Republicans intend to call Adam Schiff as witness in the impeachment probe


The Democratic Party’s days of secret-impeachment proceedings are finally coming to an end, thanks to the passing of a House resolution last week that formalizes the rules of engagement moving forward.

For the Republicans, the legislative maneuver was too little, too late, as the damage has already been done.  The first few weeks of secret testimony secreted through selective pores of Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee have set in motion things that can no longer be undone, particularly as it pertains to the mainstream media’s now-constant cacophony of impeachment screeds acting like a 24/7 anti-Trump advertisement for 2020.

So, when it comes time to get the inevitable public hearings up and running, the Republican leadership won’t be pulling any punches.

House Republicans plan to call Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as one of their first witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against President Trump following the adoption of formal rules for the investigation, claiming he is a “fact witness” due to his office’s early involvement with the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the proceedings.

A source familiar with Republicans’ strategy moving forward in the impeachment inquiry confirmed to Fox News on Monday that GOP members plan to call Schiff, D-Calif., for questioning — even if they are unlikely to succeed.

The source told Fox News that Republicans want answers to questions like: “How many times did he meet with the whistleblower? What did they advise the whistleblower to do? How much was Schiff involved in this? Did he recommend the whistleblower give the complaint to the intelligence community inspector general, even though there was no intel component, so that he could be involved?”

Schiff has maintained that he had no inappropriate interaction with the whistleblower in the days leading up to the impetus of this impeachment inquiry, but reports throughout the media have cast doubt on these claims.

Now, it looks as though we may finally get some answers in that matter.