NSA Whistle Blowers William Binney and Kirk Weibe Expose Little Known Crime Against World Population (Video)


William Binnie and Kirk Weibe, NSA whistle-blowers, are sending out surveys to ‘Targeted Individuals’ around the world. Binnie is collecting evidence and then will take it to Congress and to court.

Karen Stewart, also an NSA whistleblower is fighting the NSA in her Equal Employment Opportunity lawsuit STEWART V. NSA before the Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in Baltimore.

Karen’s story reveals deep running corruption at the NSA and is absolutely crucial as it can prove the Feds involvement in organized stalking as well as how the victims of the intelligence agencies are stripped of all their human and constitutional rights.

Karen became targeted by a nightmarish campaign after she blew the whistle on the fact that her award-winning series of Intelligence Reports supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom was purposely credited to a woman sleeping her way through management at the NSA Directorate, Weapons & Space. And it resulted in her getting a double promotion in 2004/5 for Karen’s work.

The NSA IG George Ellard was asked to investigate Karen’s claims but instead seems to have instructed or aided and abetted NSA Security to viciously slander, stalk and harass her around-the-clock from 2006 to 2009. The insane assaults on Karen even included poisoning to death a family pet, a Newfoundland puppy, in 2008!

Outrageously, a few days after complaining to Ellard in 2006, NSA Security threatened to fabricate paranoia accusations against Karen in order to declare her unfit to hold a Top Secret security clearance and to fire her.

Three years later in 2009, NSA proceeded to slander her to local law enforcement as some kind of danger to the community. As a result, a covert hybrid army of community watchdog mercenaries began to harass her. They seem to be trained, instructed, and paid through DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers. Crucially, they would pick up the very same Organized Stalking protocol she had witnessed NSA Security personnel engaging in. Thereby, they unwittingly proved federal government and specifically NSA complicity in the formation, training, direction, material support of those national covert and unconstitutional mercenaries (Neighborhood Nazis). By doing that NSA and the Federal government were also knowingly circumventing the whistleblower protection law, the “No Fear Act”, as well as subverting rule of law and the Constitution.

If that weren’t enough, from 2015 Karen and her family were harassed in a year long campaign by Tallahassee Infragard and mercenary neighbors after Karen’s lawyer subpoenaed damning information against NSA for her lawsuit. As retaliation Karen became the victim of NSA-driven 24/7 stalking harassment, yet another attempted pet poisoning, and the addition of directed energy mutilation 24/7 that has induced an explosion of health problems.

To top it all off, they sent a guy in his 30s, a documented substance abuser with a violent history and a known mercenary neighborhood perp, to physically ambush Karen in her own driveway. He tried to beat her up and when the Leon County Sheriff’s Department was called, they arrested Karen, not him, for daring to defend herself!

Karen would like to defend herself against the outrageous charges that purposely ignore Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” defense law. She would also like to sue for false arrest, false imprisonment, as well as proprietorial misconduct.

After war grade directed energy weapons were used on her, her family and friends she also would like to sue the perpetrator as well as State authorities for violations of her Civil Rights, violations of 18 US Code, section 241 & 242 (Conspiracy to deprive of Civil and Constitutional Rights).

To date, Karen was forced to spend $140,000 court cases. She is being mutilated with directed energy weapons to sabotage her case at all costs.

Interesting fact: George Ellard, who seems to be behind her becoming targeted, was in fact removed at the end of 2016 for illegally retaliating against Whistleblowers. This opens a window of hope that the new NSA IG helps to shut down the targeting program.

Karen’s case is very important because it can prove that the Feds and the NSA are involved in Organized Stalking criminality! Also she can prove how victims are secretly declared prey in an open season of depravity by civilians and law enforcement!

The much-awaited Global TI or “Targeted Individual” Survey announced on Talkshoe several months earlier and reported here has been launched this past week under the peerless technical direction of top NSA whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, with a video podcast and conference call, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen reports.

All “Targeted Individuals” worldwide, not just in the USA but from every continent and country—Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South/North America, the United Kingdom, Hawaii – anyone reporting being assaulted covertly and extra-judicially currently with military-grade electromagnetic or sonic directed-energy weapons (DEWs) and neuro-weapons—are encouraged to take the survey and provide supportive documentation related to their individual cases (more information below). The survey is intended, Mr. Wiebe says “for anyone who believes they are being targeted in some way by DEWs whether audio or radio frequency.”

Global TI (Targeted Individual) Survey Launched Under the Peerless Direction of Top NSA Whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe

Please watch the video and listen to the conference call in full for details. Also see this Global TI Survey Instructions section below.

Describing the survey as well as its intent to obtain meaningful data that will be statistically and qualitatively analyzed by data analysis experts Mr. Binney and Mr. Wiebe, survey developers and managers Cait Ryan, contact person for US-CACH (Coalition Against Covert Harassment), the US faction of Magnus Olsson’s World-CACH, and Karla Smith presented the survey in a podcast with retired NSA Technical Director Bill Binney and retired NSA Intelligence Analyst J. Kirk Wiebe.

Dr Katherine Horton, a particle physicist and ex Research Fellow from St John’s College, Oxford, is seeking an emergency injunction against British, German and Swiss intelligence who have been terrorizing her since 2011 and mutilating her since 2014. She offers analysis and solution strategies.

Dr Katherine Horton is a high energy physicist who was a Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford. This is her brief bio.

Please help us with this fund-raising so that we can support other victims! Stop 007 reports.

Secret service crimes

Every decade of the 20th century, the secret services and military went on a psychopathic rampage in which they senselessly mutilated and murdered the population incapable of stopping it. As we now know, each time it was planned, commissioned and financed by large corporations and the banking dynasties behind them. It always took a concerted effort, many court interventions and sometimes a world war to reign them in.

Now, we have once more the case that the intelligence agencies are rampaging and torturing people with implants, nanotech and neurotech and mutilating them to death with microwave weapons. The secret services are headed by men groomed for their ruthlessness. They are so corrupt that they will not make these out-of-control thugs stop, despite repeated public requests to cease and desist, multiple court cases and reams of public information broadcast often LIVE about these insane attacks. It therefore appears to be a global death camp program.

Police corruption

The murdering spree of the intelligence agencies is always accompanied by their corruption, subversion and effective suspension of the police force. That is exactly what we observe today as the police around the world refuse to investigate all crimes related to modern electromagnetic weapons, implants, nanotech and neurotech. All victims to date who approached the police were turned away, ignored, ridiculed or victimized even further by criminal police officers whose thuggishness and ruthlessness in many cases outdoes the criminals they are paid to fight.

The Joint Investigation Team

The Joint Investigation Team was founded to investigate these crimes against humanity and stop the death camp program in the absence of a functioning police force. It consist of the five ladies below and is supported by many people behind the scene. All members of the team are experts in their field and all of them are being rutlessly mutilated non-stop in brutal, premeditated attacks conducted by a shift service of degenerates and psychopaths in the intelligence agencies.

They need your support to be able to survive and do their work to help other victims. Please donate and actively spread the word to help with the fund-raising and fighting these crimes. This battle is extremely important for stopping the death camp program that is used to destabilise nations as the precursor of the staging of World War 3. How to Help shows that there are many ways you can support them, not just financially.

The Joint Investigation Team gives weekly public updates about their work that is streamed live online at 5pm CET / 11am EST on Thursdays (subscribe to pinconeutopia to access it live):



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