HYSTERICAL: Donald Trump Shares Tweet of Him Hitting Hillary Clinton with a Golf Ball (Video)


President Donald Trump retweeted an edited gif that shows him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball that sends her face-planting while boarding a plane.

“Donald Trump’s amazing golf swing,” the tweet reads with the hashtag “#CrookedHillary.”


The gif edits Trump hitting a golf ball at a golf course event and edits in footage of Clinton falling while climbing the steps to her plane in 2011, Breitbart reports.

This is hysterical…

Trump spent the morning retweeting other images including him hauling jobs back from China.

One meme read, ‘keep it up Libs, this will be 2020’, showing a map of the United States that was all red.

The Left was quick to react…


The Left needs to lighten up – they are lucky President Trump has not put Hillary in prison yet.


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