The three women/girls were all strangled and burned. The father barely managed to escape.

            Wikipedia: Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders

            Your filthy comment is a spitting disgrace to all people who’ve died or been tortured at the hands of home invaders who were white.

        • How does islam play an issue in this story. People like you are the reason Americans are so hated because they see the writings of morons as yourself . You take a noble story and spew our ridiculous statements bssed on mindless theories that cause divide divide and hate in this nation. Ill bet you know nothing of islam except wildly radical hayeful staements about religion in which you are obviously more dangerous than most. And i say this as a usmc combat veteran who isent even muslim just a man fed up with how ignoran e can exist even today with our technology. Infact you should gather everyone who thinks like yourself isolate yourselfes very far away and prep for your everything since your obviously need walls defenses and live your end your days on fear and hate because you cant comprehend that there are morale men in any race or religion thats too complex and god willing you people will die off

          • Funny, most combat vets I know think even less of islam and the ME than your average person.

            And muslims are 3-5% of the population, and responsible for 50% of the terrorist attacks here, so there is no ignorance involved in distrusting islam.

          • Not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorist are Muslims. This is the only religion that kills innocent people and feel they will go to heaven for it. When these acts
            of terrorism happen I don’t see moderate Muslims fighting back and denouncing them.

          • Well, as a combat veteran, who has actually seen the way not just terrorists act, but the general Muslim population treats other people I would have to disagree with you. I am not doubting you are a combat veteran, but is is highly unlikely you served in a theater full of Muslims. If you had, you would realize the difference between reality and the PC garbage we are expected to believe.

    • His family will be lucky if the Attorney General don’t bring federal charges against his mother for endangering the child by leaving a loaded handgun where he could find it. then charge the boy with a hate crime due to the race of the poor man he shot. LOL

      • If the attorney general attempts to charge him or his mother she will be met with a large population of angry U.S. Citizens and that will turn ugly.

      • Agreed. He will go to juvie, his mom will go to jail, and the parents of the “poor, unfortunate young man this “gun-slinging hate-monger” “murdered in cold blood as he was running away”, will be honored in the rose garden.

    • He has played to many shoot em up games. He put his life in danger when he left his house. A child in a shoot out with a handgun he has never fired should never take place. The skills of the parent are sub normal, however, the child was taugh call 911, first.

        • Actually it did, at least the original Gun report, so his argument is at least valid about that part, maybe you ought to learn how to read until the end.

      • You are a fool, the boy done exactly what he should have done. Thank God the mother taught him how to use the gun and he was able to protect himself from the criminals. I only wish that he would have killed both of the bastards. If he would have just called 911 he probably would have been dead before the police got there. They would have a dead kid and both of those bastards would have been long gone. Thank God the kid is fine and one less thug on the streets.

        • Actually, the Mother said she never taught him how to use the gun. Fortunately, the kid was a quick study and figured it out. Sad, though, that he will have the trauma of having killed someone for the rest of his life. I don’t care what the circumstances are, very few people can take another’s life and suffer no effects from it, however justified. I imagine if it didn’t bother them, that would be something to worry about.

      • Though you have some good reason to criticize this youngster having engaged in the “pursuit and destruction” phase of combat (following the invaders to their vehicle and firing upon them as they withdrew), this is not inconsistent with proper conduct “in the heat” despite being criminalized by officers of the government who usurp the private citizen’s right to the use of effective retaliatory deadly force. A fleeing enemy can and commonly will turn and re-engage. Unless they surrender or are otherwise neutralized, the presumption must be that the attack is still “on,” and deadly retaliation is justifiable.

        How are we to presume from this news item that the young man in question was not adequately practiced in firearms use despite his mother’s failure to provide instruction? Or was not aware of Lt. Col. Cooper’s canonical Four Rules? Or did not know that doing nothing except calling 911 would evoke a police response that could be relied upon only to arrive in time to draw the boy’s chalk outline on the floor?

        This 13-year-old – a year older than the age at which combat veteran John Clem had been promoted to sergeant as the youngest non-commissioned officer in the history of the U.S. Army – conducted himself with discipline and dispatch in a combat situation, and did so in a fashion superior to the manner in which even a police officer might be expected to act.

        Supporting the point that “Every man, woman, and responsible child has an unalienable individual, civil, Constitutional, and human right to obtain, own, and carry, openly or concealed, any weapon – rifle, shotgun, handgun, machinegun, anything – any time, any place, without asking anyone’s permission.” (L. Neil Smith)

      • He did exactly what he needed to do, he kept shooting until they were in their car and gone. If he had stopped too soon they might have come back.

    • My apology if this posts more than once, having so much trouble getting confirmation of it going through, starting to wonder about this site.

      First thought…. On the charges. They left out murder, when two people are committing a crime, and one dies, the perpetrator that is left alive receives the murder charge of the other co-hort that is killed. There has been a death, it was justified, but this legal thinking will make sure the one that is left will never be on the streets again to cause more harm. When someone arms theirself, and enters a home they do not own, they give up all rights as a citizen of this country. I will leave the arguments up to others as to whether or not they should be housed and fed the rest of their natural lifespan.

    • 6 prior Felonies, 7 Felonies(including his last one here)……The fact he was even on the street to break into this kids home is disgusting. Except for the little boy put in this situation, I applaud the outcome.

      • James. Great Post. It explains why liberals are so often ignorant and biased… They cannot do factional math or use reasoning to interpret the stats that they always present.

    • This Boy is a great example of what makes this country Great! This kid will be traumatized ,he just has to know from public support those men were intent w violence- u are a HERO kid—-I hope u know that ur MVP for life (Most Valiant Protector)

    • The very fact that these two were even on the streets is the real crime here. The justice system failed to keep these predators locked up where they belonged.
      The other tragedy is that this 13 year old boy now has to live with the fact that he had to shoot and kill someone who was very much intent on taking his life.
      This is further proof that gun control doesn’t work, since both of these criminals were armed with illegally obtained guns.

    • OR he could have fled, because that’s what every parent wants, a 13 year old that’s already taken a human life. He was very lucky… I want to be happy for the family, but they now have a child that knows how easy it is to take a human life. When did the children become our soldiers?

    • If this isn’t prove that GUN CONTROL,is NOT the answer. Then you tell me what is? I hate to think what these sorry PIECES OF PURE AND T’ OLE SHIT, might have done to this young man. I’m just happy that he didn’t have to find out. However, I hope that y’all stay locked and loaded in case these POS have POS friends that think he was being racialy profiled. You know what I’m saying. Just stay safe! God Bless him and his family.

