Senate Democrats Push For Late-Term Abortion Up To Nine Months Of Pregnancy


Four months before the mid-term congressional election, Senate Democrats were pushing into the national spotlight “the most radical pro-abortion bill ever considered by Congress,” said Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of state right-to-life organizations.


Tobias was one of two non-congressional witnesses who testified against the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S. 1696), at a hearing before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee.

“This bill is really about just one thing: it seeks to strip away from elected lawmakers the ability to provide even the most minimal protections for unborn children, at any stage of their pre-natal development,” Tobias told the committee. “Calling the bill the ‘Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act’ would be more in line with truth-in-advertising standards.”

The bill has been heavily promoted by pro-abortion activist groups since its introduction last November, although it has been largely ignored by the mainstream news media.

The measure has 35 Senate cosponsors, all Democrats, including nine of the 10 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. The chief sponsor of the bill, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), chaired the hearing.

100% of Senate Democrats voted for the atrocity of late term abortion.


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  1. This is wrong, this is very wrong! How about putting some money into educating people, helping social programs and providing a decent health care system that includes providing contraception methods instead! So breastfeeding in public is not ok but this is? WTF?

    • From my reading, late-term abortions are a horrible ‘choice’ forced upon the parent(s) by a belatedly-diagnosed severe defect in the unborn child which is “incompatible with life”. The anti-choicers would have us to believe that a mother would ‘invest’ 7- to 9 months in a pregnancy – only to frivolously ‘change their mind’…or even worse, that they terminate for ghoulish “fun” – or even profit.

      • So this procedure is preferable to giving birth in the circumstances you describe? I also reject the Pro-life straw-man you invent in your comment.

  2. This is absolutely wrong. This does not need to a bill, I truly think these men and women of congress need to stop and think about pass bills to make it easier to get birth control and other things to prevent pregnancy. Also since the mother is already at 9 months instead of abortions they should put the poor baby up for adoption.

    • Agreed, maybe they could also stop wasting time all children under all circumstances to be denied an education or be forcefully coerced in a never ending list of vaccines- without exemption. Considering the vaccination rate in California is within their target of 95-99% coverage to achieve herd immunity.
      All in the name of protecting a child but not the child getting it’s spinal cord severed with blunt instruments
      while hanging half out of his mothers womb.

    • I think the people Voting Should have to SEE A PICTURE of what they are voting on, and do it with their conscience. A scissor at the spinal cord of an infant. You have gone That FAR! Put the baby up for adoption!!

      • I think the people voting should sit in a room with a woman having a nine month abortion. So they can see and hear that baby screaming or stop breathing or the blood rushing out of the mother’s womb!!!!

    • I believe it’s not right either BUT instead of people judging others, we should educate them more and maybe they would choose a different path. People need to stop hating and do more loving.

      • You cannot just tell people to “love” others who are doing or condoning hateful, criminal things like killing babies.

      • Dont Judge, are you KIDDING ME? God has already Passed that Judgement, THY SHALL NOT KILL!! Abortion is Murder, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

        So we need to Educate more, REALLY? No, I COMPLETELY disagree Realynn!! Its not an Education PROBLEM, Its FIRST OF ALL A MORAL PROBLEM, God has been taken out of everything and our society is living in a Country that was once BLESSED MORE THEN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and now we are seeing what a Blessed Country looks like when they have been turned over to their OWN REPROBATE(HARDEN) HEARTS AND MINDS and they have been Spiritually Blinded!! Second of all, WE ARE LIVING IN A DUMBED DOWN, NO COMMON SENSE SOCIETY because if a society doesnt have enough Common Sense that God gave an animal to know that MURDER IS WRONG, EVEN MORE SO WRONG by cutting a baby out(That is developing in a mothers womb)out or carrying the baby to Full Term, having that baby halfway and then stopping long enough to break its neck and suck the brains out with a long tube, THEN GOD HELP US IF PEOPLE ARE THAT STUPID, and these same people are voting for the highest Office in the Land and THE DEMONS who pushed Abortion and Partial Birth Abortion though to become a law are ALREADY RUNNING OUR COUNTRY!!

