POS Defaces Veterans’ Memorials


Anthony Burrus, a 27-year-old Henderson thought to be a Black Lives Matter activist, has been charged with criminal mischief in the first degree and leaving the scene of an accident after he plowed through a Memorial Day cross display that honored the names of more than 5,000 who served in conflicts dating back to the Revolutionary War.


The Examiner reported that as Americans take a day to honor and remember those military men and women who have passed, many feel disheartened to see several memorials in this great nation that were defaced this week by vandals.

Anthony Burrus was arrested and taken into custody Saturday for first-degree criminal mischief and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly drove his car through a military display and destroyed crosses that had been placed for a Memorial Day ceremony.

The 27-year-old who is thought to be a Black Lives Matter activist was arrested and criminally charged by Henderson, Kentucky, police.

He is being held at the Henderson County Detention facility under a $2,500 bond. The Memorial Day display that Burris defaced consisted of 5,000 crosses, each bearing the name of a military member who passed away.

In a totally separate incident on the other side of the nation, vandals defaced a California Vietnam veteran’s mural wall in Venice. The memorial on Pacific Avenue has the names of some 2, 273 Soldiers listed as missing or prisoners from the Vietnam War.

The wall was “tagged” by gang members and defaced with spray-painted gang symbols and other graffiti just days before the nation was set to honor her fallen.

Los Angeles police are investigating the crime but as of today, Memorial Day, there have been no arrests made. Graffiti and gang-tagging remains a huge problem in the greater Los Angeles area and other inner-cities across the nation.

Read here about looters at the site of a Civil War battle in Virginia’s Petersburg National Battlefield. The looters were apparently in search of artifacts from the battle.

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