      • The 13 yr old boy was African American thank you much and Bennett is my child father not saying what he did was right but he would have not harm that child he did not try to break in and he didn’t have the weapon. People make mistakes but who are we to judge on someone else life y’all are cold hearted people but we will make it threw this situation

        • If this were your own child…alone…with 2 STRANGERS trying to get in the BACK DOOR…I think anyone would want thier child to do anything to protect themselves! It also scares me that the Mother admitted she didn’t teach her son to shoot the gun, yet he knew where it was and just how to shoot it.

          • Must’ve been video games, play call of duty on any part of it for five minutes and you already know how to operate one

          • You ever shot a gun? It ain’t exactly Chinese calculus, not to mention the fact any 13 year old boy has a whole closet of toy guns that operate the same way! (hint: you point it and squeeze the trigger)

        • Tasha – You’re a lying troll right? Bennett is not the father of your child, is he? You’re just trying to goat people in to your nonsense. This little man easily could have walked out the front door as these POS’s attempted to enter the back door but instead he stood his ground & defended HIS home & HIS safety. Don’t sit there & try to say that these men would not have harmed him when they were carrying a weapon. What do you need a weapon for when breaking into someone else’s home if you don’t have intent to ever harm anyone. Shut up, no one cares about your insignificant opinion.

        • Hello! Anything in that head of yours Tasha? The report said “They returned,RETURNED fire.” So that means they had A GUN. And they were SHOOTING AT HIM! GOOD JOB YOUNG MAN FOR STANDARDS YOUR GROUND!

        • Tasha, What makes you think that it matters to anyone what race the child was? The only thing that matters here is the kid was not hurt and one of the sorry bastards is dead. I hope the other one never gets out of prison to be able to attack anyone else.You seem to be proud that you associate yourself with criminals like him so you really should do your child a favor and stay away from thugs and learn how to be a good mother so your child doesn’t grow up to be a damn criminal also.

        • Proof of what? Since gun ownership in Australia has been banned crime in that country has skyrocketed. Some crimes have increased so much that authorities cannot measure the increase. And the crimes are committed by criminals with guns. I guess the government forgot to tell the criminals they were not allowed to own guns anymore.

    • Sooo…what does defending yourself and supporting gun laws have to do with Muslim and “queer” and the president inviting a kid who was humiliated and arresting because he practices a different religion and the media (just like with guns) generalizes a religion by a few extremists?? you guys sound ignorant and pretty dumb

          • A false religion…an sick ideology? That’s about all you can say about Islam…a belief system that calls for mutilating girls, raping women at will, stoning women for being on the street alone, and making death more attractive than life. Sick excuse for Satan’s followers to exist. If they don’t renounce, they will surely receive the one true God’s wrath on judgment day.

        • The point was this kid was TRULY a hero and because obama is anti 2nd amendment and PRO muslim is the only reason clockboy was invited to the whitehouse and this kid won’t be. Clockboy didn’t do anything other than bring a suspicious looking thing to school and paraded it around after being told not to.

        • “That comment about the muslim was unnecessary and down right racist.”

          Sectarian, certainly. Islam – like Christianity – is by dogma indifferent to race (even though racism is reliably endemic among Arabs, who are predominantly though not entirely Muslim).

          The attention paid to the Muslim religion of Clockhmed and his odious agitator parent is entirely appropriate in considering the treatment afforded this père-et-fils pair of jihadi-wannabes by our arrogant, hateful, ever-more-obviously anti-American Indonesian-in-Chief.

  2. Good job and good shooting kid! Now, let’s see if the other low life suckers get the message and leave that house and neighborhood alone!

  3. Glad he’s okay physically, I am praying he will be okay mentally -Im not so sure a child who killed someone has the same reasoning an adult may have, that he did what he had to do…Hope mom is smart enough to get him some counseling or something.

    • I agree! He needs to be told that he is still alive because of his actions to DEFEND!! He is a man, ahead of his time, and he protected his domain well! He NEEDS to understand HOW MANY OTHER LIVES HE HAS SAVED and that it was the Holy Spirit that provided him with courage of a “David” who God loved so dearly! Brave young man…no doubt about it!

    • Yes,Thank God this brave young man knew what to do..horrible thinking What IF, he didn’t shoot at them. They are/were POS lowlifes who, no doubt would have killed him in a heartbeat! I’m sure his parents are making sure he knows he is a brave,young hero! This young man, most likely saved many more lives than just his own! But, he is a 13 yr old teen..I’m sure, even though it was self defense,and they are scum! The fact that he did kill him will most likely cause many emotions! I hope he is able to work through everything and be able to make peace w himself. He definitely needs. Recognition being a brave hero..with a hell of a talent for shooting!!

    • I definitely agree with you, Merijoe. That young boy should definitely get some type of trauma counseling. You never know what is going through a teenager’s mind. Personally, I think he did the right thing, in defending himself and his home. If only ALL teenagers were as level-headed and mature as this boy. This country would be so much better off!!!


      • Yeah considering the only crimes to make the news seem to be black men…check the FBI statistics bro. White people commit more crimes in ALL areas. Why don’t you do some fact checking before believing what the media feeds you?

        • You do realize that your comment further proves Jay’s original comment? FBI statistics do show that Whites and Blacks commit violent crimes at almost the same number, but what you and every other “Stat” producing poster forgets is that Whites make up 63% of the populace while Blacks make up about 13%. So in short (and if you’re bad at math) Blacks commit violent crimes at 5 times the rate of Whites. Glad you did your “FACT” checking

        • You realize you are 25x more likely to be attacked by a black person if you are white than vice versa? Thats why racism exists.

        • James. Great Post. It explains why liberals are so often ignorant and biased… They cannot do factional math or use reasoning to interpret the stats that they always present.

    • Glad to hear it. Wouldn’t have been a real smart move to chase TWO guys outside of the home, as that could have resulted in him being seriously injured or worse. Thank goodness he had the sense to do the right thing.

        • That’s a stock photo. Wow. You really think someone got the kid to pose like that after the kid had to go through that. “You might just of gone through the most traumatic experience of your life but we really need this photo for our website.”

        • Seriously? Did you read the article? It says “…the young boy, who is not being identified…” In your mind that meant, “they aren’t going to release his name but for sure, they had him pose for a photo op!” Think that through a little bit.