        MORE EDUCATION, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? WE ALREADY LIVE in the MOST EDUCATED, Information Accessible Society EVER IN HISTORY with people that have been SO DUMBED DOWN by our News Media and government that they have to have directions on EVERYTHING just so they can figure out how to use it or to keep from Swallowing or Drinking Shampoo because IT MIGHT KILL YOU, More education, heck THERE’S INSTRUCTIONS ON EVERYTHING, EVEN THE FREE CONDOM PASSED OUT IN SCHOOL!! Heck, IF ANYONE wants to know anything about anything, all they have to do is YouTube it or Google it and you have STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS!! We dont need MORE Education, OUR COUNTRY NEEDS GOD BACK IN OUR GOVERNMENT, FAMILY AND OUR COUNTRY AGAIN!! Its CRAZY, Education INST THE ANSWER, People have to WANT TO KNOW, WHAT TO LEARN AND WANT TO BE EDUCATED but people today just dont want to know or learn, they want to stay in the Dark and remain Ignorant!! What our Country needs is ABSOLUTE TRUTH, MORALS, THEY NEED GOD Back in the government, back in the Schools, But MOST IMPORTANTLY OUR WORLD, COUNTRY AND PEOPLE NEED GOD BACK IN THE FAMILIES BECAUSE FAMILIES MAKE UP OUR COUNTRY, THEY NEED Fathers who are the Head of the house and are NOT AFRAID to Spank their Kids, who are not afraid to be the Godly Head of the House like our Fathers and Grandfathers were! Our Country needs Families who have the Fear of God and who KNOW, RESPECT, LEARN AND LIVE THE WORD OF GOD!!

        To make this LONG POST VERY, VERY SIMPLE for the MANY OF THOSE IN OUR WORLD who will be also reading this who are ALREADY SEVERELY DUMBED DOWN, we know them mainly as Democrats, i.e. Demon-Rats and Liberals, What we need to make our Country GREAT AGAIN, WE NEED GOD BACK IN OUR COUNTRY, OUR LIVES AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE GOOD OLE U.S. OF A!! I Hope I made this Post VERY Simple to understand and to read for ALL OF THOSE DEMON’S Who are Controlling ALL OF OUR GOVERNMENT, Many of those in our Population and many people in Churches all over America! YES, SATAN HAS REALLY TAKEN AMERICA DOWN TO THE PITS OF HELL WHERE HE WILL SPEND ALL OF ETERNITY AND HE HAS TAKEN MANY PEOPLE IN OUR COUNTRY WITH HIM!! These People WILL BE JUDGED BY GOD FOR THEIR ACTIONS AND THEIR MILLIONS OF MURDERS!!

      • why should WE the people (AGAIN) put any more $$$ towards STUPIDITY ??? this decision is MORALS .. period !! I have wondered if H.C.’s daughter, Chesley, had made this LAST minute decision if H.C. would support her ??? maybe one day she’ll be put to the test for real … karma is a bitch so they say

      • Raelynn, that is all candy and unicorns, but these people who vote on this have NO idea what love even is. If they can murder a 9 month old human and throw it in a waste receptacle, do you really think they would care to hear about other options? I doubt it!1

    • not only is birth control available at any wal-mart, cvs, walgreens, etc….but instead of carrying a baby to full term, if you MUST abort, you can also get the ‘morning after pill’ at any pharmacy without a RX.

    • this was in july 2014 right before mid term elections..that is why democrats lost the senate and the house. the bill did not go through. for a bill to become a has to clear both houses and the house was republican heavy and shot it down. We don’t need more democrats in the senate.or the house this year…we just need some new leaders in both chambers..sign every petition you find to fire McConnell and Ryan..we need new leaders who aren’t afraid to fight for our rights.

  3. The horrors of our country, and our leaders, grow day by day. Evil shadows cloak the light of sanity. Eventually, the insane are heralded as righteous and are followed by the bewildered. The innocent suffer unto the wicked.

    • Please forgive me, I have troubles with my hands and my fingers and I tried to click like and it hit dislike and I can’t figure out how to fix it, it won’t let me. But I COMPLETELY AGREE YOUR COMMENT. They Have Lost Their Minds and GOD Will Punish Them All.

      • I did the same exact thing on a post above. I accidentally hit the dislike button! I couldn’t fix mine either! Im totally against this!! This is barbaric and inhumane..not to mention, MURDER!!!People have no conscience, no heart and no regard for human life!! They’re all out of their mind…insane!!!!!

        • Murder is the right description for this, and all of these people voting for this atrocity should be held accountable, and should be forced to witness this barbaric action first hand!! How can they sleep at night, what could possibly be their motivation for this!!

          • They will be held accountable when they stand before All Mighty God and will answer for this.

  4. no they didn’t, that’s no where even close to true. Whats wrong with you people, why would you try to get people to believe this? There’s something seriously wrong with you people.

    • “No” who “didn’t” what? The vote is on Public Record straight from the Capitol. News media is not the source here.

