Man flashed the wrong woman: Israeli military veteran chases down ‘terrified’ jogger who flashed her (Video)


In a hugely enjoyable example of instant justice, an Israeli military veteran chased down and pinned to the ground a man who flashed his genitals at her when they passed on a jogging path.

The mother of two, identified only as Aia, was allegedly flashed twice by the same man while jogging near a river in the US city of Boston.

But the man got more than he bargained for when the 6ft 1in Israeli military veteran sprinted after him and grabbed him as he tried to flee.

The 35-year-old personal trainer claimed she shouted at bystanders to call the police as she restrained the man.

But no one came to her aid and he managed to get away as she tried to reach her phone, she said.

“He pulled his pants first but I didn’t react. As he came closer he pulled them again,” she told a press conference earlier this week. “It turned out it was not his lucky day because I decided it’s just not going to happen and I decided to chase him down.

“I was not ready to see his little nut.”

She added: “I was thinking ‘I’m having a good day, I’m not going to let him destroy it’. As I was holding him down he was terrified, he was really, really scared. I think what scared him the most was that I actually reacted.”

Ai said the if she had not chased down her flasher, “he’s going to scare some girl and get her all the way down and then what? No.”

She added that she held the man down for at least three minutes while she yelled for people to call the police.

“At least four people went by, nobody reacted, nobody did anything,” she said. “Everybody is trying to stay away, don’t get involved – five minutes later I could’ve been raped there in the corner.”

Massachusetts State Police has released video footage of the incident.

“The suspect is described as a white male with a heavy build, short dark coloured hair, a receding hair line, wearing black and grey running clothes and black running shoes with white soles,” the force said in a statement.

The first part of the video clip shows the moment immediately after the man allegedly exposed himself to Aia, while the second part shows a closer view of his face.

Police have not released footage of the actual moment of the alleged incident while the investigation is ongoing.