      • One of the babymama’s of one of the thugs posted up above, supposedly, that he was her child’s father, and she does not believe he would have hurt the boy during the invasion, and that the invaders did not have a gun. Uh huh. The claimed babymama also states that the 13 year old boy is black. I am pro-gun 100%; this is one huge reason why. As an aside, this is another reason why I can’t claim to lean to the left or the right. I don’t agree with either party 100% and that won’t change. It is BS either way.

  5. Not a completely accurate story. The kid did not come out of the house until AFTER the police arrive and then he was very scared for his own life. I live in Ladson and they aired the 911 call last night. He never left the house with a gun in his hand.

  6. The fact that the would-be burglars were armed and returned fire shows that this wasn’t going to be a simple robbery if they had gotten in and found the boy hiding in a closet.

  7. I wonder if Black Lives Matter and Shaun King will now go crazy and turn this into a racial hate crime, saying that the man was a unarmed “victim.”

  8. Chris Rock had something to say about this. He spoke of two kinds of people. The above falls into the latter category [wink wink].

  9. I think if he were invited to the white house, he should refuse the invitation. It’s not a very nice place for a child or a hero. 🙁

  10. If I were that boy’s dad, I would hug him over and over, assure him that I’m so glad he’s alive and safe, and keep telling him, “You did RIGHT, son, you did RIGHT, and I’m very proud of you!” And then get him some counseling, because he will probably be traumatized from taking a human life, even though a very bad one.

  11. That young guy was a brave youngster. Of course the idiot Liberals will attempt to make a big deal out if it. Especially since it was two “black” men attempting to be the ones invading the boys home.. Expect the two fake pretending Baptist pastors having some really ignorantly STUPID remarks to say about it. But the bottom line is. This is a huge perfect example on “WHY EVERYBODY SHOULD OWN A GUN.” and “ALL” young people be thoroughly trained in the proper way to operate a firearm.
    I praise that young “man”.
    “GOD BLESS”…

  12. The black savages welfare stealing, harlot of a single mother should be forced to pay for the kids therapy since she raised him to be a low life, ultra violent, subhuman mongrel. That’s what gets me-they never punish the black welfare whores, who create these bastards.

    • Ummm, I agree with a lot of what’s being said here but, you don’t know anything about these low-life’s mothers. They didn’t create these “bastards” without a “father”/sperm donor … BOTH of them gave these monsters life… as far as outright deciding she must be a “whore”, again, what are you calling the sperm donor? Sadly, once people get into drugs,it doesn’t matter HOW they were raised… I have seen the most wonderful well-to-do parents produce monsters because their previously ‘good kids’ started using drugs for fun. Just saying, for all you know, these wastes could very well be the product of a hard-working single mom who did the best she could after marrying ‘the love of her life’, who she thought was committed to their family, but took off & left her to deal on her own… or any number of other scenarios…

    • May I suggest a term that has greater impact than the “N” word: FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT HUMANOID. No references to color or other species of form and genetic proximity to humans. It places the onus on those who think that it is OK to impose respect on that which intrinsically deserves contempt.

  13. I pray the kid will not be mentally stained by this. It’s the world we live in: the cowboys days. And, if you are not willing to defend yourself – adults and children – you will likely be killed,quite often, by people who are too lazy to work for a living, and by people strung out on drugs. We need a serious change in this nation.

  14. This story is pretty short on details, to say the least. What is that actual evidence that this crime occurred as described in the article? Police said they pulled over a car with bullet holes in it. How did they know to link it to the shooting by the boy at the house? Did the kid get a look at the car? Do the bullets in the car match the gun the kid find? And the suspects actually attempted to break into a random house they had no connection with in broad daylight, in full view of the neighbors?

  15. My question is, why is the living suspect only charged with smaller crimes? In my state, and many others (there are 43 states in total), the other suspect could have been charged with felony murder. Felony murder is used when someone dies during certain crimes – everyone committing that crime can be charged with murder.

    The guys were REPEAT felons. And they fired back at the child! They aren’t rehabilitated, they don’t need to come back out into society.

  16. There is another problem. With nearly no exceptions, the jurisdictions having capital punishment no longer have access to the necessary chemicals to properly carry out the procedure because these are no longer manufactured in the USA. The critical compounds are made in the EU which has prohibited their use in capital punishment. This is a tactic used to stop capital punishment in the USA. That brings up the federal death row.

    Will Dzhokhar Tsaranyev be executed because he us white or receive clemency upon departure from office by BHO by reason of shared ~worldviews~.

    • Did they take all the hangin’ rope, bullets and knives as well? Pull an ISIS and throw Tsarnaev off the tallest building in front of tv cameras and have it Pay-per-view…Fug him….

  17. Mainstream media will not cover this, nor will Barack Obama give the child the national recognition he deserves. The magnitude of this story is huge and would blow up Obama’s gun initiative! Had the young man called 911 they would have killed him or used him as a hostage. No doubt a shootout with police would have resulted in innocent deaths. Nikki Haley is the governor, she should have gone public with this.

    • “Mainstream media” will not cover this? A simple google search finds articles by Fox News, NBC News, the New York Daily News, US News and World Reports… even People Magazine. Get over the “mainstream media” thing… that’s totally inaccuate.

      The reason this probably isn’t getting more attention is that the boy’s family… wisely… is not speaking out. And by “wisely”, I mean that being thrust into a media spotlight following a particularly traumatic event wouldn’t be good for this young man. However, if the parents/family wanted to speak out, I guarantee they’d be on the Today show tomorrow morning.

  18. Dis boy dope for dat, I am astonished bout a 13 year old boy, I mean, I wouldn’t use a gun I would use myself cuz I’m afraid to shoot anything .

  19. All those prior convictions and still out on the street? What’s up with that? Glad the boy was able to do what he did. He’s probably traumatized to some extent, but way to go!

  20. Six prior felony convictions and the guy is free to commit more? What’s wrong with this picture? Glad the boy was able to do what he did, sorry that he was subjected to this type of trauma. If anyone goes after Momma, as was mentioned, they should be the person prosecuted. Another way to get the felons off the street, just takes more time, but most will get it sooner or later.

    • You whining ass douchebag, of course you would prefer the trash of creation rob pillage and plunder unfettered. The bastards get what they so richly deserve and it suddenly becomes racism?? Fuk you idiot! Let me guess if you had a brother he would have looked just like this guy!

    • So since he had been arrested on drug charges in the past, the victim of this story was an obvious murderer who was definitely going to kill this kid and his family? That seems like a leap. And the mother of the man that was killed is being called a whore, but the mother of this 13 year old boy is being praised for leaving a loaded weapon at home with her child? Even if we could see the future and know for sure that this kid would be dead if he didn’t open fire on these two guys, this definitely does not “prove that gun control is wrong.” This makes me sure that we need more control on these deadly weapons before anymore lives are taken.