    • And the way I see it, Reid’s vote is a joke, he can’t decide wheather he’s moral or not, or Republican or Democrat. He all over the place.

    • Dawn-Please enlighten “us people” would love for you to set the record straight. You need to google Kermit Gosnell” his true story tell of the true atrocities going on in the abortion would. The media didn’t even show up to cover the trial. There were rows of empty rows roped off for them. Why if it you think the media ignored this story? So sheeple like yourself will continue to blindly ignore that late term abortion does murder live babies.

  5. and no one to date has been able to tell just “HOW” this saves the life of the mother. IF anything killing the baby in this fashion is physically harder on the mother. This has to be a full breech birth in order to do it. (meaning head last) Full term babies, most babies are born head first. When the head is delivered last it puts horrible pressure in the lowest section of the back bone bending it into an unnatural way. It often breaks, which leads to years of back problems. I gave birth to a preemie and mine broke. I still have back issues from it. I guess they just aren’t telling this part of it.

  6. What ever happened to the part of the Dr’s oath, “First do no harm” ??? That baby is a living human being & what they are doing is MURDER.

    • So are the millions of poor people that are turned away from doctors because they cant afford to pay. Funny you don’t mention them.

        • Hospital ER’s provide one thing and one thing only, critical emergency care. They do not do anything else. They will not administer chemotherapy for a poor cancer patient. They will not perform any kind of surgery unless you are expected to die within 24 hours without it (and even then, if you are stable and healthy looking, they may deny it). They will not do any kind of organ transplant (even if you will quickly die without it). They will not administer insulin to a diabetic. Emergency rooms are for EMERGENCY care only, hence the name. You cannot go to an ER for routine medical care, even if such care is necessary for you to survive.

          • not true. ERs do help people and they do administer insulin and other things. been there done that. check your facts. and this discussion is about murdering babies not your health care issues. there are free clinics, volunteers in medicine etc etc… just have to look.When ever Abortion comes up for discussion someone tries to change the issue, Murder is Murder a 9 month gestation period = viable life why not kill a child when it is born?, or how about a 2 year old? because that will make health care better right? Our Society is rapidly becoming no better than hitler’s regime. lets just draw lots and Kill every one with a black ball, it would be far more fair than killing an infant. Followers of evil the whole lot of you. and don’t bother flicking me shit because I don’t care about you or your opinions.

        • you can be turned away I know this for a fact. They find there excuses to push you out the doors. Its been a few years but It happened to me. I had to get a DR to call in and say she needs treatment now to get treated to get a life saving blood transfusion. Its sad but true My unemployment was too much money for a medical card no job no Ins. No medical care without pressure from the right DR. Thank God.

  7. If a live being isn’t legally protected from death, let the yay-voters not be protected from death: WHETHER IN OR OUT OF A WOMB IS NO DIFFERENT THAN BEING IN OR OUT OF A R O O M! That’s IT, END OF STORY. Obviously, a fetus is not fully “mature”, but voting the innocent to death based on immaturity PROVES IMMATURITY ON THE PART OF THE ABORTIONISTS. NOW, are they going to start trying to convince people that older is more mature? That’s not how maturity works. In fact, if being immature were the democrats excuse, then Democrats immaturity should put their lives at risk, too, after all murder is caused by a twisted immature perspective. If 9 months is the limit now, eventually 12 months will be. Eventually in or out of the womb will be irrelevant to the exterminators. They are fast feeling. It disgusts me that children are less appreciated when adults can’t see them. Is not seeing into the eyes of the unborn half the weakness here? Are they able to injure the child easier because they can’t see the child’s expression during the ATTACK? They have a terrorized expression on their faces during the attack whether in or out of the womb. The unborn are experiencing terrorism and will be witnesses at the Judgment Bar.

    • …meant to say “PAST feeling”. Imagine the democrats complaints when they can’t get others to “feel” for THEM during a medical crisis or whatever. They expect compassion when THEY are ill or their lives at risk. What hypocrites.

    • The argument for pro-choicers is the determination of “fetus”…. The way i see it, the only difference is if the pregnancy is planned/wanted or not. If it’s an unwanted pregnancy then its a fetus!? Those that voted or public who agrees with this atrocity would probably feel different if it was their future child/grandchild that was on the way and loved. It makes me sick.

  8. You filthy lying pigs, this is totally false. This bill was never voted on by anyone. It has been stuck in committee every year it was introduced. What sick bastards you are to put GOP politics above the lives of the unborn.

