‘A Teachable Moment’: Veterans Talk to Teens Who Defaced American Flag (Video)

‘A Teachable Moment’: Veterans Talk to Teens Who Defaced American Flag (Video)

Veterans teach high school students what patriotism means after they deface an American flag.

Sometime over the past few years there has been a growing acceptance of disrespect for the American flag. It started long before Colin Kaepernick took a knee, and subsequently took the NFL down to its knees. One thing is for sure, the blatant level of disrespect whereby young people step on, burn and in this case deface the flag gained acceptance because the alt-left Liberals do not teach young people what the flag represents. 

After a senior prank went too far, a group of veterans stepped in and taught some Georgia high school students a lesson in patriotism – one they will remember for the rest of their lives.

On Friday morning, 11Alive News was sent a photo of an American flag that had been sprayed-paint with “Seniors 2K18!” and hung at Heard County High School, Fox News reports.

Principal Brent Tisdale said the prank crossed the line, but after speaking to five of the students responsible, he thought it could be a “teachable moment.”

“Our students did not intend to be disrespectful or insult the flag or our country, but that is indeed what happened,” Tisdale said in a statement.

He said the school had a group of local veterans come and speak to the students about what the flag represents and about those who have died fighting for it.

Nikki Culpepper was one of the veterans who met with the students.

“We talked about how we chose to voluntarily defend the flag and their right to do what they did to it, as well as family and friends and loved ones who come home underneath that flag,” she told Fox 5. “Two of the young people had tears in their eyes, shook our hands and apologized. Very remorseful.”

Tisdale said the students understand what they did was wrong and learned a valuable lesson.

Watch the Fox 5 report below.

In this case, the students may not have meant to disrespect the American flag, and they got a first hand lesson in what it means to respect it from veterans. Perhaps if more students were reminded of what the flag means to the thousands of veterans who fight under her banner, we would see less instances like this.


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