      • Oh really? See maybe the kid obviously knows how to properly use a firearm, not messing with it until the absolute need arose (proper education). Why should we have our guns permanently locked up? Do you realize how idiotic that sounds? Great so where is your gun when you need it? Locked up? Marvelous. Real bright, may as well be an expensive paperweight. I was raised in the country with a Loaded shotgun by the door all the time with 00 Buck in it 24-7 in the tube with 7 shells; however I was taught to respect the power of a firearm so there was no danger in having it by the door. Maybe instead of hiding away guns in the safe, people need to educate themselves on use of a firearm. You should be the first to sign up too, you clown.

    • Well, it looks like the hillbillies have more sense than the prison gloryholer fan. When armed killers come a knocking you open up the back door to rear entrance, don’t you?

  21. Why wasn’t the other guy charged with first degree murder. The law is clear that if anyone is killed during the act of a felony the participants can be charged with murder.

  22. In Minnesota the child (according to the law) shall retreat. If not an option, he must announce that he is armed with intent of deadly force to protect his self. And if at that point suspects do not retreat, open fire. This does not apply to the protection of personal property, according to the law you are to abandon your property and seek help from the proper authorities. And then once the suspects do begin retreating no more shots are to be fired. Not that I agree with it, but that kid to get in a lot of trouble…

    • There is no mention of defending life or protecting property in the MN state constitution. However, section 16 has interesting language concerning how “liberty of conscience” is not to be used.

    • Good thing this isn’t Minnesota and we have laws down here in South Carolina which allow us to take out the trash rather than leaving it to rot in our community.

    • SC has the Castle Doctrine. No one has the lawful responsibility to retreat against attackers in their own home and can use deadly force…

    • I’m sure the requirement to retreat does not apply when you are already INSIDE your home . Where the hell is he supposed to retreat to ??

  23. Could this be a capital case in SC? I will hazard a guess that capital punishment will not be pursued on the basis of identity or shooter and shot, shooter White, shot Black. 202 rings 803, DOJ lectures SC DA: “Don’t you [BLEEP]ing dare…”

  24. Now the corpse’s belongings should be auctioned off to pay for any counseling services that this boy may need. That’s a hell of a kid, the world needs more like him. I just wish he had gotten them both.

    • Wow, you’re joking right? Glad you don’t get any say in any important decision ever because you have one fucking cold, dead heart. People are people and you don’t get to judge whose life is more important.

  25. This article is missing a few things: facts, composition, and simple grammar. Please get editors to review your work before you post it. Lukcily most of the readers seem to be on the same level (see other comments).

    • Oh I just love it when people insult others for poor grammar then post a comment with a very simple word misspelled. Please review your comment before YOU post it.

      • Who cares what color the kids skin is ?? It doesn’t change the fact that he took a permanent bite out of crime , in his city . Great job kid !!!!!!!

    • He (Brown) got what he deserved. Bennett should of been shot dead as well. When police find Bennett’s finger prints on that Colt they found. He’ll be charged for attempted murder on top of the other weak charges. The 13yr old boy Red,Yellow,Black or white. The courage it took for this kid to handle the situation that he never asked to be put into in the first place. Tasha I feel sorry for your son who has a Dumbass for a mother and a repeat convict dad who was never going to be there for him anyway.

  26. The only person who died was not one of you European Americans. So I guarantee that the badge-wearing demons who run this town did only the minimum amount of investigation. Most of these FACTS are either racist speculation or lies. Furthermore, what kind of a country do you hope to create when you cheer someone for murdering someone outside their house? They even invoked the tired old “feared for his safety” cliche. A bigot’s best friend.

    • So you are implying the kid was white? The article says nothing about the kid, just a stock photo not of the kid. The only one caring about race is you dumbass; Im pretty sure a felon with a 1911 is just a nice invitation at the door. . . Yeah right. Good on the kid, I give him, one solid. . . Hooah!

    • i’d love to see your reaction when raiders come for you, only thing that mattered is that they were human beings, and humans are a naturally violent species, regardless of color, he’d have shot if they were white too, actually myself i’d be faster to shoot a white raider, the race card is irrelevant here, they were armed raiders who probably would have killed him, and who is to say that the family in this article was white? they could have been black, a lot of black people live in south carolina, i live here, so i know

      • Tozane, I am relieved that your grammar assures me that you will never acquire a position with policy-making abilities. Woe to the society that is run by someone with your… mentality.

    • What kind of country are you hoping for ? One where scumbags are free to rob and steal at will ? If these two scumbags had jobs instead of relying on stealing from those that do , they would still be out walking around with the rest of the civilized citizens . Instead one is in the morgue (where he belongs) and the other is in jail hopefully charged with the death of his fellow scumbag .

  27. I love how ameritards ae trying to use this as proof that guns are for protection. There’s about a 98% chance that they would break in and leave the family unharmed had the kid hid or called 911. Similarily about a 2% chance that the kid survives a 2 on 1 gun battle even when he starts it. This is just another example of someone dying because of guns where chances are nobody would have died had the initial shot not been made. And this just happens to be best case scenario where its the bad guy who dies and not the good guy.

    you americans have a major problem and this does not somehow magically make your shitty views correct. You’re pretty close to being considered a developing country again

    • How can you place a percentage on someone’s intentions? Also, they were armed and clearly did not have non-violent intentions considering their record.

      You can have your cucked nations, where you’re bring overrun with “refugees” with no way to defend yourself. I’ll keep my individuality and means of self-defense.

    • That is a lot of speculation about what would have happened! Last time I checked braking and entering is a crime. The two individuals were not doing a public service when the boy at them.

    • “There’s about a 98% chance that they would break in and leave the family unharmed” ROFLMAO! There’s a 100% chance you’re a fucking idiot….

    • Who the fuck cares. The U.S. is the only country worth living in partly because we can defend ourselves from these animals that do in fact deserve to die. I hope your place gets broken into and you get your head bashed in, all the while thinking “I sure wish I had a gun to defend myself, but I can’t because of this shithole country I live in.” AMERICANS ARE BETTER THAN YOU. Accept this fact and quit being a little bitch.

    • So f off, your opinion is that it is ok to break into my house and steal my personal belongings? My opinion is that my stuff is worth more than your criminal thieving life.