    • I haven’t been able to find out if this article is true or not, but your last sentence has me confused. How do you figure that pushing GOP politics does anything BUT try to save the lives of the unborn?

      • I would say that, because of this FALSE article, prolife democrats might not know that they can still go to their senators to pressure them to vote against it. According to this, it is too late. And, according to this article, the democrats won. Don’t you think that would have made the news? SHAME on you, “truthuncensored” – did you create this lie, or did you just not bother to verify the facts before posting it as “political truth”?

    • It may be false Zeb, but it does bring continued awareness to this despicable act, and may keep it “stuck in committee” forever..:)
      Also, there are many more democrats than republicans who support abortion, that is a fact..

  9. This is murder! I don’t care how you twist it turn it, or try to sugar coat it. It is Murder! Our public officials have given their hearts and souls to Satan. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND TAKE A STAND! LET’S BRING THIS NATION BACK TO GOD! WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE, WHAT ARE WE SHOWING THE REST OF THE WORLD.

      • You took the words out of my Mouth David! 🙂 I’m guessing shes a liberal and shes and innocent Victim, she had NO PART in the conception of the baby, she just laid there.

        Sperm cant do ANYTHING without an Egg, just ask Millions of Teenage boys around the world! LOL Also there is a Sperm Controller, its called Being Abstinence or USING A CONDOM!!

        How stupid can people be!! Forget I said that, THIS WASNT a Challenge liberals!

    • ultimately it becomes the Woman’s choice, the Man Married or not has no say in this. So how is that a mans fault? a Woman can chose abstinence, birth control pills, shots,or implants and she can chose adoption .in all cases but rape or incest. too many girls figure trying to save their figures or their reputations. How about just refraining from sex till you are ready? Yes men tend to think with their Cocks but a Female can say No use a condom, but they chose abortion instead,

  10. abort all democrats – do u know the baby screams they have to chop off its arms and legs to take baby out the baby is alive its disgusting end of should only be allowed in todays birth control aware society 10 weeks max.

      • Actually Michael it is true in certain forms of abortion. The baby is actually dismembered to remove it from the uterus and they have to put it into a pan to take inventory and make sure they have it all to prevent the mother from getting an infection.

  11. My opinion! We can’t put the blame on the man it takes two to tango and it is time for women and men to start using their brain instead being lead by what is in your pants and or because someone might look good at that moment. I don’t know how people got it in their mind that it was a one time thing because that one time thing can turn into a human being and then you are looking at 18 plus years with her/him so why not be responsible at the beginning and stay true to yourself no protection then you aren’t getting this! Women birth control and men wrap it or keep it tucked away! If you lay down with someone and you end up pregnant then if you don’t take of your responsibility before the baby is 3 months then you and him should be responsible or there is always adoption. God gave both of you a gift that night that lead you to do what you did and why would you carry a baby for 3 months or 9 months to kill him/her! You and him are the Guardian Angels of the baby you are carrying! God gave you both a gift and that gift comes with all the Love for you both that you can stand!! So use what God gave you a brain and then you won’t have to worry about all the nonsense!! Oh and how is this Grow up and teach the ones that are looking up to you to be responsible!!!!!

  12. Nope…Why…if you want to snip it start practicing safe sex. If you were raped morning after pill or terminate early.

    Why endure morning sickness and the joy of life moving just to say “Oh I change my mind.”

    The doctors known to provide such a service for late to full term are SOULLESS! Take their license AWAY. Lock mother and doctor up for MURDER!


    • Arlene, I can not speak for anyone else. But for legitimate health issues then yes I think that should be allowed only if the mother’s life is at risk{ meaning death, coma and or paralyzed}. No to the rest! I understand what you are saying but I firmly believe what I believe.Why!? Because when there are contraceptives out there available to them to prevent this from happening. When you are pregnant and you wait because of whatever the reasoning you tell yourself then you are waiting for the fetus to grow into a living humanbeing! I am going leave by saying this Abortion is wrong for God did not give you a gift of her/him to be killed and if you wait until the fetus forms 3 months or etc. Then congratulation you had a baby girl or boy!

