Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead After Being Struck by Train (Video)


According to Before It’s News, Here’s more news you don’t get in the US’ mainstream media: John Jones 48, one of Britain’s top human rights lawyers, who represented Julian Assange was killed last Monday, when he was run over by a commuter train.  The death is being called a suicide.

British Transport Police were called to the West Hampstead train station in North London at 7:07 AM on Monday April 18, 2016  after a man was struck by a train. He was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene and his death is not being treated as suspicious. The event occurred almost one month to the day that the first batch of Clinton emails were released by his client from WikiLeaks.


Jones worked on the same team as actor, George Clooney’s wife Amal. He specialized in extradition, war crimes and counter-terrorism; taking cases from the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Lebanon and Cambodia.

Jones lived in an expensive home in North London, with wife Misa Zgonec-Rozej, 40 a director of an international law consultancy, and his two children.

The news is particularly disturbing, as Democratic Strategist and CNN host, Bob Beckel appeared in a FOXTV interview and called for the assassination of Julian Assange (or more accurately, “Just kill the sonofabitch!”)

Assange is believed to be planning a strategic “October Surprise” leak of a Hillary Clinton email, just prior the US Presidential Election. It purportedly contains information that will definitively put her behind bars.


  1. This type of murder was used by the Clintons before. In Arkansas 2 young teenage boys seen cocaine being dropped into a secluded field from a small airplane. They were observed “snooping” and were stabbed then “placed” onto a railroad track. They were ruled by the Clintons coroner as suicides. Like they would stab each other….or themselves…..then walk a good ways to lay themselves down on a train track. The coroner that works for them need to be investigated. But he’d end up dead as well. This has gottne way out of control and the mob-style intimidation the Clintons are known for needs to be STOPPED!!!

    • Exactly, Barbara! That was my first thought, too, after watching a full documentary on the Clintons Arkansas crimes and the deaths that have followed them. Bill was into drug trafficking for years and used it at sex parties…and then becomes president! The corruption of those two is mountainous! For FBI Director Comey to stand before the US citizens, naming off her crimes and then turn right around and let her go sent a shock wave over this country! Who threatened that man and/or his family, because we know damned well someone got to him!


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