  28. The life-force is strong in this one. I hope it is strong enough for him to forgive himself following this traumatic experience at a still tender age.

    • they tried to break in his house. id be pissed too. so i would have probably done the same thing. kid does not deserve any charges…. gtfo.

    • He was 13. Put you self in that situation.He probably blacked out from the adrenaline rush, you can’t control your self. Well I know i can’t anyway. I saved my daughters life and only remember coming out of the water with her. Its our human instinct to protect ourselves.

    • If they were still shooting at him It WAS self defence. Also as they were armed fleeing felons , it was still legal to shoot them .

  29. The propaganda machine of the racist white wing is kicking. The 13 year old was BLACK yet they show a picture of a boy with paler. Feeding into the bigoted fears of most ignorant whites

    • Does it really matter his race? No. Article says nothing of it. And Im glad it doesn’t. Good on the kid for defending his home and his family. However your dumbass only focuses on race. Such narrow minded people, why the hell did I even enlist for you bastards?

      • This site has presented a fabricated photo
        The child that defended himself is Black
        So blame this site and yourself for thinking the way you do.

  30. It is interesting to see who comments. There are those who actually think this kid did something wrong or should have avoided the situation altogether, not that the felons did something wrong and should have avoided the situation. These same people are likely to be against the death penalty, pro-abortion, and think this kid should be charged with a crime. They are also going to be voting on the left side in the next election.

    • I will be voting Democrat. I think if you break into a person’s home, you take whatever comes your way. That having been said I wish the authorities could have handled this because a 13 year old kid shouldn’t have to carry that kind of weight. And there is a very good chance he could have died due to being outnumbered. As to charges being brought against him, that seems ludicrous. It is rediculous to expect an adolescent child to understand that chasing people, when their fleeing is a generally bad idea. Not because of the poor home invaders, but because once again he imperiled his safety. Just one liberal vets opinion.

  31. He definitely did the right thing in the beginning by shooting the victims as they were coming in to the home…and good for his mom teaching him how to shoot…however, this could have ended up a bit differently. If you teach a kid to use a gun, they need to be taught laws as well. Running after them and shooting them as they were running away and had their backs to him…is no longer self defense.

    • But it should be legal. How do you know these apes would not have came back if he didn’t? I mean they were cowards, and they would keep running 99% of the time, but there is that 1%

  32. Why does everything have to be able race there are white criminals and black criminals I am white a formal drug user and thief and I stole from anybody and everyone to feed my habit I have been clean for ten years now and I am a single father of three kids and I teach my kids to respect a person for who they are and do not by the color of there skin we as human beings keep racism going

  33. I am so thankful that this child is ok.I am worried about his mental health in the future. It doesn’t have to be a racial thing,I believe he would have fired at anyone,trying to break into his home.I am glad he is ok and I will keep him in my prayers.

  34. The Young Mans action has saved the lives and prevented the rape of an untold number of people.

    He has also saved the tax payers the millions in incarceration, medical, housing, welfare, EBT and of course the Obama Phone fee that they would have cost the system over their miserable lives.

    • Aren’t about 83% of rapists European American? I know 87% of welfare recipients are. And even in California where they pay more for incarceration than anyone else, the suspect would have to be in prison for over 1000 years before it would cost millions. At least if you’re going to be a vile bigot, it’s good that you are also stupid. The smart ones are actually a little bit dangerous to us.

      • Wow. You are incredibly stupid. Try a book or this new thing called the internet… You’ll find out how racist and narrow-minded you are as well. I love your made up stats about how white people are rapists…must be projection from a sick mind. And especially in California, an inmate costs 80K bucks a year to maintain the luxurious lifestyle of degenerate trash…

        • I admit that I am full of hate. If hatred has narrowed my view, it’s because your kind have taught me well. Don’t expect a thank you, though. This world could have been a paradise if the bubonic plague had been a little more thorough.

        • 2014 39% of rapes are projected to be reported. Of those, only 61% end in an actual conviction of rape. As for the actual convictions. 83% of the victims are white and 4.2 percent of the rapes are interracial. So I was off. By those stats, only 79.7 rapists are European American.

          • By age 23, 49 percent of black males, 41 percent of Hispanic males and 32 percent of white males have been arrested.Suck on that Truth for a lil’ bit!

  35. I’m reading these comments, and all of you dirtbags screaming about Race or Religion should be ashamed of yourselves. This isn’t about race or religion, you are muddying the waters and giving the gun control lobby proof that only ignorant racists are against gun control.

    This is about a young child having the skill and means to overpower, not ONE, but TWO, violent and armed hardened career criminals with no injury to himself! If he had bern forced to rely on a knife, he would be dead.

    Keep your racism to yourselves, or get out of my Republican party!

  36. The justice system failed this family. “These Two” had a felony record that should have them in jail for a long time. But the fucking judges took a bribe or got their dick sucked fucking let these 2 fucking scumbags of easy …… with both having an extensive criminal history.Fuck those judges.

    • US Department of Justice consent decree must have been issued.

      They have the right!
      To commit the crime!
      Because they’re [RECORD SCRATCH!]”Beneficiaries of Four Most Sublime Acts of Legal Positivism in American Jurisprudence”.

      One of those acts is used right down to the present day, even to justify that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right via incorporation. Yes folks, I mean the Fourteenth Amendment.

    • No where in the story does it say the caliber of the gun the kid used. They found a .45 outside believed to have been dropped by one of the criminals.

  37. Idiot drones can’t do any of their own research, only swallow the load.

    (CNN)An 11-year-old St. Louis-area boy left alone at home with his 4-year-old sister staved off several home invasion attempts before finally shooting and killing a 16-year-old intruder, according to police.

    At least one neighbor, however, offered a different account of the shooting, telling CNN affiliate KMOV that the boys were arguing on the front porch before the younger child pulled out a gun and shot the teenager.

    The incident occurred Thursday afternoon in north St. Louis County. Police called to the home discovered the teenager’s body lying in the front foyer.

    Boy, 11, left alone with sister shoots, kills intruder

    Boy, 11, left alone with sister shoots, kills intruder 01:10
    The teenager — whose name has not been released — had been shot in the head by the 11-year-old while breaking into the home, according to police.

    St. Louis County police Sgt. Brian Schellman said it was the third time that the 16-year-old had attempted to break into the house Thursday. Neither sibling was hurt.

    One woman described by KMOV as a neighbor questioned the account. The woman, whose name was not given by the station, said the 16-year-old didn’t enter the house.

    “They were just arguing loud, you know, back and forth,” the woman said.