      • You need to read more than the stuff you are or have read. The life of the flesh is in the blood. There is plenty of proof for that, but then people that make statements like. “waiting for the fetus to grow into a living human being!” and then say “God did not give you a gift of her/him to be killed and if you wait until the fetus forms 3 months or etc.” You use God like a salad or something. (Wait till the fetus grows into a human?) You either believe Gods Word or you don’t. Lev 17:13 And whatsoever man there be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn among you, which hunteth and catcheth any beast or fowl that may be eaten; he shall even pour out the blood thereof, and cover it with dust.
        Lev 17:14 For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for the life thereof: therefore I said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood thereof: whosoever eateth it shall be cut off.
        Lev 17:15 And every soul that eateth that which died of itself, or that which was torn with beasts, whether it be one of your own country, or a stranger, he shall both wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the even: then shall he be clean.
        Lev 17:16 But if he wash them not, nor bathe his flesh; then he shall bear his iniquity. <> Believe Gods Word or don’t. The life starts when that first drop of blood enters, and that comes from the dad. God is the one that says this. The life of all flesh is in the blood.

      • Arlene. If the child is healthy and unharmed from the accident. I think its up to the mother and the mother alone to decide if she want to be selfish and kill the baby or let the child live and give her own life.

    • I get what you are getting at, but this is not the same thing. In that situation, you are not aborting the baby, you are saving who you can. Abortion is “intentionally” ending a life.

    • The American medical Association’s Council on Legislation voted UNANIMOUSLY to recommend to the AMA Board of Trustees to endorse the Ban on Partial-Birth Abortions.

      Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, along with hundreds of physicians and the Physicians’ Ad Hoc Coalition for Truth (PHACT) said that this “procedure” is never necessary to save the life of the mother.

      Dr. Nancy Romer, FACOG, Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Miami Valley Hospital in Ohio said, “People deserve to know that the partial-birth abortion is never medically indicated either to save the health of a woman or preserve her future fertility.”

      Dr. Martin Haskell, an abortionist who specializes in these late-term abortions, has admitted to performing over 1,000 of these abortions. He stated in a recorded interview with the American Medical News (the official newspaper of the AMA) that: “In my particular case, probably 20% (of these procedures) are for genetic reasons. And the other 80% are purely elective.” That means in 80% (that’s over 800 babies) there was no health risk for the mother and the baby had no handicaps.

    • Seriously? Do you know how very rarely this scenario exists in the real world? They can almost always take the baby AND save the mom. Please come visit us in Reality

  14. If the government would offer a one time only program where men and women alike were offered a chance to be permanently sterilized with a payment of $2000 it would save much more in the long run. All done by contractual agreement. All of these people having abortions are offered free birth control. In essence let them make the choice of entering into an irrevocable agreement to help long term spending on things like abortion and child welfare payments.

  15. This is so wrong. At nine months the baby a full developed human being. If you didn’t want the baby you should have used protection,and if you still got pregnant and your that far along put the baby up for adoption. Killing the baby that far along is murder. We go to person for killing another human being, and that is what the baby is at nine months along. I don’t belave in abortion unless its a rap or its life and death. So having a abortion that far along is so so wrong in so many ways.

  16. This makes me so upset. Somehow it is ok to kill an infant -fully grown. But if someone gives birth to a child, and murders them, they are murderers. I see NO differance. This is murdering babies and making it legal. Killing the most innocent and vulnerable and making it ok. This is WRONG!

  17. OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!! Abortion unless it is a dire emergency (life threatening or rape for example) and only then is wrong…especially that late into the pregnancy….that is out and out cold blooded, heartless murder. If that woman can not or will not use/take contraceptives, get her tubes tied or whatever it takes to prevent it….then abstain. Better yet, sterilization, especially if you do not want children. Especially if she herself knows she can get pregnant every time she has sex. That is a life…a life that has done nothing to be done like that…A innocent. A voiceless/defenseless child!!!! Damn those people to Hell!

  18. OMG!!!!! THAT IS A NIGHTMARE OF A PICTURE!!!!! How the hell can I ever ‘UNSEE’ that picture??? Killing an unborn baby is no difference than killing a person of any age!! Go ahead,, kill someone & that judge that just sentenced to an injectable dose of Anthrax into your arm & there’s NOTHING you can do & I’ll sell tickets for FREE for everyone to watch YOU die!!! YOU WON’T have any better chance of survival than that baby had.

  19. They suck out the brain tissue while the infant is still alive and kicking because this has great value for medical research. Many years ago, in Pennsylvania, a women got pregnant so she could abort her infant and the brain tissue would then be used to cure her father’s Parkinson’s disease. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the brain tissue needed to be extracted from the aborted fetus while it was still alive in order to be effective. I remember vividly then my question to myself, “How will this ever be allowed.” It didn’t surprise me one bit when I found out the method used for late term abortion. Truly evil. Sicken my heart and soul. Notice they show the puncturing but never the commodity (brain tissue) being extracted.

