Legalizing Cannabis in USA Could Cripple Mexican Drug Cartels


Mexico’s recent legalization of marijuana will soon send Mexican cartels northward, looking to reignite their black market pipeline.

This week, Americans were horrified to hear the news out of Mexico.

Several American women and children were gruesomely and horrifically murdered by drug cartels south of the border, in a scene that defies any less brutal a description.

The attack took place on Monday when three women from the Lebaron family were driving their 14 children from the town of Bavispe, Sonora, to a rural Mormon community called La Mora. According to Mexico’s, Rhonita Miller Lebaron was driving one of the vehicles with her four children–two six-month-old twins and two ages 8 and 9–when her SUV got a flat tire. Her relatives turned back towards Bavispe to bring a spare.

When the relatives returned, they found large plumes of smoke coming from the roadside scene. The relatives found a charred SUV with their loved inside the vehicle. Soon after, a group of cartel gunmen attacked and forced them to run into the brush for cover.

The two other women and their children were struck numerous times by gunfire. Six of the children ran into the brush and survived, but one young girl is still missing. In the aftermath, cartel gunmen sealed the area for hours to keep news of the massacre from spreading. Lebaron family members in the U.S. took to social media to raise awareness about the murders.

In an effort to combat the growing power of the Mexican cartels, our southern neighbors have taken drastic measures, recently legalizing marijuana for personal use.

This takes an enormous bite out of the Mexican black market for cannabis, which is a great achievement on the surface, but this will also send these cartels northward in an effort to move their wares.  That means that, unless we take drastic action here in the United States, this sort of unkempt evil will soon have our nation in their crosshairs.