    “He was always was just sitting right there on the porch,” she said. “He never did once go inside the house.”

  38. Seriously? People are idiots.. a hate crime? Being raciest? Really?! I have nothing against any race..but the 2 black guys are the idiots who chose to break into a house..they chose to break into one that happened to have a white kid who was able to defend himself..he shot them, otherwise they would have most likely killed him..and HE’S the raciest one? GTF OVER THIS RACIAL PROFILE CRAP!! If I was still living at my folks home and his age now, and someone tried breaking in on me I know where my guns are..I’d shot their butts too! Wouldn’t matter what race you are! Break in on me, you’ll be lucky to leave the house alive, and I don’t even condone murder..but self defense you bet!

  39. In Canada, where police support extreme gun control, the boy and his mother would be dead or forever scarred by violence. The police support this because victims give a better reason for increased police budgets than survivors do.

  40. If there were more people in AMERICA that would take the time to actually teach their kids and who would actually exercise their right to bear arms our crime rate as a nation would drop dramatically!!! I’m sure this kid has some mixed feeling about what he did. And I’m sure he feels bad for it. However, he did exactly what he was suppose to do in that situation. I am glad to of heard about him considering today’s coverage of mainly Negative news reports!!! I hope there is someone in his family that has had a talk with him and explained that he did nothing wrong. I was taught how to use a firearm the correct way at a young age. I was taught to respect them and that guns are used for self defense iN horrible situations and they are used to defend the weak or others in need in general!

  41. I am so shocked that these to bastards were out of Jail what happened to 3 strikes your out? The one that survived should be charged with the murder of his partner in this crime it happened while committing a felony!

  42. I am so shocked that these to bastards were out of Jail what happened to 3 strikes your out? The one that survived should be charged with felony murder of his partner in this crime, it did happened while committing a felony!

  43. This is true that the boy is brave for what he did, but now because of these low-life’s that came into his house and the boy was put in the position to protect him and his house he now has to live with the idea that he killed someone and no matter what the reason is that you have to do something like this, killing someone sticks with you forever so hope and prey that this doesn’t have a traumatic affect on him later in life!

  44. Smh all these racist comments is pointless asf….an I’m mad YALL making this a race thing rather he was black or white them two dudes got everything they deserve….. And that young boy is very brave…stop TRTNA stereotype people… Right is right wrong is wrong…..YALL stating that they black like white boys don’t blow up schools and shit like that… I’m no where racist but a crime is a crime no matter what the race is…..tf is wrong with people…..I love every race….. No matter how YALL may feel we all breath the same air I just wish we can all get alone

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Where did people pick u race from anyways? Says nothing of it in the article. . . And it doesn’t matter one bit. And I wonder the same thing as you too, what the hell is wrong with people nowadays? So divided, so pitiful. . .

  45. I feel like this story is so full of holes. I think that boy is good he defended himself but the fact that he took a loaded gun and shot the men MULTIPLE times to kill, then chased after them to shoot at their car… he’s got some rage going on. I would be perfectly content to induce a flesh wound on both and then call the police. The boy seems to have some deep rooted hate from what it sounds like, especially since it seemed so easy for him to pull the trigger.

    • They came in looking for money for drugs, and ended up getting the shit shot out of them… Sucks for them…But the kid gave them the bonus plan…

    • If you are ever in a position where you have to shoot someone you always aim for center mass. Anywhere else will just get them mad and you dead.

    • He shot through the backdoor that they were trying to open. That is where the guy was shot @. The kid shot @ the car from the house. Not chasing them down the street.

  46. First thought…. On the charges. They left out murder, when two people are committing a crime, and one dies, the perpetrator that is left alive receives the murder charge of the other co-hort that is killed. There has been a death, it was justified, but this legal thinking will make sure the one that is left will never be on the streets again to cause more harm. When someone arms theirself, and enters a home they do not own, they give up all rights as a citizen of this country. I will leave the arguments up to others as to whether or not they should be housed and fed the rest of their natural lifespan.

  47. What the hell difference does it make what color any of them is? The point is that they were breaking into his house, he was alone and afraid and he, rightfully, protected himself. So the perp died, tough crap!

  48. Why did this website feel the need to put a fabricated photo in the heading??
    The child that was defending himself was Black.

    Its sad the media continues to do this type of crap

  49. Whites commit more crimes???? Not here in Detroit! Not enough of us left! Why does everything need to be blk on wht.. Or wht on blk… If all persons were purple…suspects WERE STILL IN THE WRONG!!! GLAD HE SAVED HIS OWN LIFE…waiting on 911…he’d have been a dead boy and the story would be so different!!

  50. He should be charged with murder as he shot them in the back as they fled. But in the land of capital punishment he is a hero to the Rednucks.

    • The Hell with that, when someone is armed with a .45 Caliber and attempting to break in your Home, they are attending to do bodly harm to anyone that don’t cooperate. That shooting in the back crap don’t matter, if they did not have a Gun, did it would have. Good for that kid, should have smoked both of their Asses.

  51. This Kid did a “MAKE MY DAY PUNKS” Good for him, those criminals won’t be breaking in nobody homes again minus one criminal for life. Meaning DEAD. Oh Well.

  52. He should sue the estate of the dead one and sue the one that lived for putting a 13 year old in a position where he had to kill someone.

  53. The judgement of all the comments over this shooting, proves that the “civil rights” movement of the sixties has all but perished. One would think that with the current President, the black/white situation would, and could have easily been a complete renovation of social relations, however, it has undeniably gotten worse. Not only are we as Americans, fighting amongst ourselves, we are faced with Muslim terrorists, that also seem to be downplayed by a leader who projects empathy for the enemy of America. I have seen many Presidents in my lifetime, and this has to be the most disgraceful representation of our country, in the history of the United States of America.

  54. this kid is a hero, he handled the problem, the correct way. His parents more than likely taught him good control and usage and the propper way to handle a gun and when to handle a gun. Way go kidd, you did the right thing.

    • The boy should face charges for shooting at them in their car. He protected himself inside the house, but once it went outside and they were fleeing, the shooting should have stopped.

      • Why are we judging this child for his actions. He shot and killed a career criminal whom has lived the life of a violent thug. He was going to eventually add murder to his rap sheet. This young man stopped that. As far as shooting at the fleeing felon, it would have been a good thing if that thugs life was ended as well. He is only going to go out and continue his felonious life. And, he will end up killing an innocent victim. Those of you are are putting any racial overtones into this are just sorry racist yourselves. The thug is dead and the child is alive. Does not matter who was who and what race they were!