  20. And people wonder why America is having the problems we are having. This is so ungodly! America today is as wicked as any pagan nation on planet earth. God will judge and punish this ungodly, wicked and perverse sin. Gods Word says “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.”

    Gods Word tells of Judas. “Saying, I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they said, What is that to us? see thou to that.” The religious crowd didn’t care then and they don’t care today, and that will bring a harsher punishment for this wicked sin. These politicians will answer to a Holy God for their wicked sin by supporting such an ungodly and wicked sin.

    Gods Word says. “Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen.” Who is more innocent than a helpless baby. Who gets paid to murder these innocent babies? Doctors & nurses and those that support them with even a band aid.

    Gods Word says in Proverbs. “These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.” ……. The reason America is in the shape it’s in today is because Christians will not share the Gospel of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing on this planet that will change a heart from wicked to good and decent. Gods Word tells us it’s the power of God unto salvation. 2nd. Corinthians has been proven to be true for thousands of years and it’s as true today as when it was first written. Christians are going to be judged for their lack of interest in telling people the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is the death, burial & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for man-kinds sin, He paid our penalty on the cross at Calvary, He was buried and rose on the third day, and He’s coming back. The judgment of America will be harsh and terrible for their crimes against the innocent are astronomical. God hates this sin and there is no way under the sun that America will escape Gods punishment. My love for my country will not stop the justice of God. America stands guilty of murdering more innocent babies than the godless nation of Red China. This is only one of the seven things that God hates, if He hates it. He will judge it and punish it. If Christians will not share the Gospel of Christ they are disobeying God and the flip side of disobedience is rebellion. They mix like mud and water, and it’s as the sin of witchcraft and God hates it.

  21. This is so wrong on so many levels no mother who has any kind of heart at all would choose her life over her child’s i would die for mine. These politicians that support this are sick there are pills there is adoption abortion is murder plain & simple.

  22. Oh, c’mon. We all know what this is. Democrats do not like oppressive restrictions such as repiglicans always put in place when they get in office. Nobody wants a live birth to be an abortion. Shame on you, repiglicans, for even suggesting such a thing! But every woman MUST have the right to choose to have a baby or to abort a mass of cells when she discovers she is pregnant.

    • MASS OF CELLS?!?!? Are you serious? Nobody wants a live birth – BABY – to be an abortion? Wrong! MANY do not see it as a problem and what rights does the baby have? To not be ripped out of its mother, to start with. There are so many birth controls out there. USE ONE if you don’t want to get pregnant! Abortion is used as a birth control, only then there is another person involved. Shame on the Repiglicans? No respect for people who have a different opinion or belief – only childish name calling. Shame on YOU. You might want to learn the truth about abortion. And even if you don’t change your mind, I will continue to pray for each person who is pro death of the unborn and for each baby being conceived and not wanted.



  24. Not really an issue since it wasn’t going to pass. This may be another smoking gun tatic by Republicans to shed bad light on their apponent. Personally i don’t like the idea of abortion, but even more hate the idea of a bunch of old men voting on a women’s right to do with her body what she wants. Just like this comment i’ve shortened that a guy named Bill Hicks wrote, (as follows ),. What business is it of anyones what people do , read, buy, see, or take into their body? As long as their not hurting anyone else. For those of you that have a moral dilemma with that question, why don’t you take it to the bank, cash it, and take a vacation out of their lives.

    Just now · Like

    Keenan Reese

    Write a comment…

    • Keenan Reese, FOR ONE, You DIDNT get pregnant by yourself, it took a guy to help you get that way, WHERE ARE HIS RIGHTS? For TWO Keenan, you said, “AS LONG AT THEY’RE(Proper way to spell They’re, not Their)NOT HURTING ANYONE ELSE,”Well Keenan Reese, THE LAST TIME I CHECKED, Abortion, whether weeks after Conception to Full Term, ITS ALWAYS A 100% FATAL TO THE BABY, SO I’D CALL THAT SERIOUSLY HURTING SOMEONE, EVERY TIME!! So take that to the bank, cash it…..whatever, you know the rest! JUST KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSE!!

  25. Here is a point for those of you on the left without a moral compass to ponder. What if our governments approved method of late term abortions was to remove the BABY from the Mother, carefully and clinically, under the direction of licensed medical professionals and their assistants and then if the BABY’S heart is beating the medical staff is authorized to shoot the BABY with a gun. Would that be okay with you? It takes at least one man and one woman to initiate a pregnancy. At no time during the duration of the cycle of human reproduction is anything but a human baby being developed. You can post it, legislate it, approve it, support it any way you like but when, through human intervention, a man or woman ends a life by any method of abortion we are collectively killing a baby.

