Elizabeth Warren: ICE ‘Not Making Us Safer’ After Agency Makes Massive Fentanyl Bust (Video)


Elizabeth Warren continues to attack the worth of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency saying they are “not making us safer.” Her comment comes just weeks after ICE agents seized enough fentanyl to kill nearly 5 million Americans.

In a debate with her opponent, State Rep. Geoff Diehl (R-MA), Warren said ICE does not make the United States “safer.”

“I want to see this agency reformed,” Warren said. “Because an agency that can’t tell difference in the risk between a seven-year-old girl, between a woman going in for brain cancer surgery, and a terrorist or a criminal is an agency that is not working, it is not making us safer, and it sure doesn’t reflect our values.”

Breitbart reports:

Warren’s statement that ICE is not making the country safer comes weeks after the agency’s Boston unit seized 10 kilograms of fentanyl — enough to kill nearly five million Americans — off the street and arrested 40 individuals, many of whom were criminal illegal alien drug traffickers.

The ICE operation resulted in the seizure of the 22 pounds of fentanyl and 40 total arrests. Eight of the individuals arrested were previously deported illegal aliens while all of the individuals had previous criminal convictions.

The operation involved over 200 federal law enforcement agents from all over New England, including the DEA, ERO, HSI, FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service; and the ATF.

“No sanctuary should be given to a criminal alien who has actively taken part in hurting the people of New England,” Boston ICE official Todd M. Lyons said in a statement.

Diehl has received the endorsement of the local Massachusetts ICE union, with ICE officials opposing Warren’s attacks on the law enforcement agency.

“Certain elected officials and politicians seeking higher office have engaged in hateful and often false rhetoric against our officers and employees encouraging widespread death threats and the targeting of ICE officers, employees, and their families,” National President of the National ICE Council Chris Crane said in a statement.

“For these so-called leaders to inflame this type of hatred toward our officers and staff – at a time when law enforcement personnel are being targeted and have been assassinated on our nation’s streets – marks a truly dark time in our country’s history,” Crane continued. “It’s comforting to know that some, like Representative Geoff Diehl, still understand the value and importance of supporting the brave and courageous men and women of law enforcement.”


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