  55. Get the other guy for attempted murder, too…..he shot at the kid. At a KID! Good for the boy. Good training and a heroic act for anyone, let alone a child! Without the gun, that boy could have been the dead one!

  56. All I know is when we lived in Charleston, SC it was this kind of news almost nightly on TV. We lived in what was supposed to be a good safe area and yet there were 2 home invasions right next to us. One or both or those criminals could have been the thieves who broke in with guns next door to us. I wish I’d have had a gun when it happened. We are just lucky they didn’t try to rob us also. Cuddos to the brave boy!

  57. …in most liberal-controlled jurisdictions in the USA as well in almost all of Europe the 13-year-old would be brought up on charges of minor possession of a firearm, as well as attempted murder, put in a juvenile facility, and be subject to psychiatric “treatment” with psychotropic drugs for daring to violate the “civil-rights” of the attackers…

  58. I wonder if Geraldo and the rest of the self defense deniers heard about this.

    Since most self defense incidents with a gun end without a shot being fired I’m not surprised the MSM ignores them. And those are just the ones reported…

    Ignoring stories like this is just plain old fashioned media bias to promote an agenda.

  59. The thing I notice is the kid was improperly trained in that self defense is only applicable when your life is in danger. As soon as the perps turned away and began to flee they were no longer a threat and his right to self defense, as in shooting at them, was over. Chasing them down the road while firing a gun was a crime.

  60. The boy should face charges for shooting at them in their car. He protected himself inside the house, but once it went outside and they were fleeing, the shooting should have stopped.

  61. So, I have read some comments and of course some of them b*tch that the kid should not have access to a gun while of course I don’t see many complaints about the convicted felons having one. It is like they would rather the boy and anyone else that may have come home be shot and killed by these 2 sc*mbags.
    At the age of 10 (1970) I could shoot a pistol and firearms were readily available to my brothers and myself on our home. Never once did we have any thoughts about getting them out unless it would have been absolutely necessary. Had pieces of crap like those 2 broke in while we were home then the same thing would have happened to them.
    As for those saying “what about the trauma to the boy”, well what about the trauma if they had killed him?
    Oh, wait, no trauma if you are dead, huh.
    You want to blame someone for the trauma this boy may have to deal with then put it where it belongs. And that is on the 2 pieces of crap that broke into his home.

  62. Good for him! It takes a lot of guts to stand up to someone like that. This kid has what it takes! Too bad this story wasn’t covered by the media like some things are.

  63. Most black folks read this and said to themselves “These are the crazy-Ns that give us a bad name.” Most white read this and said “Death to the Ns.”

  64. Methinks that this article may have traveled the parabola above the dentally well endowed cartilaginous marine lifeform (a.k.a.jumped the shark). Henry Winkler collects SS OAB and the shark is a fossil. However, you can’t tell that to the college poisoned.

  65. I can’t imagine what might have happened if the kid didn’t have a gun. I’m not big on keeping firearms in the house, but this story leaves me on the fence.

  66. Oh, Lamar, we are so sad about your demise! We will miss your ugly face running around in our communities committing mayhem. And we hope he fixed that ugly face well with a few extra holes in it you slime piece of crap.

  67. Let us speak the truth.Having one colin powell is not worth the 200,000 bad ones. Hopefully ole Abe is burning in hell for unleashing the biggest burden on the US. Without ole Abe we would have the pinkies and pokadots slapping each otherin la instead of the bloods and crips killing people..lol

  68. The boy did what he had to do. He is a brave young man for protecting his life. You won’t be seeing much of this story on national news because it doesn’t fit the “narrative” for gun control.

  69. TXT:

    Sadly, I have few doubts these emotionally disturbed men are victims of America’s expanding and shameful victim of America’s expanding and shameful *National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty*, that for decades has deprived untold numbers of emotionally abused and neglected young developing children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

    Violence and anti-social behaviors like this often occur when emotionally or physically abused and neglected developing young children mature into frustrated, sometimes suicidal *(NY Times May 18, 2015 – Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers)* teens or adults lacking empathy and compassion, though filled with rage and resentment for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle.

    How much longer will America ignore the expanding sub-culture of immature American teen girls and young women of African descent who selfishly subject their children to *Child Abuse and Neglect,* aka *Poverty,* by building families with too many mouths to feed, clothe and supervise?

    Mouths attached to children who mature into depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and adults resenting their single-mothers and/or irresponsible dads for introducing them to a life of pain and struggle, yet want to blame everyone except their moms and/or dads for depriving them of the opportunity to experience and enjoy a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood with *Safe Streets* to play or travel on.


    If Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham had built a smaller family she could more easily provide for, nurture and supervise, would her young teen son be in The Street attempting to cause grave harm to police officers attempting to protect Ms. Graham’s peaceful neighbors from emotional and physical harm often caused to innocent people by depressed, angry frustrated, sometimes suicidal teens and young men who are peeved for irresponsibly being introduced to a life of struggle and hardship by immature teen girls?

    Search: *Rise in Suicide by Black Children Surprises Researchers* By SABRINA TAVERNISE – MAY 18, 2015

    Quoting the NYT article, *”The suicide rate among black children has nearly doubled since the early 1990s, surpassing the rate for white children, a new study has found.”*

    The tough question ALL Americans face is, “Who is responsible for traumatizing, abusing, neglecting, maltreating children to the point where depressed young kids, *we’re talking elementary school children*, believe their lives are not worth living?”

    Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has repeatedly offered sound advice to all Americans, *”Fix the ghetto!”*

    I’m with Sheriff Clarke. I believe we also need to re-examine society’s child protection and welfare laws.

    This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace the criminal, anti-social ‘Street Culture’ *Baltimore Mom of The Year* failed to protect her teen son from…not to mention representing the fear peaceful people living and WORKING in the community experience knowing depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and young adults need to vent their angers and frustrations for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by irresponsible, “living wild” (2015 Grammy winner and childhood abuse victim Kendrick Lamar’s characterization of his parent’s lifestyle) single moms and/or dads.


    If Americans sincerely wish to reduce gun violence and/or other anti-social behaviors that often leads to police fear and anxiety, that sometimes leads to police misconduct and/or aggression, the question all concerned, compassionate Americans should seriously be asking ourselves, our elected, civil, social, community and religious leaders is, “What real substantial changes in our society’s attitude and laws need to occur to prevent abuse that often causes young kids to mature into depressed, frustrated, angry teens and adults as a result of experiencing the *emotional and/or physical trauma of an abusive childhood?*”

    If we do not take affirmative action to protect children, “the ghetto” will continue to thrive, fueled by poor parenting, resulting with depressed kids maturing into depressed teens and adults who often vent their angers and frustrations on their peaceful neighbors, instead of the person(s) responsible for introducing them to a life of hardship, pain and struggle.