  26. Anyone with a brain from RI knows the RI senators are “Monkey see, monkey do” when it comes to how they vote. If they used their brains to think, they would likely have a stroke! Perhaps they, like all democrats, were merely hatched from some prehistoric animal rather than actually being human with thoughts and feelings???

  27. I still have anyone to answer me this, if the baby is not alive, then why does the abortionist need to KILL IT before removing it from the womb?

  28. This is wrong on all levels!!! Maybe we should abort all their lives. If a woman can KILL her baby then she has no heart and is a piece of shit and should keep her legs closed or remove her reproductive organs….this boils my blood!!!! PROUD MOTHER of 4 precious boys and I was a teen parent!!!!

  29. As young christian mother, I do support abortion in cases of incest, danger to the mother, and rape, but in any other case this is something that will bring the judgement from God and that precious spirit.
    This is just another way for people to not be accountable for their actions.
    Sure, its your body, you should have a choice. But for making that choice to have sex, there are consequence that you must be held accountable for. You can argue that It’s Your body, that you are growing the baby in Your body. But didn’t Your body grow inside a mother as well??? So that would also imply that the baby growing inside you has a choice.
    Those law makers better listen to the voice of the people and call for a vote and I am hopeful that the majority of americans will stand to protect those precious babies.

  30. Here is IMPORTANT update I just learned… I hadn’t been on top of this ….There’s reason to believe at least 3 Senate Dems would oppose that sweeping language: …….. That bill would wipe out existing protections for unborn babies. All three of them have supported various protections in the past. So they’d be required to essentially vote against what they had previously supported.

  31. What is this until birth thing??? I say they give until age 3… This way the parents have more then enough time to know if they want to keep the kid or not. If not… Kill “It”… the “Thing” can’t really do much yet at that age anyway right??? (sounds equally as sick and appalling doesn’t it?)

  32. And so they say murder is an act of violence here in America…what is this a dame choice! I understand if it was life and death to a mother, incest, rape whatever this is a living human being weather its 1 day of 9 months ….To all that had voted for this violent act you are dame lucky to be alive and your spines were not snapped or aborted by your parents….please people what have our nation come to…from one sinful act (bill) to another….Believe it!!! judgement day is so so much closer then you think….

  33. The ONLY time a woman would EVER get a late-term abortion is if
    1. The fetus is already dead
    2. The fetus is dying
    3. There is something severely wrong with the fetus (as in there is no brain, or a severe deformity where it will die just after birth)
    4. The person’s life is in danger.

    So congrats. You just called someone who has had a miscarriage a murderer. It was probably a very wanted pregnancy, and they are probably going through enough heartache without having you monsters calling them a piece of shit for something that wasn’t even their fault.

    Goddamn it people, educate yourselves. It’s not that hard. We have Google for a reason.

  34. this is fine. up to 5 or 6 months should be allowed not everyone catches it in 3 months so yeah. good job on extending it

  35. Two things:

    First, the only text from the bill’s summary regarding “late-term abortion” states that the bill would prevent:

    a prohibition after fetal viability when, in the good-faith medical judgment of the treating physician, continuation of the pregnancy would pose a risk to the woman’s life or health;

    So, the only “late-term abortion” being addressed here is when there’s a risk to the life or health of the mother for continuing the pregnancy. The article does its best, however, to make it sound as if the bill would simply permit abortion at any time, for any reason.

    Second, this is almost a year old – the vote happened July 15, 2014. Why is this suddenly being considered news by this site a year later, and being reported on as if it just happened?

  36. According to LORD God’s will, lawful marriage is performed with a male and a virgin female, matured to bear a child. If the two consent to have sex, then they are married regardless of whether it be without a marriage ceremony or after a ceremony, in the sight of God. God hates divorce!
    If a virgin female is force raped, then the man must not ever be allowed to divorce the woman, unless the woman’s father voids the marriage. The marriage must be supervised, to teach the two persons how to be supportive in raising the child.
    There should not be allowed in this country, a sexual act performed between a male and a divorced female, that is the act of adultery in God’s eyes.
    This will take away any reason to kill an unborn child that is healthy, along with a healthy mother.
    We need to be taught moral commandments of God.
    If lawful sex is not for lifetime marriage, then it should not be performed.
    We should not be killing healthy babies. We should be learning to support the pregnant female, when the marriage is lawful in the sight of God.

    The laws of this nation need to be changed!

    • Some questions for you.

      1. Why is it also not a virgin male? Are men allowed to have promiscuous sex? And if the female is supposed to remain a virgin, then who are the men having sex with? Other men?

