Trump Finds 22 Islamic ‘Training Camps’ In America – Obama Ignored Them (Video)


The Obama Administration struggled to say the phrase “radical Islam,” but new reports reveal an alarming number of Islamofascist training camps right here in the United States. These camps have been confirmed, and many have been visited by the FBI.

The Clarion Project revealed a 22-site network of terrorist training villages on U.S. soil. But this network and these compounds are not new. They have been around for years and have grown more potent with each day that passes. Now Trump is trying to do something about them.

The Clarion Project reports that those unearthed FBI documents, law enforcement, at every level, has been concerned about these camps. This concern spans a twelve year period, and the camps exist across the United States.

These Islamofascist terror training facilities are affiliated with a Pakistani group called Jama’at al-Fuqra. This violent and fundamentalist group is linked to radical Islamist cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. Gilani is the Islamofascist who Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was on his way to see when he was abducted in 2002. Pearl was beheaded on camera by 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

One of the reasons no action has been taken on Jama’at al-Fuqra is because the U.S. State Department has refused to declare that their umbrella group, Muslims of America (MoA)/Jamaat ul-Fuqra, is a Foreign Terrorist Organization. This group is headquartered not in a shadowy cave in some remote part of the Federally Administered Tribal Area of Pakistan. It is located in Islamberg, New York.

The FBI documents further reveal that MoA members have been responsible for at least 10 murders, a disappearance, fire-bombings, attempted fire-bombing, two explosive bombings and an attempted bombing.

FBI agents, during these visits, having literally been hamstrung into informing the compound residents and leaders of their “rights” and of what the FBI can and cannot do when entering the compounds. These visits have actually served to provide a roadmap to this terror organization as to how far they can go without triggering FBI intervention.

Local residents at one compound outside of Sweeney, Texas, southwest of Houston, called “Mahmoudberg,” report hearing gunfire emanating from this location regularly. This compound was the site of a 2002 shooting where one compound “resident” shot another.

The entirety of the compounds inhabitants refused to cooperative with authorities. The women of the compound, covered in full burquas, were forbidden from even speaking when authorities were present.

MoA and Jama’at al-Fuqra are not the only organization with presence here in the United States, although they are the groups with the most overt training presence.

Islamofascist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, al Qaeda, and Islamic Jihad, among many others, have presence in the United States. The footprint of these groups range from Los Angeles to Portland, Chicago to Dallas, Charlotte and Raleigh to Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Boston, New York, Tampa, San Diego, Detroit, Tucson, Denver, and a host of other cities and locations across the country.

The activities in these training camps range the full gambit of Islamofascist terror tactics. They teach compound members how to shoot, build bombs, plan and execute attacks, and how to scout for attack locations so as to affect the greatest amount of damage and the most terror possible amongst the population.

Let’s all remember this the next time liberals attack Trump and say Right-Wing extremism is more of a threat to the United States than Islamofascist jihad.

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