Russian Spy Ship Seen Close To US Soil, Prompting Warning From Coast Guard


If there is one thing that the Democrats and Republicans can agree upon it’s that Russia has been elated since President Trump has been elected, and not for the reasons that the Democrats have claimed – no, Trump is not a Russian asset, but he is the reason that there has been political upheaval between the Democrats and Republicans.

The Kremlin, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin wants nothing more than for the United States to devolve into chaos.  He wants the nation to be divided right down the middle, and for these warring political factions to weaken the fundamental governmental processes that make America the greatest nation on the planet.

Then, as we see some of the results of his efforts in our own national division, Putin will begin his intimidation campaign – something that the Coast Guard is seeing already.

An “unsafe” Russian spy ship spotted near the east coast Tuesday afternoon, appears to have moved away from U.S. shores and towards the Bahamas, a U.S. defense official tells Fox News.

The U.S. Coast Guard in Charleston, S.C. had issued a warning to boaters over the weekend about the spy ship, but the Russian vessel has moved south since the safety bulletin was released, according to the official.

The vessel is the same spy ship that has made an annual trip across the Atlantic for the past two years.

A Coast Guard bulletin says the ship, Victor Leonov, “has been operating in an unsafe manner off the coast of South Carolina and Georgia” near the home of the Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine fleet in Kings Bay, Ga.

Not only is the Russian ship’s presence a problem, but its actions as well.

The warning says the ship is not using running lights in poor visibility, is not responding to commercial vessels coordinating safe passage and is making “erratic movements.”

The Coast Guard also urged American boaters to report any “unsafe situations.” An American destroyer, USS Mahan, is currently shadowing the ship.

In 2017, President Trump threatened to take military action against this very vessel when it was similarly patrolling the waters off of the US East Coast.