      2. You would want a woman or a young girl to marry her rapist? Are you serious? Do you know how traumatizing rape is for the victim? And to force them to live with the beast that raped them – that’s just giving the rapist what they want.

      3. What if the female is severely abused? What if her husband beats her daily? What if he threatens to kill her and the children? Is divorce allowed then – to protect the woman and child?

  37. The vote was to bring a quick end to debate on a Bill that would keep employers from interfering with their employees decisions on birth control and other health decisions.

    If you can’t get people to adopt your position without lying or misleading them, maybe your position isn’t as viable to everyone else. Lying is nothing more than trying to manipulate my thinking. Screams to me off the bat that you are not up -front with your real motives.

  38. Wow! Just wow! You people do realize there is not one single word of truth in this article. It’s shameful you feel the need to lie and deceive To get your point across. I pray that someday the truth might have some meaning to you all.

  39. A person in the medical profession of baby delivery told me that “Until a baby takes its first breath outside of the womb it is not yet considered a person or capable of existence without the support of its host (the mother). I am not stating my opinion on this…I am just putting it out there as something more to discuss.

  40. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I
    am satisfied that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  41. Just the fact that such a sick act as killing a baby inside the mothers body is even tolerated in America turns my stomach inside out. A human life is a beautiful thing – who knows what it could contribute to society, or even the world, if given the chance. I’ll not burden anyone with the religious factors related to such murders, but on a humanitarian lever we give my concern to the death and/or mistreatment of animals! There’s something truly wrong with our society. This pains me on a personal level as well since my eldest daughter had to terminate a fallopian pregnancy that would have ended both hers and the babies life. The pain she went through affected me so deeply that I joined the National Right To Life Foundation. A baby will abort itself if it isn’t meant to be, otherwise leave it alone.

  42. I am for making these abortions VERY late term…up to and including any CHRISTSTAIN CONservative currently in CONgress.

  43. I have yet to hear of anyone talking about this subject nor of any line of Americans voting on this. So i guess we just make up the news nowadays XD

  44. I can’t find the place in the bill where it says an abortion can be done at 9 months. Will somebody try to find that for me? I’d ask the author, but I don’t think Lauren is too keen on actually reading things.

  45. Umm… Have any of you bothered to actually look at what the bill states? You might want to do that before shooting your mouths off and just beleiving what this clearly ultra-right wing rag says is true. Or is this how you get “facts” now?

  46. This story is really a couple years old, but, recently, Hitlery said she is for abortion up until the time of birth. That is a living human being. To me that is murder. Just like the bitch, murdering adults just isn’t enough for her, now she wants to murder infants just coming out of the mother. She is 1 sick CUNT.

  47. this (entirely false) article, and the moronic responses championing it are just further proof (as if any were needed) that right-wing, conservative christians are really just a bunch of fucking neanderthals. instead of marching us all back in time to the backwards beat of your dumb-ass christian solider march, why not just kill yourselves NOW and go live in paradise up in the clouds with that giant white man with a beard and halo. go ahead, your grandparents and all your pets are already there!

    for fuck’s sake. the only change i would seek in abortion laws is that they make the procedure retroactive.

  48. THIS HEADLINE IS WRONG! While I often disagree with Harry Reid of Nevada, he is THE ONLY DEMOCRAT to break lines and vote NAY here. Also, two Republicans broke lines and voted, YEA. Give Harry Reid credit for having the guts to vote like he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Plain and simple the dumb fucks need to hand the babies to an agency to adopt them out if the stupid cunts can carry the babies that long. I hope all the Drs and bitches involved in late term abortions burn in hell. Selfish sick bastards.

  50. These idiots are ALL KILLERS!!! Should be tried and sent to prison. What is soooo sad is this: If a living child is pulled from its mothers womb and set aside to die, no one will even attempt to save it. This is worse than the electric chair, ladies and gentleman. Oh, and by the way, the WOMBman who is running for president stands behind abortion up to the ninth month! Do you want to elect someone who stands for this? Let your conscience be your guide.

  51. apparently the truth uncensored cannot print the truth. The vote they reference on 1696 was a cloture motion for another bill entirely. I guess they assume that no one will fact check their false reporting.

  52. People when I click the link to see what they voted for I get this:
    Measure Number: S. 2578 (Protect Women’s Health From Corporate Interference Act of 2014 )
    Measure Title: A bill to ensure that employers cannot interfere in their employees’ birth control and other health care decisions
    That has nothing to do with abortion.


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