    *America Needs To Re-Examine Child Welfare & Protection Laws*

    Black *(Children’s)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence, Police Fear & Educator’s Frustrations

  70. Government and their anti gun brainwashed useful idiots among the general population HATE Stories like this… because:
    1) it proves “normal” people (even women and children.) can successfully defend them self against multiple armed attackers.
    2) guns SAVE LIVES.
    3) the criminals used an illegal gun… where NO GUN LAW would prevent them from obtaiing a firearm… meanwhile laws like what obama is planning via executive order, would have left the child at the mercy of two armed felons.

    Reality and Truth always destroy any “gun control” (people control) argument.

    • Guns don’t save lives moron…guns kill, guns maim, guns devastate lives.
      If you didnt have guns you wouldnt have so many people dying each day week month year…but no guns never kill n’buddy coz gunz is for defendinz myz rightz to be a dum as fuk nra supporting black hatin cum drinking wank piece amen to babee jeezus!

      • Guns in the wrong hands damage many lives. You are right. Guns in the good hands protect. If guns are so bad why are they used to protect the President? Are guns only good enough to protect the President and not good law abiding people like the 80 year old Black couple living in the south side of Chicago or Compton???

  71. Way to go kid, you got more balls than most grown men. Dont ever be sorry. those worthless lowlifes deserved what they got. yo did the right thing.

  72. this is y we need gun not take them away what happens if their were 4 of them al that kid was brave he was very luckey i give that 13 year old boy all the power in the word but u take away the gun the kid would never of had that power to fend them off

  73. It is truly amazing to me at how many people here revel in the death of black folks, Asians or mid easterner’s.
    Sure this was a robbery and bullets were fired one guy got killed and that is what happened but how in the name of hell is the kid a hero for killing someone..he isnt, he hasnt bettered the lives of anyone, did he create something? Simple answer no he saved some belongings and shot someone..he had time to run out the house call police and let them deal with it, afterall he saw the car and the men but hell he ran grabbed the gun and started to shoot (one source says he shot before they even entered the property)…but y’all happy a black guy got shot.

    • The streets are a better place without these thugs. That’s what’s better. He is a hero to himself and to many of us. Not you because Liberalism is about feeling good about yourself and thinking you are better than everyone else. Never mind the results. This has nothing to do about race. It has to do with guns in the hands of good people protects us all. Otherwise the thugs would be the only one owning guns. No… wait. How about if we create a law that makes guns illegal, then thugs will stop owning guns. Oh and wait… let’s make a law against murder and then we will get rid of murders. Wait, that doesn’t work. Never mind.

  74. Home schooled. Go figures. I would bet, his curriculum is devoid of wussification like it would be in the state school system.

  75. little terrorist his mom should be arrested for murder and he should to also the poor black man that was killed by this ll racist needs a memorial

    • and you bob also bob spelled backwards…are a flipping moron. when a life is taken in a criminal act, often times it is not considered murder as it wasn’t a premeditated act and he was in fear of his life as would most normal people in that situation. he did what he should have done which was protect himself, life and limb. those two men had no right to try a B&E on his house, they should have had J O B S..which is a foreign word to many..but, yeah…it is a real thing…you show up, perform you duties M-F and on assigned dates, receive a paycheck. So, if that “poor black man is dead” maybe he should have thought twice before he wanted to be a thug since it didn’t work out so well for him.

  76. I’ll tell you all this much. Although this kid saved himself, I know the law will say that he had no legal authority to pursue and shoot the car as it was leaving. THAT’S a FACT. The law states once the imminent threat is over, pursuit and the next shot are then no longer self defense, but at that point offensive and against the law. I do NOT agree with it. I’m just stating the INSANE laws for civilians. NOW, if it’s a ‘peace’ officer, their standards are lower than the civilian population and they get away with that shit.

  77. I can’t believe the amount of stupid hitting the fan in the comment section. The kid was 13. Mother admits he was never taught how to use a firearm which I can safely assume includes fire arm safety, yet had access to the fire arm while home alone. Instead of fleeing the house and calling for help, or if he had a cell, 911, he grabs a fire arm he shouldn’t have access to without an adult and proper training and plays cowboy.

    Just to be clear, I’m pro gun rights. However the amount of ignorance from the comments is just another example how people like you hurt our cause. I’m glad it turned out ok, but this situation isn’t something that should celebrated. It’s an example of terrible parenting and irresponsible gun control that causes the incidents that bring our right to bear arms into question.
    This is a cautionary tale. Not to mention the amount of psychological trauma that child will experience from this situation.

    • This kid will be just fine! The fact that his mother showed him where the gun was, and specifically told him only to use it when necessary IS responsible parenting. Keep in mind, this young man was being homeschooled and was not the typical teen his age. He was apparently far above his peers in the level he showed in responsibility and quick thinking. One thing he wasn’t doing is “playing cowboy”.

      I homeschooled all 7 of our children and each one of them knew where our guns were at any given time. Of course, they were kept locked, unloaded, and/or up high so the younger ones wouldn’t reach them. Yet, not once did a single child ever even attempt to touch one because we not only taught them the serious consequences of disobeying, we taught them about the dangers and how to be responsible when they were old enough to hunt with them.

      In this day and age, I understand your concern about guns in homes with kids. Most kids his age can’t be trusted. However, this family is doing it right. As for “psychological trauma”? He already has parents that care enough about him to teach him themselves and spend their time with him. These parents could have shuffled him off to public school so they’d have more time to themselves, but they didn’t. They’re there to support him, encourage him, and help him through the whole ordeal which will have him moving on quickly, but naturally. As I said earlier; this kid will be just fine!

  78. Truly, if Obama had commended the boy for bravery, or mentioned him at all in any way, you folks would be splashing all over yourselves to say that it was insincere pandering. You’re just looking for any excuse to deepen your hatred. And you know it.

  79. It seems the ending to this worked out. But doesn’t anyone seem to think, the mother leaving a loaded, unlocked…reachable weapon in the house, with an unsupervised minor in the house, admittedly untrained/initiated with the weapon at all…..is a very irresponsible thing to do ? possibly even ‘endangerment’. Seems the boy is smarter then the mom.


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