Clinton Campaign To Participate In Jill Stein’s Vote Recount Effort


President-elect Donald Trump will have to fight his way into the White House every day until January 20, 2017.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced on Saturday that it will participate in the recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan which is being spearheaded by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, another candidate defeated by Donald Trump in the 2016 White House race.

The Badger State is one of three key states won by President-elect Donald Trump that have not swung in Republicans’ favor for some time, and are being targeted by Stein– the others being Pennsylvania and Michigan, Fox News Insider reports.

The trio of states have been mentioned by some experts as places where voting irregularities could arise, Garrett Tenney reported.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign will be joining with Stein to participate in the Wisconsin recount.

“Now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million Americans who cast ballots for Hillary Clinton,” campaign attorney Mark Erik Elias said in a statement.

“We’re standing up for a voting system that we deserve–that we can have confidence in,” Stein said.

Any application for a recount in Pennsylvania must make its way to Harrisburg by Monday, while Michigan’s deadline is Wednesday, Tenney said.

While there is no evidence of election tampering in the states, Green Party spokesman George Martin insisted “the American public needs to have it investigated to make sure our votes count.”

What they are trying to do is force the electoral college to change their vote to Hillary Clinton, but the American people have spoken and Donald Trump will be the 45th president.



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